Talkback: What Are Some of Your Favorite Photo Apps?


While I’m tied up trying to put the finishing touches on my upcoming presentation at Macworld this week. I thought I’d throw an easy topic for discussion out there and see what kind of replies we get from the community.

What are some of your favorite photo apps that you’re currently using? These don’t necessarily have to be the biggies — Instagram, Camera+, etc. — but your favorite day-in-day-out go-to photo apps. I’ll get things started off after the jump. From there, please discuss your faves in the comments of this post. >>>

I’ve been spending a lot of time going over the history of iPhoneography recently. One of the trends I saw is how sharing the iPhoneography community seems to be with its resources, techniques and recipes. Websites like Tina Rice’s Combo Apps blog and Nicki Fitz-Gerald’s iPhoneography Central were created for sharing iPhoneography apps and techniques.

My toolbox is up on display in My Camera Bag, which is desperately in need of an update. My photo app tastes lean towards apps that recreate the very style that digital photography has replaced — the look of film. I like a subtley apped image that looks like a photo. In no particular order are a few of my go-to apps that I’m currently using:


Yeah, I still love Hipstamatic. Since the rise of Instagram, it seems that Hipstamatic has become overlooked in iPhoneographic circles for a number of reasons. Hipstamatic is still a wonderful app and there’s nothing like it in the App Store. It’s the most expensive $1.99 app I own and worth every penny. The quality of its filters is unsurpassed. Colors, textures, tones and now variable faux depth of field — it’s filters are lush, rich and colorful. One of the things I love about hipstamatic is using the lens and film combinations. Each has their own look and a knowledge of the characteristics of each lens and filter helps get better results from the app. It’s like shooting with an old film camera where you have your favorite, well… film, lens and body combinations. Only cheaper and digital.


This was misskiwi’s first photo app and still one of my favorites. It’s a single-frame pano app with the great set of original misskiwi “films,” still among the best analog film recreations of any photo app. The framing creates dramatic cinematic shots. It’s also the only photo app available with a simulated LOMO SprocketRocket filter. Sure, you can shoot, filter, crop, and vignette. ClassicPAN gets it all done in camera and saves your original image to boot.

Simply B&W and Noir Photo

The two black & white apps I use most. Simply B&W is an amazingly simple app to convert images to great looking black & white photos. It’s the first to use colored filters to enhance the conversion. That’s similar to using colored filters to enhance the image when shooting analog black & white film.

I use Noir Photo when I want a little more drama in my black & white conversions. Noir Photo adds more contrast, accentuates more highlights and with its great looking vignette tool, really lets me focus light where I want on the image. Using this app reminds me a lot of some of the old cinematic techniques of the silent film epics that used lighting and vignette to alter the look of a subject.

LensFlare and LensLight

The best lens flare, bokeh and chromatic aberrations available on iPhone. Nothing else comes close.

LensFlare ( )

LensLight ( )

Other apps I use often are:

Hueless (). I get the urge to shoot in black & white, rather than convert later. Hueless has the best tools and interface of any black & white camera in the App Store. It’s fast and gives me the tools to create great black & white images in camera.

Squaready Pro ( ) for quickly cropping and prepping square images for Instagram. I used the free version so often, I dropped the buck (it’s now two) for the ad-free version.

AnalogColor ( ), a great little app for quickly adding retro film looks and leaks to an image.

PhotoForge2 ( ). I’ve been turning to this one more recently. No particular reason other than it’s a powerful, stable, full-featured photo editor that has everything I need.

Okay, your turn. What are some of your go-to photo apps? Let us know in the comments below.



About Marty Yawnick 1808 Articles
Marty is a self-employed graphic designer in the Fort Worth/Dallas Metroplex. He is an avid Rangers baseball, Chicago Cubs, Packers and Highbury Arsenal fan. In addition to capturing random moments with whatever camera is close by (usually his iPhone), his other interests include coffee, film, music, and traveling in seats 5E and 5F with his fiancé.
  • John Balestrieri

    I have to go to bat for PolarCam—although not a very popular, I find it a charming fauxlaroid camera app with a nice UI, realtime preview and an almost perfect instant film effect, (though I feel the border shadow is a tiny bit too heavy.)

  • Jay Johnson

    When it comes to getting an old vintage/retro look I always go for RetroCamera. I think they nailed it wit their selection of filters, but they do have a lot – a whopping 168 film simulations and it can be cumbersome to look through them all, but overall a great app.

