New Hipstamatic Cowboys & Aliens FreePak is Available Now!

Hot on the heels of the release of the revised NSW Always On FreePak, Hipstamatic have released a new FreePak, the Cowboys & Aliens FreePak. It contains two new lenses and a new case.

It’s available now as an in-app download now for free in Hipstamatic.

It’s an interesting pak and a lot more organic than the movie tie-in would suggest. The look of the new case is very Steampunk. The pack features the Matty ALN Lens, which is actually more organic than you’d expect from a lens that’s “behind the eye of an extraterrestrial”. The new Libatique 73 lens is Hipstamatic’s take on an old calotype and is very vintage and sepia with a great vignette. Both lenses add some nice noise to the image to simulate film grain.

No word yet on how long this new pak will be available but you can bet that it won’t be around forever. It’s in your HipstaMart now.

If you don’t already have Hipstamatic, here’s the App Store link:

Hipstamatic - Synthetic Corp


Hipstamatic Libatique lens
Hipstamatic Matty ALN lens



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  • Getting it now – thanks!!

  • Holy hell. Lost my SXSW pak trying to reinstall in order to get the (disappointing) Hornbecker lens. Then embarrassingly lost my temper with their poor ambassador at

    I still want my Tejas lens back (/sob) but that Steampunk case has me grinning like a fool. 2 more lenses ain't bad either.

  • LindaJ

    Got It – thanks!

  • Trond

    @NoxDineen – fear not, the lenses should not be lost. Click Downloads and then Restore Purchases.

    • Tried that. Got everything but SXSW pack and Fashionista case. Their support guy is looking into it, asking devs what my weird error message means.

      I'm a bit emo about the whole situation.

  • This is why I'm glad I follow your twitter feed. I'm enjoying using the new lenses.

  • Great new lenses – these ones are pretty nice.

  • Daniel James

    Thanks again for the tip-off – got it.

  • Thanks for the info – downloading as I type!

  • Cary

    I don't know what the hell is going on. Initially I have difficulty downloading the NSW Always On (Update). Then, I delete my Hipstamatic & reinstall it again. This time I have the Hornbecker Lens, but my "SXSW pak" gone. It doesn't work even I reinstall purchases. Disappointed!

  • can't download it, appears as free but nothing happening when i hit 'get'. boo.

    • same thing happens to me. irritating as all get out.

  • marc

    i’ve been plating around with the matty aln a bit. nice green plasmic hue/stain/leak. i used it on a submission to the hipstamatic life in a day contest… see the effect here: (like it if you’re inclined).

  • chrisD46

    Downloaded the new Pak just fine – haven't tried the lenses yet though. * For Nox & others who think the Hornbecker lens is boring – try using it with a B&W film of your choice for candid portraits . It may change your mind about this lens for the better !

  • If you can't download – logout of your Hipsatmatic account (in the app itself) and then log in again, and then it should work.

    • didn't work for me. just spins and spins on "getting" and never downloads anything. le sigh.

  • top photo on my page is the Libatique 73 lens with Blanko film:

  • I have tried to get the NSW for 2 days, and tried all the tips mentioned here, no luck. now the same thing is happening with the Cowboys & Aliens….boo 🙁

  • Great lenses….the case is way too much fun! I haven't had much time to use the lenses but what I have done it incredible!

  • Suzé

    I’ve noticed that when downloading the packs it hangs forever and I wasn’t sure if it installed. If you get out of the app, close it then relaunch it, the lens and everything seems to have installed. It has done this since the last update. Synthetic needs to fix this.

  • podolux

    STILL can't get it. Maddening. What the hell?

  • Loving the steam punk-esque style of the camera case!

  • Justin

    Is it gone? I can't find it in the mart….

  • mosey

    I can't find this anywhere! waaaaa1

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