Want a FREE copy of NoIMGdata? We’ve got some promo codes.

NoIMGdata, left. To the right, EXIFWizard illustrates the lack of location data.

NoIMGdata by DevStorm is an excellent, fairly new app that quickly and easily strips out all EXIF data from an image or just the geotags. It then saves a clean copy to your camera roll, leaving your original image intact.

I’ve got some promo codes for both the iOS AND the Mac OS versions to give away. To find out how you can get one, click past the jump.>>>

I recently wrote about NoIMGdata for iOS here. It’s a slick, easy to use way to strip out location info from your images whenever privacy is a concern. The Mac OS version is just as slick. It’s fast and drag & drop easy.

Both versions of the app are worth the $2. There are other EXIF data strippers, but none of the free ones I’ve used are as slick as this. If you share a lot of images online and privacy is a concern to you, either or both are great tools to have to help keep curious eyes at bay, or just to help ward off stalkers.

NoIMGdata is normally $1.99 on each platform. Today, I’ve got a few NoIMGdata for iOS and for Mac OS promo codes to give away. To be eligible to win one, simply let me know which platform in the comments down below. You can comment as many times as you like, but only your first comment will count. Cut-off time to enter is 11:59 PM Central Time, Friday, June 29, 2012. Winners will be determined by random selection. Only one code per reader, please. If you enter, be sure your email, Facebook or Twitter info is correct (the Intense Debate login stuff usually works great) or your code will go to someone else.

Here are the App Store links:

NoIMGdata for iPhone and iPad

NoIMGdata - DevStorm


NoIMGdata for Mac OS

NoIMGdata - DevStorm



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