  • Nick Noakes

    What are some of the others in the Cameras folder? I can recognize Camera+, Camera Awesome, Kitcam but not some of the other icons.

  • brian_merritt

    I also love the analog “feel” of Hipstamatic, and find myself refusing to edit Hipstaprints any further. Vscocam is great for creating more subtle film-inspired qualities, and Snapseed and Luminance are basicslly the mobile equivalent to Adobe Lightroom- if you’re a lover of intricate post processing.

  • tyler

    Shooting Apps: 645Pro, NightCap, ClearCam

    Editing: Snapseed, Photogene2, Perfectly Clear

    1 Click Apps: CameraBag2, Pixlrmatic, PictureShow, AltPhoto

    Monochrome: Simply B&W, Color Thief (my new Favorite), Gelo (another new favorite)

    Editing: Camera+ for iPad, Autostich Panorama, Perfectly Clear, Laminar, Photogene, PhotoToaster, ProHDR/TrueHDR, Blender, ReTouch

    1 Click Apps: Rays, Bokehful, CameraBag2, Jazz, 100Camerasin1, Halftone, Moku Hanga, Pop Dot Comic,

    Monochrome: Simply B&W, Color Tint, Color Thief, Vint BW MKII

    Scotty is my most used app, as I use it to transfer photos from my iPhone to my iPad and vice-versa.

  • Horst Freigang

    My most used Apps are Pro Camera and Hipstamatic for shooting and Snappseed for quick editing and PhotoForge2, Photoshop touch and Reduce for the rest.

    Everything else is just a little toy. 😉

  • Tina Rice

    This is what I like to use most of the time. The link is below if you would like to read it.

    • Marty Yawnick

      Exactly, Tina. What I have in my camera bag works for me and my style of iPhoneography. The same for others.

      What I like about when iPhoneographers share is the opportunity to discover an app we may have missed, dismissed early on, or simply overlooked. I’ve discovered several gems this way.


  • Tina Rice

    I remember reading about an argument about “What’s real iPhoneography?” on iPA Studio Talk. I know I said some things that people don’t agree with. One thing that does stick out in my mind was that no many how many apps we acquire over time. There are always a handful really use, the person was right about that part. But I don’t believe in limiting to myself to just those handful of apps. No matter what I always go back to using those 10 apps I’ve listed in my blog post. When I do go back to using those apps, it’s my way of going back to basics so I don’t burn myself out. I’ve noticed there have been a growing number of editing block. When I get an editing block I will go back to those apps or not do anything for a few days. I did go through an editing funky block but it didn’t last long because I go back to basics. Simple thing like shooting random pictures will help with other camera apps too.

    Marty what you have in your camera bag is fine. I wouldn’t change it because its your signature. There are so many great apps out there and more to come…

  • Michael Stark

    I shoot mostly with Camera Awesome, Hipstamatic, NoFinder (high contrast bw setting), and AutoStitch; process with Snapseed, PhotoForge2, Moku Hanga, Perfectly Clear, and AutoStitch.

  • Zelig

    I’m not really a photographer, just an amateur but I’ve became a huge fan of iphoneography since I got my Iphone 4 so I’ve already tried loads of free & paid apps. I’ve totally stopped using my point & shoot camera ’cause I have my phone with me all the time, and I travel a lot so editing my pictures is a fun way to kill the time in a plane or in a train.

    I’m getting my new iphone 5 today so I’m curious how it’s going to improve the quality of my pictures and processing spped

    Editing apps:

    My favourite editing app is still Camera + and I also use Photoforge2 for editing ( I like a Clarify function when I have to bring out more details or contrast on a picture )


    recently i purchased PureShot for shooting higher quality pictures and I tend to use it quite a lot as a shooting app.


    I really like all this vintage/toy camera/lomo etc filters, but lot of the apps tend to overprocess the image and look a bit artificial, so that’s why I really apreciate the apps that allow you to adjust the intensity of the filter ( like Camera+/CameraBag2 etc..)

    for example I purchased Kitcam some days ago, and it’s quite interesting for shooting, and live preview function is cool too, filters are quite interesting but bit overprocessed for me, so the app would be much better if there was an effect intensity option.

    I like Hipstamatic, but I haven’t been using it that much lately. I think I prefer a workflow of shooting an unprocessed photo and editing it afterwards. I’d prefer to have an option of importing a photo and editing it with hipstamatic filters.

