Friday Talkback: Apple’s September Event – Tell Us What You Think

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On Tuesday, September 10 at 10 AM Pacific time, the big show continues. Apple has scheduled one of its famous events, meaning there will be some sort of big announcement.

Here’s your chance to sound off. >>>

Steve Jobs brought to Apple a flair for the dramatic. Thankfully, this is a tradition that Tim Cook appears to be keeping.

There’s been a lot of rumor and speculation surrounding this event, but all we know for sure is that Apple will announce something and that it involves several trendy colors.

I think at least one new iPhone is a given. The specs on it are still anyone’s guess. Even the rumor sites can’t come to a consensus.

I personally think we are in for several really good announcements on Tuesday.

For today’s Friday talkback, what do you think Apple will be announcing on Tuesday? New iPhones? AppleTV? iTunes Radio? iOS 7? The big new Mac OS update? Are you excited or just plain over the hype?

It’s all wide-open and today you’re the pundit. Let’s start some good speculation and rumors this weekend!

Let us know what you think in the comments below. The thread is open. Jump in!


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  • AstronomerAdam

    It’s clearly the iPhone 5S, with likely an iPhone 5C in many colours. They are having an event in China straight after and they REALLY want to crack that market.

    I’m hoping for two things. Firstly, storage upgrades. 16GB is now ridiculous. I’m fed up up jiggling apps and dumping photos just to survive. Without iTunes Match I’d be tearing my hair out. I want 64, 128 and 256, I think we’ll get 32, 64 and 128. Other than that I want to see a serious camera improvement. iOS 7 is a start with filters, aspect ratio options and so forth, but that only puts it in line with current trends. There needs to be serious technology under the camera hood. Not just more megapixels (I think we’ll get 13 as standard on the 5S), I’d also like better optics. Certainly a step to F 2.0 from the current F 2.4. There is code in the OS relating to stop motion frames and that will be interesting for sure, but I am dying to see if the patent they applied for to deliver optical zoom to smartphones is going to yield anything. Optical zoom on phones will be a game changing advancement. The fact that we can’t do it is the only thing keeping the point and shoot market alive.

    • Storage upgrades! Yes! I agree. I’m on a 32 gig iPhone 5 and have been bumping its walls for months. 16 gigs are pretty much useless these days,

      I read a rumor yesterday, though, that Deutsche Telekom will only be selling 16 gig iPhone 5 devices now, so it looks like they’ll still be making them.

      They are the iPhone equivalent of the 500 MB USB memory stick. They were good in their day and you can still use them, but….


      • AstronomerAdam

        If iPhones were expandable I’d be fine with it. I prefer no memory cards and bigger capacity, and 16GB is embarrassing by today’s standards. It’s not like they’re short of cash to deliver it either.

  • Richard Grant

    Thanks, Adam, that’s good stuff. I’m right with you on the storage issue. I’m one of those folks who’ll be buying a 5S on Day 1, having sat out the past year with my 4S.

    I’m wondering if there will any surprise announcements at the event Tuesday, but I suspect nothing big: this is clearly an iPhone event and Tim Cook will want to keep the focus on that, with some time allotted to tout iOS 7. Major updates of the iWork suite will be welcome — Pages on iPad in my primary writing tool.

    For me personally, the only open question is color. I fear I’m ripe for seduction by this gold/white thing, if the color is as toned-down and tasteful as it looks in leaked images. I may spring for an iPhone C for my daughter who is still using an ancient iPod touch as a camera in her preschool classroom. This doesn’t add up to great excitement, but maybe at least a pleasant kind of anticipation.

    • AstronomerAdam

      I’d love a sky bike iPhone, but I won’t buy one if its only a budget model.

  • Bethanie Marshall

    We all know it’s a day all about the new iPhone, which I cannot wait to agonize over how I will pay for it’s magnificent beauty. But I really hope that Maverick will be released shortly after, I’ve been waiting to update from Snow Leopard for just the right amount of pizazz, and now I’m going for it.

  • Thiago Barros

    Agree with you folks…. I have an iPhone 4S with 16GB, and as a iPhoneographer with tons of apps and many photos handling space for all this is a constant struggle. And the camera also has to be improved, since I’d dare say that to at least 75% iPhone owners it’s one of the most used features. Apple, in my opinion, should leave aside the insignificant applications like Game Center or Passbook and focus on the Camera and Hardware parts. As to the colors, I have to admit I’m quite sceptical about it,(even though the iGadgets have flawless finish) I’m not sure if vivid colors like cyan or orange will look good. I’m old fashioned in this aspect: nothing overcomes the good old b&w.

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