Gear Giveaway: Win an olloclip 2X Telephoto Lens Kits Plus an olloclip Quick-Flip Case

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The olloclip 2X Telephoto + Circular Polarizing Lens System is now available. Back in July, I checked out a preview unit. For iPhone, it’s one of the better, more usable telephoto lenses available. Read my entire review of the olloclip 2X Telephoto here.

We have partnered with olloclip to giveaway both the lens kit and the olloclip Quick-Flip Case. Read past the jump to find out how you can win one of these great lens systems. >>>

olloclip 2x telephoto for iPhone
Taken with olloclip 2X telephoto lens. Click to enlarge.
Taken with ProCamera using 2X digital zoom
Taken with ProCamera using 2X digital zoom. Click to enlarge.

olloclip 2X Telephoto + Circular Polarizing lens system

The olloclip 2X telephoto lens has glass optics, a good usable focal area, and creates bright, clear photographs. On its own, it’ll get you a good, tight photograph. When used with your iPhone’s digital zoom, it’ll help get you even closer. Like its older sibling it’s small and fits easily into my pocket. It’s already quickly become one of my most used iPhone accessories and can be the difference between capturing a memory or just capturing pixels.

If you find yourself using a digital zoom often enough, I recommend giving this lens a look. It’s a visible improvement over using any photo app’s digital zoom. Despite a few flaws, I’m really happy with mine. It has a very large usable sweet spot and almost none of the operations and flaws found in many other iPhone telephoto lenses. I’ve been using mine a lot.

olloclip, quick flip, case, iphone, iphoneography
olloclip Quick Flip Case, shown with the original olloclip 3-in-1 lens system

olloclip Quick-Flip Case

The new olloclip Quick-Flip Case is designed for users like myself who prefer to keep their iPhone in a protective case, but still want to use the olloclip lens systems. The case is a snug-fitting plastic with enough clearance to help protect your screen and lens from tabletop scratches. The case has a tab that easily flips up allowing you to mount an olloclip without having to remove the case. The tab also doubles as a shutter release button for apps that are Volume Shutter capable. It’s a sleek, low-profile case that comes in either black or white. The case also comes with the Pro Photo Adapter which easily and snugly slides on to the case and adds a mount for a standard tripod mounting screw and a cold-shoe mount. I really like the convenience of this case and the fact that I no longer have to peel my iPhone out of another case to use my olloclip. It’s become my everyday case.

You can read more about all of the olloclip products here on their website.

olloclip 2X Telephoto + Quick-Flip Case Giveaway

This week, we’ve teamed up with olloclip to give away one olloclip 2X Telephoto Lens Kits plus an olloclip Quick-Flip Case for either iPhone 5, 4S or 4. Both of these together retail for about $130-$150.

To be eligible to win one, simply enter the giveaway below. By following Life In LoFi and olloclip on Facebook, you can get additional chances to win.

Cut-off time to enter is 11:59 PM Eastern Time, Monday, Sept 2, 2013. Winners will be determined by

Winners will be notified by email, Facebook message or Twitter direct message — be sure to check your spam filter. If you enter, be sure your email info is correct or your code will go to someone else. Please read the giveaway rules before entering. By entering this contest, you agree to opt-in to the olloclip email mailing list. I’ve been on it for a while and they do not abuse your inbox.

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Big thanks to Patrick O’Neill and the team at olloclip for helping us put together this giveaway.

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  • Greg

    I actually have a knock off Olloclip that I bought on eBay. It’s a regret. There is really bad vignetting and lens caps won’t stay on. If I won a legit Olloclip, I’d write up a detailed comparison review. I’m sure the real deal is significantly better.

    • Marty Yawnick

      Interesting. I didn’t know they’ve made knock off olloclips. You’re right, though. The original olloclip wide angle and macro lenses are nicely free from the vignetting that plague many of the other similar lenses.


      • Greg

        I have a knock-off of their 3-in-1 product. So, I guess a comparison beyond build quality won’t actually be possible if I won a Telephoto/Polarizing kit.