    Naturally I use Instagam too, and I like the filters but sometimes it lacks the intensity adjustment

    I love VSCO Cam for the subtle, natural film looks !

    I also really like the old and very simple app that just does one thing – CrossProcess – I use it usually with the most neutral setting available but I like the effect it gives some pictures a distinct look.

    recently I’m really into CameraBag2 – I think some filters look quite cool and natural too, and it’s quite adjustable.

    I like Camera+ filters too – I like using a bit of redscale or sunkissed effect to add a little bith of brightness and warmth to the colour.

    Recently I’m testing the free Alt Photo app and it’s not bad when you adjust intesity of effects.

  • Tom

    Simply B&W has always been a fav. Hueless is becoming another. Despite it isn’t the highest resolution, still love shooting with Pudding Camera as from version 1 is has benn consistent with outputting results that don’t need much tweaking if any ( at least for me). This is one that will always be on my home screen.

  • zerozero31

    I’ve never quite settled on a definitive selection of apps, but the most enduring has been:

    CameraSharp –> Perfectly Clear –> Afterglow

    Then it’s either straight to Flickr or Squaready if posting to Instagram.

    Hipstamatic still gets the odd run-out. For me it’s still the best faux-retro cam out there, despite the love-hate relationship I have with it. It’s ruined some lovely moments :-). Like most people I am waiting for the Ben Lowy filter/film combo …

    As a rule I never use an app that insists on showing me a preview after it’s taken a picture.

    Off-topic, but whatever happened to King Camera? The next big thing a year back or so, now currently residing in the Where Are They Now bucket …

  • vdicarmine

    A great camera replacement/editing app is KitCam.

    – the wide choice of quality films and lenses,
    – the photo live preview with combination of selected lenses/films/format, all can be re-edited after the shot
    – non-destructive editing
    – the possibility to shot in square format though the image saved in the background is still in the usual 4×3 format
    – found their monochrome films quality really great especially after the recent addition (yesterday) of 3 high contrast b&w films together with a new lens applying a grainy vignette on b&w shots, have been testing them today, basically you can get close to the Richard Koci Hernandez shots without his cumbersome (but bringing amazingly good results) app dance
    – great editing tools including histogram editing etc…
    – intuitive user interface

    – slower to open compared to native iPhone camera
    – sometimes crashes while processing several shots altogether (note that my iPhone 4 is fully packed with almost all memory used and its processor is slower than the iPhone 4S and 5)

    + + +

    Till now, despite the recent KitCam additions, did not find films/b&w filters rivaling their BlacKeys SuperGrain and BlacKeys BW. With a very few exceptions do no use their colour films except Cano Cafenol and sometime Float films.
    Their b&w films quality is so good that most of the time no further edit is required.

    + + +

    Snapseed: free, very complete, easy to use and well designed editing app. A must have. Since the purchase by Google also available for Android devices.

    + + +

    Noir: great to bring some mystery athmosphere in b&w shots.

    + + +

    PhotoFx: wide choice a good quality filters.

    + + +

    distressed fx : quality grunge/vintage filters though the choice is rather limited

  • D. Andrew Boss

    Like many of you I’ve tried more apps than I care to remember. But, I’ve slowly been whittling the number down to about a half dozen that I use on a regular basis.

    1) Hipstamatic. I cannot live without it. It’s the place I always start. Sometimes with a favorite combination, other times as the basis of experimentation.

    2) Snapseed. Quick and easy to use editing. I mostly play with contrast and saturation, and an occasional crop.

    3) PicFX. A newish favorite. The app offers a large selection of filters and effects that can be not only be layered but also has a slider to add as much or little as you’d like. I think that’s a win/win. It’s is updated frequently. Really, I can’t say enough good things about it.

    From there, I may use the following depending on what I’m trying to create:

    4) Decim8. What can I say that hasn’t already been said. If you tried it and didn’t like it, try it again.

    5) Pxl.

    6) Autostitch

    And, for sharing:

    7) Squareready. If you want to post something that isn’t square do us all a favor and use this app to spare the ugly black bands left behind in our Instagram feeds.

  • Carry

    Filterstorm, watercolor, sketchagent, adobe photoshop touch, perfectly clear

  • Mr Timney

    In no particular order… Not just camera apps, photo editors, but also photo utility apps so to speak.

