Breaking News: Facebook buys Instagram for $1 billion dollars.

Breaking News: Mega-social network Facebook has purchased mega-social photo network Instagram for $1 billion dollars in cash and stock.

It reads like an April Fool’s Day story that I might have posted a few days ago, but Mark Zuckerberg just posted the announcement on his timeline about an hour ago as of this writing.

“I’m excited to share the news that we’ve agreed to acquire Instagram and that their talented team will be joining Facebook….

“We believe these are different experiences that complement each other. But in order to do this well, we need to be mindful about keeping and building on Instagram’s strengths and features rather than just trying to integrate everything into Facebook.”

I have no inside information, but I don’t think that Facebook bought Instagram to kill it outright. Not even Facebook would want to piss of that many loyal users. Most of Instagram’s 27 million users already use Facebook, so I don’t think it was for Facebook to pick up a flood of new users — something it would acquire organically anyway. But I think the rapid growth of Instagram not only caught the attention of Facebook, but allegedly Twitter and Google as well. Facebook merely presented the first, best offer.

I also don’t think Instagram is in danger of becoming Facebook-Lite any time soon. Zuck writes “We think the fact that Instagram is connected to other services beyond Facebook is an important part of the experience. We plan on keeping features like the ability to post to other social networks, the ability to not share your Instagrams on Facebook if you want, and the ability to have followers and follow people separately from your friends on Facebook.” It sounds like Facebook is going to let Instagram continue to be Instagram, at least for the time being.

With access to Facebook’s engineers and resources, over time I think that Instagram will continue to grow. I think soon we’ll see better Instagram updates and prblems and bugs addressed quicker on both iOS and Android platforms. Eventually, look for features of both platforms to find their way into each other. At this point, Instagram’s growth probably just got hypercharged. Hopefully “the speed of Instagram” just got a little faster.

There are users who hate Facebook so much that Instagram may see a slight drop-off in active users. For those users or users who simply prefer a more independent social photo network, there are plenty of alternatives, including Path, picplz, and Shnap!. I recently posted that fledgling social photo network picyou was way too much like Instagram. It now looks a lot more attractive because of its indie status.

There are several other sites reporting this story including Mashable, Gizmodo and TechCrunch. All three are excellent reads for more info that I would just be regurgitating here.

I’m certain that right now thousands of users across the Instagrams are prematurely announcing the network’s death knells. I disagree. For the time being, I think this benefits Instgram’s already huge network by allowing it greater access to Facebook’s even greater network and resources. Instagram will still be big and grow quickly. I think any changes to Instagram will still be organic to its growth, only now they’ll have Facebook’s influence going forward. Changes going forward will just be — we won’t know what could have been.

How do you think the Facebook purchase will effect Instagram? Will you still use Instagram? Let us know what you think in the comments below.



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  • Kevin


  • photocatseyes

    My first reaction was Nooooooo….. Let's see what they bake of it… Don't know if that is good news.

  • Appdaptation

    My thoughts are those of concern. Here's my initial reactions:

  • Trevor Cate

    If they kill and replacement will pop up in its place.

  • Trevor Cate

    If they kill it, a replacement will pop up in its place.

  • Fredrik Nilsson

    Considering what Facebook did to Beluga (the “new” messenger was an insult to what Beluga was able to do), I can’t say that this thrills me. However it could have been worse; it could have been Google (a part from YouTube, nothing benefits from being bought by Google).

    I won’t leave Instagram just yet, but I will spend more time in the under-rated app Corso12 and I will give the mentioned [in the article] apps a chance.

  • david

    Hope they will not rob us our copyrights… AND NO mandatory crossposting on facebookshit and instagram alike
    No good news… alternative could be(come) stampzz

  • @mansibhatia

    I left FB two years ago because of their policies and random sweeping changes to privacy settings. Of course, I know nothing is "private" once posted online, but IG to me is not about the day-to-day sharing of where I'm at, what I eat, who I am with — it's more a forum to meet like-minded artistic people who do great things with their iPhones. I'm not so sure things will remain quite the same with this acquisition. I have been on IG since December 2010 and seen this community evolve — in good ways and bad — since then. Not looking forward to the journey we're going to take past this milestone, though. More trepidation than excitement.

  • @kentkangley

    Might I suggest from the makers of the excellent Pudding Camera? It's very similar to IG but with a few differences I think makes it superior.

  • Scott

    There are many places to share you iPhone photography. While we don't know what may come from the acquisition, we know this is not an end to social photo sharing via mobile. It's up to developers to imagine something new. Perhaps Instagram becomes like YouTube did for Google and we'll see a different community startup like Vimeo.

    You can't place such fate in these services either. This kind of thing should serve as notice to have your own 'homebase' on the internet. Many people get so defensive over a free service yet won't pay $10 a month to have their own website and own terms and conditions.

    Facebook will find a way to monetize Instagram and maybe they'll improve the profile pages!

  • David

    You guys should definitely check out
    this looks most awesome, havent tried it yet, but the website and their app looks really great.

  • Specs

    Instagram has more than 1 million users and this apps is very useful in facebook yet facebook were not the first to recognize this idea were not able to realize how important this idea to their existing application. So buying it is no brainer for them and one billion dollars is just only a coin compared to what the effect the instagram will bring to the facebook users.