The First Episode of iPhoneographers Talk is Online


The first episode of the new web-only talk show iPhoneographers Talk is online now. Hosted by Guy Yang from The Beginners Lens and Commercial Photographer/iPhoneographer Jack Hollingsworth, the show covers a wide range of iPhone Photography topics, including apps, workflow, interviews, portfolio reviews, tips, resources, etc. The show will also feature guests from time to time.

Jack Hollingsworth talks about the idea behind the show:

“Guy and I had this simple idea of creating an iPhoneography talk show roughly 15 minutes per episode; 2-3 episodes per month. The plan is to keep the content and conversation light, lively and inspirational. This episode is a good start.”

In this episode, both photographers introduce themselves and discuss how their more traditional photographic backgrounds have effected their iPhoneography. Stick around for the end of the episode; Jack shares a great iPhone photography tip.

If the video embed above doesn’t work, click here to watch the episode on YouTube.


Life In LoFi is a media partner of iPhoneographers Talk.

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  • Devin Pike

    So… When will you be making an appearance on the show?

    • lifeinlofiblog

      Hey, D,

      I recuse myself from this answer and defer to Guy or Jack…. 😉


      • Guy

        Hey D and =M=, Marty is high up on the list of guests! Jack and I are breaking in the production process with the first couple of shows, then we'll start having guests!

  • sutto007

    Great show, congratulations on the first episode, looking forward to all the future episodes.

  • Lynette Jackson

    Great information. Nice shout out to Marty.

  • doowyrag

    I enjoyed that. Very helpful. Thank you.