    Dramatic B&W
    Wood Camera
    PDF to Image
    Color Thief
    XnView Fx
    Squaready Pro

    To name a few 😉

  • levari alexander

    i like being able to shoot rapidly so i’m not one for the slow processing apps where you take a shot and then it saves for a while. also, i stay away from hipstamatic and a lot of the lofi camera filter apps. they look very fake and cheap to me, way too gimicky. that being said, here’s my choices:

    645pro is the highest quality camera and gives you the most shooting options at your fingertips in terms of stocks and format. from using dslrs i find that the interface is intuitive, and i have small fingers, which i think helps manipulating the buttons. my only con with it is that i wish would ad the light metering option of puresnap, 6×7, 6×6. if you know you’re way around cameras, or want to learn, this is a great app that i think deserves far more credit.

    for black and white, 6×7. i think it takes the finest quality in camera black and white photos, and it’s not even a question. mpro, hueless, don’t compare for me, and if you’re satisfied with the format of a 6×7 photo, then the user interface is as easy as it comes. the images in camera are just so rich and film like.

    Puresnap, another amazing app from, a more simplified 645pro, in a lot of ways, that focuses on the fundamentals, but offers the highest possible raw images. like i said i love the ease of the light metering.

    here’s an odd one, i love the old retro camera plus, not to be confused with retrocam. it may not take as high resolution photos, but the pinhole camera option gives about as interesting and quality a film look in both black and white and color and that i’ve found. it captures natural light in interesting and unexpected ways. it’s my lomo/lofi option.

    hdr fusion for more set like photos. very, very high quality, especially for interiors.

    pudding cam is so much fun and a joy to use, has been for years, and is the reason i fell in love with iphoneography, though i don’t use it as much now, the image quality isn’t high enough for my needs. if they improved this it would go back into heavy rotation.

    for editing snapseed has everything i seem to need. and i love cross process. also simple and easy to use. it’s hit or miss, but when you hit, i find you hit in a big in unexpected ways.

    my honorable mention is one i’ve never heard anyone talk about on here and it’s my little secret. camera360 put out a concept camera app called “hellocamera.” i adore it and use it all the time. it takes really high grade pictures, maybe not as good as 645pro, but print worthy in natural light, has amazing in app options for lens and looks and just has a unique feel to every photo it takes. i can’t say enough about it and i highly recommend trying it out as i think it’s free, or was when i downloaded it on a whim. see what you think.

    hope this helps.

  • Robyn | gemini606

    I primarily shoot with ProCamera and use Hipstamatic due to peer pressure. (lol) I love the focus and exposure control in ProCamera, plus is loaded with tools and it’s own editing suite. Hipstamatic forces me to pay far more attention to composition, which I desperately need practice in getting creative.

    I’ve recently started a love affair with Superimpose, with Blender being second runner up. I love being able to blend and layer mutliple images together. I’ve amassed quite a few images of various textures and blend them with my images to give them a nice effect.

    So in a nutshell, here’s my camera bag, the apps I can’t do without these days:

    Iris Photo Suite
    Filterstorm (love the gradient tool and it reminds me of Photoshop)
    Snapseed for it’s selective adjust
    Lo-Mob (love the retro borders)
    Impression (for watermarks – it doesnt get ay easier)
    Squaready (the white boarder is a must for posting non squares on IG)

    I have an iPad, but still do most of my editing on iPhone.

  • Marie Matthews

    I have way too many apps. Some of my favorites include:

    Shooters: ProCamera, Camera+, 6×6, Hipstamatic, Hueless, Slowshutter, Nightcap

    General Editors: Snapseed, iPhoto, Photowizard, Filterstorm, Photogene

    B&W: Pure Carbon (old and crashy, but I still love it), Noir

    Filters: Photocopier, AltPhoto (my current fav), Jazz, Modern Grunge

    Blending: Superimpose, Juxtaposer (both are essential for me)

    Special Effects: Percolator, iColorama, Elasticam

    Painting: ArtRage, ProCreate (awesome iPad-only app) and sometimes ArtStudio

  • Marie Matthews

    Oops! I left out a few …

    * TouchRetouch
    * PhotoSize
    * Phonto
    * iDraw (iPad) or iDesign (iPhone)

  • David Graham

    I love looking into others’ camera folders. THese are all great. Many of my favorites have been mentioned.

    I’ll just add that my 3 most-used editing apps are ImageBlender, Juxtaposer (when will there be an iPad version????), and of course Snapseed. For shooting I like Hipstamatic (especially the BW films), ProCamera, and 6×6. Still haven’t experimented much with KitCam.

