Combo Apps: The Videogram Hype Direction, by Tina Rice

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Combo Apps blogger Tina Rice normally finds, tests, and mixes up iPhoneography effects, paint and other apps. With the recent introduction of short video clips on Instagram, Tina has written a great post covering many iPhone videography apps that we don’t cover here that’s worth a look.

Recent Instagram updates no longer restrict you to shooting video in-app. You can now import video from your camera roll and trim it down to Instagram’s 15 seconds. Of course, if you’ve been sharing video snippets on Vine, that service has had this capability for some time.

While not going into great detail about most of the apps, Tina’s post provides a good starting point for you to add to your iPhone videography toolbox. Most of these apps will let you create videos of any length, limited by available memory on your device. They’ll let you edit and add filters and effects right on your device.

I have to admit. Watching random Vine videos is mind-numbingly interesting. shows an endless stream of recently posted Vine videos and is a great timesuck.

A little bit of creative editing and filtering will help your videos stand out from 6-15 seconds of puppy vids. There are some very creative mini-motion pictures being created. Here’s one of my faves. It’s not filtered, but it’s shot and edited extremely well.

Tina Rice writes:

I was asked to look, research and come up with a detailed list of video apps. This is Combo Apps in motion finding the best video combo apps out on the market. When I went searching for video apps I found out something about my app collection. That it’s really sad when I found a lot of the video apps in my archive of app hoarding in the last few years. There were a lot of video apps some for free and some I paid for thinking they were camera apps but turned out to be video apps instead. The top video is called The Koi Pond and was done with Super 8 video app. It was a FREE app at the time because of the movie “Super 8.” I can’t load this video on Instagram because it’s 19 seconds long and you can only load 15 second videos. When you try to load a video longer than 15 second, Instagram will crash.

Recent Instagram updates have been determined to crash lately. The latest update seems to have helped.

Read the rest of Tina’s post “Combo Apps/The Videogram Hype Direction” for here complete list over on Combo Apps blog.



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  • Tina Rice

    Thanks Marty, I’m sure your readers were happy to see a huge list of video app, Some forgotten and some new ones to add to their collection. Best of all they can share their video snips in other mobile share apps, video is not my thing but people were requesting for a list and a special post for it. I will do a video post every once in while from now on…

    Thanks again,


    • Not really my thing either, Tina. Thanks for creating this comprehensive list of cool video apps. Thanks for letting me share it.


  • Jason Cutler

    Warning: NeicaMM and Flare definitely output low-res video.