Photo App Review: HarrisCamera

November 30, 2011 8

HarrisCamera for iPhone is a new photo app which creates a “Harris Shutter Effect” photo on your iPhone. This new iPhone app takes multiple exposures and applies different colored filters to the image, creating an interesting and pleasing multicolor effect. [Read more]

Camera360 Ultimate Gets a Pretty Bad Update

November 30, 2011 1

The new Camera360 version 2.0 update was released recently for iPhone and it’s a huge step backwards on iOS. If this update is anything close to parity with the Android version, I feel sorry for our Droidographer counterparts. [Read more]

Photo App Focus: Photographers Rights

November 29, 2011 1

A few days ago, I ran a story about a article which talked about photographer’s rights. Photographer’s Rights is an app which outlines what you can, can’t and shouldn’t do as a photographer in public. [Read more]

Photo App Review: 6×7

November 28, 2011 15

6×7 is a new photo app from the developers of the square format app 6×6. It’s a basic camera app that shoots in — you guessed it — a 6 x 7 aspect ratio. [Read more]

My iPhone Camera Bag Updated, 11.26.11

November 26, 2011 14

This updated Camera Bag post is regularly updated and is the same post as in the navbar above. It’ll eventually roll off here. It’s posted here in the blog to share the evolution of my iPhone. For kicks, you can read my original November 2009 Camera Bag post here. It’s [Read more]

Photo App Review: Instaplus

November 25, 2011 2

Instaplus by Metal Red is one of the latest third-party photo apps which tries to improve upon the Instagram photo experience. The app has a lot of potential, but in the end, is nothing more than an decent photo app hampered by low resolution output. [Read more]

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