    Beyond that, I go through periods of infatuation with others, and often enough return when I’m feeling stuck to those I haven’t used in a while. A few standbys for me that I didn’t see mentioned above are Modern Grunge, PhotoToaster, ScratchCam, and PhotoShopExpress–which has what is still my favorite noise reduction function.

    My most recent infatuation is Glaze, and it shows no sign of abating soon….

    Finally, let me add that a great many apps in my iphoneography folders are there because of this blog. Top of my bookmark list: I check it just about daily.

    • Robyn | Gemini606


    • Traci Bunkers

      Yes! Most of what I have is all due to Marty

  • Jonathan

    I love Hipstamatic for all the reasons mentioned. In fact it is so good at what it does and fun to use, that I have a hard time picking up ProCamera or any editing app before I shoot with Hipstamatic.

    Another one I love that I go to a lot that doesn’t seemed to be mentioned is Dramatic Black and White. I love the control of it and the ability to add TONS of different shades, grains, and contrast to a photo. In fact, I try almost every photo in Dramatic BW just to see what it can do and I am surprised at times.

  • Gusbano

    Hi Marty!
    Well for shooting:

    Editing: Actually
    rainy and snow Daze

  • Elaine (Luxtra)

    For shooting: Alt Photo, Hipstamatic, Kitcam, Slow Shutter

    For editing: Snapseed, CameraBag2, ScratchCam and lots of others

    For blending: Image Blender, Filterstorm, Superimpose

    For fixing: TouchRetouch, Frontview

    Special effects: Decim8

    These are always subject to sudden change. 😉

  • Christine

    I love some of the comments above about how we come back to our favorite apps again and again, no matter how many good ones are released and added to our phones. There are a TON of terrific apps (after pruning, I still have 34 camera apps), but so little time to fully explore!

    My oldie but goodies are: Camera+, Snapseed, ShakeItPhoto, Plastic Bullet, CrossProcess and VSCO Cam.

    Staple fun apps are Everyday (self-documenting photo app) and Instabooth.

    Experimental ones that have made it into my favorite folder are: BleachBypass and CameraBag. I love the new CameraBag ui and filters – just gorgeous.

    New experimental ones that I haven’t had enough time with but love already are: Alt Photo, LensFlare, Grid Lens, PicsPlay and Over.

    Just loving this thread and the recommendations.

  • Tom


  • Tom


  • GG

    Strange, …. I don’t see Photopower in the lists. I think it’s very complete.

  • GG

    Strange, …. I don’t see Photopower in the lists. I think it’s a very complete editing app.

  • Nina

    I love Hipstamatic but VSCO Cam has been my favorite app since I discovered it a couple of weeks ago. It’s fantastic.

  • Sergio

    There is a deluge of apps out there, some of them very good and many of them somewhat a duplicate of others. I have recently switched to a very simple workflow. Capture with PureShot and edit with Snapseed. KISS = Keep It Simple Stupid!

  • Poli M

    I always delete apps that i don’t like/use but i still
    have 76(!) photoapps. These are the best for me.
    For shooting:
    Leme cam

    For editing:
    VSCO cam
    Wood Camera
    Pixlromatic+ (or pixlr express+)

    B&W Lab
    HDR FX pro

  • Lola Mitchell

    The list would be too long if I add all the apps I love so I will stick to the apps I use daily
    Hipstamatic, Kitcam
    Superimpose, Image Blender
    Snapseed, Picture show, scratchcam, luminance, picFx
    Procreate, Laminar (Ipad only)

  • jim

    I don’t like busy interfaces or overdone effects.

    The best for subtle effects that mimic film in a convincing way are:

    AltPhoto (Alien Skin is the best at this). I really hope they continue to add more films to this app as time goes on.
    Vsco Cam

  • Rocky Vansant

    there are so many good and even more not so good ios apps all trying to accomplish the same. there is 1 app i’ve been using over and over since i bought it about a year ago. it gives me all the tools i need to create MY OWN unique filters to enhance my pics instead of having to resort to all the presets that most other apps provide. (an online database lets you download 100’s of areMac user created presets for free!)
    it’s not as user friendly as the others and takes a little bit of a learning curve but once you get the hang of it you will soon realize it was worth the effort…which app?

    here’s my winner…nothing else comes close:


    I love it!

  • Adrian

    Camera: I started using Pro Camera since 6×6 has become very very slow and kitcam is kind of slow on my iP4. Pro Camera is fast between shots. Maybe when I upgrade my phone to whatever comes out summer/fall I will switch to Kitcam.


