Hipstamatic and W Magazine launch the WMag FreePak

Hipstamatic 235 iPhoneHipstamatic and W Magazine announce the launch of a new, limited edition FreePak. The new WMag FreePak is the first-ever magazine-inspired lens, film and virtual camera case created by Hipstamatic and extends the app’s reach into more traditional forms of publication.

The new pak is available now as a free download in-app. It’s available for a limited time only — about six weeks through September 30 — so grab this new pak while you can. This is a very pleasant Tuesday night surprise.

The new FreePak consists of a new lens, film and commemorative “case.” The new lens and film give images a distinctive, very desaturated, yet high contrast look. To me, the new pak is almost a ‘Through the Viewfinder’ look without the targets, dust, and aberrations of a TtV effect. See the sample images below for a couple of shots of the new lens and film in action (sorry they’re not the greatest, but it’s late night here), as well as reference shots taken with Apple’s Camera app.

Also, Beginning August 21st, Hipstamatic users can snap photos with the WMag FreePak and enter a contest for a chance to have their work showcased at a month-long, W-curated exhibition at the Ace Hotel in New York City. W Magazine will also select one overall winner who will get to shoot a photo story for wmagazine.com, introducing their work to millions of fashion influencers. Pretty cool.

“Hipstamatic has already been embraced by professional photographers across a variety of industries, including fashion. Through this partnership, Hipstamatic hopes to surface the next generation of fashion photographers, and elevate the conversation around advancements in mobile photography, ” says Molli Sullivan, Hipstamatic’s Director of Communication.

The WMag FreePak is live now in the app’s Hipstamart. Grab it quickly before it goes into the vault.

Hipstamatic’s Wonder lens and W40 film.
Original subject shot with Camera app
Hipstmatic’s new WMag FreePak
Original subject shot with Camera app



Here’s the entire press release from W Magazine and Hipstamatic:


Expanding on W’s rich heritage of fashion photography, this partnership aims to identify a new generation of social photographers through user-generated photo contest and exhibition

W Magazine announces the launch of the WMag FreePak, the first-ever magazine-inspired lens, film and virtual camera case created by Hipstamatic, makers of the Hipstamatic iPhone camera app. The WMag FreekPak is free for Hipstamatic users for a six week period beginning today, and is inspired by W’s editors and content from the magazine’s September fall Fashion issue, on newsstands August 21st.

In celebration of W’s 40th anniversary year, this first-to-market partnership expands on W’s rich heritage of fashion photography and aims to identify a new generation of social photographers.  “During its 40 year existence, W has been a breeding ground for some of the industry’s most world-renowned fashion photographers including, Steven Klein, Mert and Marcus, and Mario Sorrenti, among others.  The WMag FreePak allows our brand to continue with this tradition of identifying and fostering talent but in a truly digital and social way,” said Caroline Wolff, W’s Photography Director. “Hipstamatic’s users are high quality content creators, attune with the latest trends in photography and fashion— we can’t wait to see what will undoubtedly be some amazing photos snapped with the WMag FreePak.”

Beginning August 21st and running for six weeks, the WMag FreePak will serve as the anchor to a photo contest users can enter through the Hipstamatic app. Each week, the top contest images will be showcased on W Magazine’s Facebook page  [http://www.facebook.com/wmagazine], to encourage other W fans to snap and submit their best photos taken with the W-inspired lens and film. Ultimately, winners of the contest will have a chance to be featured on www.wmagazine.com and at a month-long W-curated exhibition alongside photos taken by W Magazine’s editors, contributors and global network of street style photographers.

On October 15th, the top ten popular vote winners will be announced on www.wmagazine.com and on Facebook [http://www.facebook.com/wmagazine].  A selection of contest entries will be featured in the month-long gallery exhibition at the Ace Hotel in New York City. At the opening night party for the exhibition, which will be co-hosted by W Magazine and Hipstamatic, W Magazine’s editorial team will announce its top five “best-in-show” photographers, and the winner who will shoot a story for wmagazine.com.