  • skydivertak

    Definitely want it, especially for the polarizer & 2x telephoto. The quick-flip is a great idea! Try that with the knock-off $20 lenses that stick on with magnets!

  • Chris

    The only thing I’m on the fence about is the case….

    • Marty Yawnick

      How so?


      • Chris

        Well, it hardly offers any shock-protection to begin with. Also the material looks as if it might chip/break, if it falls onto a stone-ground.

        My case is leaning more towards “protection” and a good grip of the material (I have an “Urban Armor Gear” case for my iPhone 5)…so the Olloclip one seems a little flimsy.

        I’d probably already would have bought an olloclip, if I could use it with my regular case….but it seems to be hard to come up with a flexible attatchment for the lens.

        • Marty Yawnick

          You are correct in that regard. The Quick Flip case offers basic case protection. I’ve dropped my iPhone 5 with it from a couple of feet — once off the desk and once onto the driveway at lap height out of the car. Phone was fine, but my case got a tiny nick. I’m usually very careful with my phone though. I’ve never used an Otterbox-style case on any of my phones, so the convenience of this case is a selling point for me. Yeah, it sucks when you have to make trade-offs to use an olloclip or any lens attachment. =M=

  • Drew Froning

    I have the original olloclip, it’s awesome.

    • Marty Yawnick

      This one is pretty awesome, too. It’s not only saved a few photos, but since my review, I’ve been using it to help create some interesting, shallow depth of field effects. I’m diggin’ mine.


  • BisManApps Blog

    Great giveaway. I got to play with one of these on Jack Hollingsworth’s iPhoneography workshop.

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    I love this page and their giveaways!!!
    I’ve never used Olloclip and would love to win this prize!!!

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    #olloclip ROCKS and so does #lifeinlofi

    • Marty Yawnick

      Thank you, Fran! =M=

  • Dimitris Mastroperros

    I have the original OlioClip and it’s fabulous . I ‘ve been dreaming of a telephoto since day 1!

  • guilherme

    The olloclip and the Modahaus Steady Stand are a great combo to take those long exposures shots,do some lighttrails too ! Perfect combination !

  • adsaphila

    I love my 3-in-1 olloclip and this one’s a must have also!

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    I currently have the Olloclip, 3 lens and a combination with the Modahaus Steady Stand would be great for displaying details of cookies I make!

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    Ok, then, The modahaus stand looks like an excellent product. I’d use it for shooting things like small handcrafts or food :o)

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    Very impressive enhancement to the iPhone’s camera

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    This is the best giveaway I’ve ever seen you guys do. I am SO hoping I win this!

    I would use this (or a modahaus steadyhand) to really push the limits of my iphoneography!

  • Kate Hailey

    What a fab giveaway. I’ve been a fan of the Olloclip for almost two years when I discovered it in January of 2012. It’s a wonderful iPhone accessory that is with me all the time. This looks like a great telephoto option!

  • toastist

    I love using the macro lens of the ollo clip! A telephoto lens would be great!

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    I’d love to win this!! My original ?lloclip doesn’t fit my 5 & I’m lost without it for macros of my #FlowerPorn :/ And the telephoto lens has the best results I’ve seen!!

  • David Michielen

    This is really sweet! I love the 3-in-1 Olloclip and love the new cover and telelens. Wow.

    The Modahaus would be very handy getting clearer close up and macro’s. I problably would use it with lots of difuze light to get weird structures out of normal objects to use in art (print).

  • Ginger Lucero

    What an awesome giveaway! I would use the Modahaus to help steady my hand at some of the tougher shots, i.e. macro and slowshutter.

    Also I really love the Olloclip that I have for my 4s and would love to have one for the upcoming release of the iPhone. I would be so lost without my Olloclip! :)

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    It always resets for me (and entries keep switching back to 6/7).

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  • Marty Yawnick

    Hi, all. My apologies for the recycled Rafflecopter contest widget. It’s been fixed. If you’re reading through the comments and see a lot of Modahaus mentions, that’s why….

    Thanks for the comments, all.


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