    Snapseed – great to make adjustments and tune(even light use of some of the filters) and sharpen.

    VSCOCAM – love the tools and the film looks.

    Noir – don’t use it a ton but great for the dramatic look and then use VSCOCAM after or other app on the image.

    CrossProcess – Have had this one for ages and I love what it outputs. Mostly use Basic and have the rest turned off.

    Afterglow – I haven’t used it all that much but one thing I like is how if you push contrast all the way it doesn’t destroy your pic.

    Gelo – I like this app to make poster-like/old science book looking images. Or if I want to make the sky darker or pop out more I can put a gel on it like a graduated filter.

    Blender – To combine edits, mask things, add mextures/ndpatterns or other images.

    I have tons of apps but as of late those are my go to ones. I also do like PicFX but a lot of times don’t end up using the images.

  • Tina Rice

    All good stuff…

  • Oniontears

    I’m not sure anyone has mentioned this yet, but I mainly use the built in camera app. It is by far the easiest and fastest camera to get to. I rarely premeditate my photography, so the ease of starting the camera from the lock screen is great. Otherwise I use Hipstamatic or VSCOCAM. I like Etchings lately for interesting post processing. Perculator and Popsicolor, and WoodCamera too.

  • Kara S

    I have like three thousand photo apps, but I mostly use the shadow adjustment in Photoforge2, the center focus adjustment in Snapseed, and the filters in Afterglow.

  • Lynette Jackson

    In no particular order:

    KitCam-My new favorite

    MirrorGram, honorable mention-Ha, trying to figure out how to use it, without it becoming a symmetry overkill!

    I have several others. If I feel I’m in a creative “rut” I just randomly select an app I haven’t used for weeks and start an exercise to create an image using that particular app.

    Happy Wednesday everyone!!!

  • Sam

    What perfect timing for a post like this. I’ve recently posted my top then Apps on my own blog. Find the Apps I use regularly, by clicking the link below.

  • frank

    I love the apps already mentioned but I believe the ones from Jixipix are just top notch. My faves are rainy daze, vintage, simply hdr, romantic and dramatic B&W. All there stuff is good and shares a unified UI.

  • Zelig

    I really like this thread.

    Like I said before, I already tried dozens of apps, but still discover some new ones, and now I’m tempted to purchase
    Afterglow and PicFx.

  • Sonya

    Awesome! Thanks, your post mentions some iPhoneography apps I hadn’t yet discovered.

    Lately, every day, it seems I’m discovering at least one new iPhone app I want to download.

  • Zelig

    yes, I just discovered Afterglow through this thread, and while I’m disovering all its options at the moment I got the feeling that this app will end up among my favourites ! great app, my kind of filters, and lots of editing options, and very quick processing time.

    Just got my new Iphone 5 on monday and I feel it improved processing speed of some apps (VSCO Cam works much better now ), but for example CameraBag 2 is still quite slow ( but i like it anyway ). But I’m impressed with the speed of Afterglow.

  • D

    Majorly pretty stuff here:
    Afterglow– Gorgeous
    BleachBypass– Classy and indeed “Cinematic”
    XnView Fx– A must-have: well-rounded, full-featured, and tasteful.

    Magical Stuff that works:
    Cortex Cam
    Noise Master

    Sometimes your subject is your inspiration… and sometimes it is your camera!
    Simply B&W

  • Jerry Diakiw

    Are there any apps particularly suited to giving the feeling of an antique old master oil painting. Like a Vermeer ? Or a tutorial?

  • Elaina Wilcox

    Great list are a few of my go to editing…for a full list check out my Tumblr link below

    Layers/ blending:
    Photo shop touch
    Photo wizard

    Paint FX ( Crashing issue needs to resolved, but the filters are great)

    To see the detailed list check out my blog

    I was lovely meeting you @ Macworld! Keep up the great work.

  • Cecily

    I have too many apps to mention but thought I would list a few that I have not seen yet mentioned on the lists (I did not get to go through all the lists so these actually might have been mentioned!!)


    Thanks for all of the great information everyone!!!

  • Regi

    I wanted to list a few of my favorites, right now, Muller Photo, Aquarelle, Portray, Glaze, Laminar Pro (on iPhone4!), Gradgram, Altphoto, PicFX, and Bleach Process. Of course, Camera+ and Snapseed are my first and continuing mainstays!