“When it comes to fashion photography, we can’t think of a better brand to partner with than W Magazine,” said Lucas Buick, CEO and co-founder, Hipstamatic. “W Magazine continues to raise the bar for editorial fashion spreads, blurring the lines between photography and art, which makes them the perfect match for a creative collaboration such as this. We’re excited to help them unearth and inspire the next generation of fashion photographers with Hipstamatic.”



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  • Bridget

    *Happy Dance* I love new Freepaks! Thanks for the info, I am going to download it as soon as I finish with the current download project on my iphone. =) You rock, as always,thanks for keeping us on top of things!

  • Dale Smith

    Do I need a Facebook account to download the Freepak?
    When trying to download I am directed to Facebook….

    • jovike

      No, at least I didn't. Were you signed in to Hipstamatic OK?

    • iClifDotMe

      The FAQ for restoring paks (and setting up a hipstaccount without using Facebook) is at the link below. If you continue to have difficulty, post an issue to that site. In my experience, they reply within a few hours. Hope that helps :)

    • http://twitter.com/kentkangley @kentkangley

      When I tried to download this last night, my iPhone4 kept cycling back and forth between the Hipstamatic app and the Facebook app, back and forth, back and forth for quite a while. I finally had to shut down the apps and restart the phone. I was signed in to Hipstamatic just fine, but I use email for my Hipstamatic account, not Facebook. When I signed out and resigned in with Facebook, it downloaded without any problems. I then signed out of my account, signed back in under my email, and the new W pack was still there.

      • Dale Smith

        Thank you so much!
        I'll give it a shot!!!!
        Thanks again…

  • Miki

    Hm, the lens seems to be very contrasty. Even photos I took in this morning's early light came out very dark and desaturated. Not sure if I'm a fan of this new lens…and where is the elusive Ben Lowry lens??

    • Bart

      From what I understand there will be a GoodPak later this year benefiting Hipstamatic’s new photography foundation, which will include the Lowy lens.

  • http://twitter.com/smlombardi @smlombardi

    I like it! Works better with more light than less. I'm going to have to try some shooting with it. http://ink361.com/#/p/258534623880762231_795851

  • Mar

    The picture on the case of the pack gives a clue: this pack works best with high key (=overblown) studio photography. It needs a washed out, very pale subject with low contrast, so that the contrasted film and lens can give it together with the flash a stronger definition and a blue tint. I guess that's what W calls fashion photography these days.

  • Theresa Airey

    Exactly WHERE do you go to download the new W Mag Pak?????? Cannot find it. Thanks. t

    • http://lifeinlofi.com lifeinlofiblog

      In Hipstamatic, open the menu screen where you'd change film, lenses, etc. Go to the little shopping cart at the bottom of the screen. The WMag FreePak should be the first screen that pops up.

  • Fin

    The freepak is no longer available in “Featured Camera Gear”… I thought it’d be available through end of sept?

  • Kara

    Looove the new lens & film! –I have one question for you all, if you’d be kind enough to take the time to answer, *please*? My Foxy lens either does *NOT* or sometimes **BARELYl** shows any “dust” effect, and it *did* *before* I upgraded to 255 (similar to Bettie but less pronounced & less of it). Upgrading to 256 did not help whatsoever. Is the Foxy lens like this for everyone else (either no or barely noticeable when zoomed-in “dust”), or is there something wrong with my Hipstamatic films? (Also, my DreamCanvas film has also lost a lot of the “canvas” effect, as compared to before. The “canvas” look used to be really obvious; not so much, now!) :(
    Any info, your own descriptions or advice, would be *greatly* appreciated. Please, please, please! :) The Hipstamatic team has been of no help with this; I’d rather hear from *real* users, anyway!
    Thanks again, everybody!

  • Geordie

    Just dl’d it. Thanks for the tip

  • James

    Re-Release Please This Should totally be a lens they re-release and charge 1.99 for the pack why not– its a cool effect.. I personally love just having the diff# of lens to shake randomize between.. But straight out the lens look is really nice. lomo feel but with digital edge in focus. And functionality with swapping out the Hipstamatic film-packs.