• Pearl

    I accidentally deleted my Whatsapp from my iPhone 3GS but when I try to reinstall it, I get a feedback saying my phone does not support this app. What should I do?

    • syed naqvi

      download the latest version.

  • Anastasia

    I lost my Weather App. The one that comes with the iPhone. Not one that I purchased or downloaded separately. I can “find it” by typing “weather” into the general search box but it will not recreate the app on the phone.

    How can I get the actual icon back???

    Thank you for helping.


    • Ann

      I’m having a similar issue with my twitter icon.
      When I downloaded a new app twitter disappeared. Please help.

  • Ann

    My twitter icon disappeared when I downloaded a new app. Can’t get it back! Please help.

  • http://hello Sherzad

    Hi frinde ihave apps iPhone pleas

  • http://hello Sherzad

    Hi frinde ihave apps iPhone pleas

  • Pooja patel

    I kiss lost ma English to Gujarati dictionary … N my exems r on head… I really need day app ri8 now .. I wants to study whole ni8… But m not getting it now in app store now… Pox do help as possible as soon…

  • Emily

    I deleted an app and its data. When I try to restore the backup, it says there is not enough room on my phone to do it, (I had about 2.3 GB on my phone left.) can anyone help?

  • Clara

    I accidentaly deleted the App Store I think. What do I do?

  • Melissa Kosmorsky

    Several of my previously deleted apps will not reload on my iPhone. I’ve tried through syncing with my Mac via iTunes & choosing them again, I’ve tried via the App Store under updates then the purchased list. They occasionally show the cloud & I click it, it shows its downloading & when complete…the app disappears from view. When I go to load again it has the word open greyed out to where you can’t choose it. When sync on the mac is used it shows in the list as installed and on the phone in the page image, but it is t really there on the phone itself!

    • Melissa Kosmorsky

      *isn’t* really on the phone…

  • Jane

    Your information is wrong. When I go to the App Store, I don’t have the option of installing the app again, only the option of OPENING the app via the App Store. Still can’t get the app back on my phone.

    • http://lifeinlofi.com/ Marty Yawnick

      I know it’s been 2 years (sorry for the delay…), but if you’re new to LoFi and just now reading this post, your previous purchases are still available. In iTunes, under your Account, click “Purchased”, then “Apps”, then “Not in my Library”. If you click the cloud on the upper righthand corner of the icon, the app will download back to your library, regardless of whether it’s still available or not. =M=

  • Susie

    My email app, that came with my phone – just generic Email – in which I had stored my juno email address – disappeared from my phone, it is not one that I purchased, free or otherwise – it had come on the phone when I got it and I can’t find a way to get it back. This occurred when I was having difficulty with the internet on my computer and couldn’t get to my email on my computer either.

    • Sarita

      Me too. How did you get it back?

  • james braselton

    hi there i deleted weather app on ios 7 hope weather for ios 7 gets on the app store its on a ipad mini

  • Maxxx

    I backed up my iphone with itunes and then did a factory reset because my phone was running very slow. When i restored the backup from itunes, none of the apps were there. Can you pleaseeee help!!!!
    email me at maxxx_1992@yahoo.co.in

  • Sophie

    Thanks for all your help couldn’t have done it without you because I an not a good worker at these phones don’t worry I’m learning slowly but shorely

  • Amy

    I deleted an app (Bento) from my iPhone without knowing it and backed it up as well. Is there any way to recover it? It’s been discontinued from the App Store. stuffandnonsense@att.net

  • a la ta ta

    Hi! Thankyou so much! It was really helpful! Did A great help to me! Thanks! :-D

  • Mel

    Deleted TV guide because it was freezing and was told to do that then download again but the app is not there so what do I do help

  • Jk

    Thanks a ton !!! You have given me answer to an issue i hv been looking up in everyway i cud for the past two days . Bookmarking your page !! Thx !!

  • Nilly

    Thank you so much! This post helped me get my deleted apps back :)

  • nomovies4me

    I accidentally deleted the app I movie, I got the app back but all my movies are gone. Is there a way to restore it, or perhaps to restore empty trash on a mini?

  • david

    I deleted something in my phone cuz I never thought it was used for anything and never used it. Now I have no main screen or anyway to get in my app store. How do I get it back worth no main screen to my phone?

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