Hipstamatic and Oggl to Be iOS 7-Ready

hipstamatic, ios 7
An artist’s rendition of a very not real Hipstamatic icon with the new, flat iOS 7 look

Hipstamatic and Oggl — two high profile iPhoneography apps. In our discussions here for the upcoming iOS 7, one of the questions I get asked often is “Will Hipstamatic work in iOS 7?”

It’s not “if” but “when” and we’ve got the answer on iOS 7 compatibility from the boss himself, Lucas Buick, CEO of Hipstamatic. >>>

lucas buick, hipstamatic, oggl, ios 7

The answer is yes, both apps should be ready for iOS 7 at launch or shortly thereafter. In a tweet posted to Life In LoFi’s Twitter, Lucas says that updates are being sent to Apple this week.

When the apps are approved and released, of course, is up to Apple and the process could take several days, or could fly through approval in a day. It’s a part of the App Store submission process that has been frustrating developers for years.

iOS 7 features a new interface, which I imagine will not be an issue for Hipstamatic or Oggl as neither app uses Apple’s interface much. It’ll be interesting to see if the builds are 32-bit or the new 64-bit architecture and how fast and stable both apps are on the new iPhone 5S hardware.

We find out soon.


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  • jhzafrani

    Both apps have worked for me since Beta 5. Before hand, Oogl used to crash on open. I am running the GM right now and both seem to work just fine. It will be interesting to see what happens with the 5S rather than iOS7…

    • munchkin

      thank you, I was searching for this info, but no luck till now.

    • I think that’s odd that Hipstamatic Classic works better under iOS 7 than the newer Oggl, as Oggl has the more modern interface and presumably guts of the two.


  • You know one thing apple haven’t mentioned is how much of a mess it’s going to look when all the native apps have flat launch icons and a handful of 3rd party apps are still using 3D-looking icons, including HPM, incredibooth, Disposable and everything google makes.

    • I don’t think it will be quite that bad. App icons have kind of always been in different styles. Google has it’s flat, but 3d style, apple had it’s glossy style, facebook is still somewhat 3d but without harsh shadows… and it doesn’t look bad. I don’t think it will look any worse than it does now on iOS7. My opinion of course.

  • AstronomerAdam

    Given the money I’ve invested in lenses and films I expect nothing less.

    • Hi, Adam,

      Right there with ya….

      Hipstamatic works fine as is in iOS 7 on an iPhone 5. Oggl has a few interface issues. Both are still getting updates soon.


      • What about Hipstamatic 267 in iOS 7 on 4s? What should I expect, do you know?

    • gericentonze


  • Enrique

    Well, I am NOT updating to iOS7 until I am sure I can use Hipstamatic with NO problems

    • Hi, Enrique,

      Hipstamatic works fine with no problems on my iPhone 5 with iOS 7. Oggl works but has a few problems. A lot of old apps will work fine for now. Others, not so much.


  • Hi, all,

    Just to avoid any further confusion, the flat Hipstamatic icon shown above is something I whipped up just for this post. The actual Hipstamatic icon will probably still be the same icon they’ve had for years.

    That’s what I get for being fancy….


  • Barbara

    I have the 5s and I can’t take a picture. Everything is frozen on the camera screen. The configuration screen works.

  • Donna Starnes

    I updated yesterday and Oggl is not the same. I only have the basic film and lenses even though I’m a “member” … It says I have all the stuff yet I don’t. It’s been a very frustrating day for me. Oggl is my fave app.

  • gericentonze

    I just got around to checking Oggl after the update and it’s not working. I’m a member and although it says I have imported all my purchases they are not viewable. Maybe they’ll get it right on a future update. I have the 5s and iPad4 and it’s not working on either.

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