Etchings now available in the App Store

We recently previewed the new photo app Etchings. In the traditional arts, etching is similar to commercial halftoning except it uses a strong acid to cut into the unprotected parts of a metal surface to create a design in the material. It remains in wide use today, most visibly in our paper currencies. You can read my preview and what I think of the app here.

Etchings is now available in the App Store. We’ve got more info on this release and some additional information on planned upcoming features. Click past the jump to learn more. >>>

The developers wanted to keep Etchings simple and easy to use. Import or shoot an image, choose your style, adjust the line weight if needed, then share. That’s it. There’s no sliders or other adjustments.

This first release of Etchings features eight variations of etching styles — from classic to more complex variations. I’m glad to see the money style made it past Apple’s review! As I’d mentioned in my preview, the effects — the etchings, the crosshatching and the rendering — are all very detailed and look great. Images only save in square format at 1200×1200 pixels in this first release.

The developer is already working on higher resolutions for an upcoming update. For me, this is a critical feature given the detailed nature of the images Etchings creates. They are also reaching out to traditional media artists who create etchings to add more new and unique styles of effects.

There’s nothing like Etchings in the App Store. It quickly and easily adds unique, classic looks to your images.

Etchings is $0.99. Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 5.0 or later.


App Store link: Etchings – MindSea Development Inc.




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  • Egmont van Dyck

    When I first read that an 'etching' style app was released for the iPhone, I was excited, having been a fine art etcher decades ago. From the samples shown, this app has nothing to do with etching. What you are seeing are engravings, a completely different process then etching, the reverse actually.

    Sorry, but the app should have been called engraving.

    It may be a silly point, but when someone does not know the difference between an etching or an engraving, even this causes confusion and only spreads miss-information. It also does not say much for the developers artistic knowledge.

    • Bill

      Hello Egmont,

      I appreciate your feedback, we do intend to add more print making styles.

      Based on the research we were doing there seemed to be many cross overs between the two techniques or at least the output produced by the two methods. I used parts of this as a guide.

      We wanted a name that would capture the essence of this type of print making and be memorable. It was a long process and Engraving was high on the list.. In the end we chose Etchings, perhaps not fully realizing the confusion that it may cause. Sorry about that.

      We are planning to add many more styles that will fall under the engraving and etching category.. So hang with us and we should be able to provide more etchings styles in future releases.


  • @norbu56

    The app is fine but:
    1. I mostly work on 4:3 format
    2. I would like to export in PDF
    3. I would like to choose if I want frames in the image or not
    BTW good work -I love Etchings

    • Bill

      Great feedback, thank you!

      Export to PDF will probably come with our high res support.

      The others are on the list :)

      BTW you can join our group, we will likely be posting previews of upcoming releases there.