Both Photogene Apps Updated. Go PRO Goes Free (UPDATE)

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This weekend, there’s news from Photogene and a couple of app updates. Photogene4 for iPhone and iPad has been “released.” Photogene2 for iPhone has been updated. Both iOS 7 compatible.

Here’s your chance to get some free in-app purchases and a discounted Photogene4 if you have the iPhone version want to upgrade to Universal.

photogene4, iphone, ipadPhotogene is one of the first iPhone photo apps ever available in the App Store. It has matured well since its introduction.

Photogene is among the top image editors for iPhone. Both versions feature a powerful tool set with many advanced tools, including a clarity slider to adjust midtone contrast, sharpen, denoise, a great Shadows and Highlights tool and much more. It has an easy-to-use effects masking brush. There is a vignette tool that I like a lot. Although more of an image editor than a one-click app, there are also numerous filter presets.

With this new Universal build, the old Photogene for iPad is no longer available in the App Store. Photogene4 for iPhone and iPad takes its place. It isn’t really a new app per se, although it’s sort of being priced as one for some users.

Right now, it looks like there’s feature parity between the two versions. Other than Universal support which means it’ll run great on both iPhone and iPad, I could not find any differences between the two versions of the app.

An update to Photogene2 for iPhone was also recently released, which includes compatibility for iOS 7. Both versions run great in iOS 7. They are both fast and stable.

Also in this update for both apps are enhanced RAW support. Says the apps’ developer Omer Shoor, “We added enhanced RAW support. Most iOS apps only load the embedded jpeg from inside the RAW file (usually in low res). Photogene is now one of the few apps that actually decodes and loads RAW files in full res. We’ve also made special efforts to make sure this happens quickly. So that even very big RAW files load in just a few seconds.”

Here’s a list of the other new features for Photogene 4:

– Photogene is now a universal app for both iPad and iPhone.
– iOS 7 compatibility for both apps.
– New look for iPad user interface. New icon for Photogene4.
– The PRO features are now free! Everyone has been upgraded to PRO.
– Flickr export: can now choose a set.
– New feature for exporting XMP sidecars.
– Various bug fixes.

The update for Photogene2 is a free update for current owners of the app.

Photogene4 normally sells for $2.99. It’s on sale now for only $0.99 for a limited time. If I were buying Photogene for the first time, I’d purchase Photogene4, especially for a buck. I contacted the developer and they plan to support development for both versions of the app, although they encourage new users to download the Universal version.

“We made the iPad version universal so that people no longer need to purchase Photogene twice,” says Mr. Shoor.

Photogene is a good image editor and the Photogene4 update is not a game-changer like some are saying, but it is a good one, not only for the iOS 7 compatibility but the ability to now run one version of the app on any iOS device.

Free Photogene Go PRO In-app Purchases

Right now, the Go PRO upgrades for both Photogene apps are free. This add-on originally costs $6. No word yet if this is a permanent price reduction or a limited-time discount. The App Store still lists the Go PRO IAP as $5.99 for both apps.

Photogene2 for iPhone is $0.99. Compatibility: Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5. It’ll run on an iPad in emulation mode, but it won’t take full advantage of the iPad’s larger screen.

App Store link:

Photogene4 is on sale for $0.99 for a limited time. It’s normally $2.99. Compatibility: Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5. This is a Universal app.

App Store link:



Update 01: Clarified the part about vignettes and filters a little better.

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  • david65

    Question….do you actually look at and try these apps – or am I blind? I bought the app based on your recommendation and review here – photogene4 – the built in filters are very basic and quite poor actually and having gone through every nook and cranny of the app I can find no sign of any inapp purchase or the ability to “go pro” – either I’m blind and would appreciate being pointed in the right direction or it doesn’t exist. If it doesn’t exist than I just wasted a dollar for a very mediocre app. Hope no one else falls for this

    • Marty Yawnick

      Hi, David,

      Thank you for your comment. Let me address a few of your points.

      I test everything that goes on these pages — even apps that others here write about.

      I think you are missing the point of Photogene. It’s never been known as a filter app. It’s always been know to have a fairly robust set of editing tools more like a desktop image editor such as Photoshop. I’ve never used the app for one-click filters, but I would imagine others do, which is why I mentioned it here. There are tools in Photogene that I like which is why I keep it on my iPhone — the vignette tool being one of them. While I’m in an image, I also like the Shadows/Highlights tool here. Photogene was one of the first photo apps to have Curves and as a photographer, I’m sure you know how handy that tool is for applying a quick, custom contrast curve to help give a flat image pop. It’s these tools where Photogene shines, not the filters. You’ll notice I didn’t even mention the collection of frames in my post.

      I can see how the language in my post may have been confusing and that I possibly liked the collection of filters in this app. I agree with you. The filters here are not the greatest. I don’t use Photogene in that manner. I’ve changed the wording of my post to more clearly reflect that I like the vignette tool.

      The RAW image support in this update will be good for those who shoot in RAW format and process on the go on their iPads. This is an iPhoneography blog, but based on your comment, I’ve fleshed that part out a little bit with some feedback from the developer. I processed a couple of RAW images here before I updated the post, just to ensure that it works.

      As for the Go PRO feature, I can’t address that. I purchased the Go PRO feature years ago when Photogene2 was brand new and mine has been unlocked since that time. Look for a “PRO” purchase button in the retouches toolbar. If it’s not there, then the feature is already unlocked.

      Sometimes an app simply isn’t a good fit for an iPhoneographer’s workflow. I’m sorry that this one was a disappointment for you.

      I appreciate your taking the time to write about this, David.


      • david65

        Thanks for the reply. Yes, not every app is going to be liked by every user and most apps have their strengths and weaknesses. One thing that threw me off from the get go was that the interface on my iPad did not match at all the interface on your screenshots, but when I installed it on my iPhone then it did match. But it’s somewhat weird that a universal app has a different interface on each of those devices instead of being the same – just with one screen being larger. Also – yes, the only in-app option is to buy additional frames for .99 – I’ve gone through anything I can find on both the iPad and iPhone versions and neither has any other in-app purchase options and no “go-pro” option. Sadly their listing does show a “go-pro” option under in-app purchases, but it’s not in the app which could certainly frustrate many customers who are looking for something that isn’t there. Shame on the developer for that – they should be clear about what is or is not included or available for in-app purchases so customers don’t waste time on wild goose chases – their fault, not yours.

  • Nels P. Highberg

    Am I reading this right: if I just bought this for the first time for .99, I received the pro versions? Or do I have to do anything to download the pro version within the app?

    • David Bird

      When you open the app, press the i in the top right corner. It should say pro.

      • david65

        Thank you David, if only the developer had been that clear. :)

  • David Bird

    Thanks for the heads up! I’ll be redownloading Photogene2 and checking out the pro features.

  • Giuseppe Navone

    I have a copy of a Photogene on the iPhone and iPad, the copy of the iPad I bought Pro, I come to the iPad version has updated itself to version 4 Pro, iPhone now I find myself all both versions is 2 4 that the two separate programs with each other, to have the Pro on both, I have used this method, just go to repristino purchases and you have no cost in both the Pro version, I hope will be useful to someone, I would like to know though if it’s just me to have two versions of Photogene on the iPhone, sorry if I’m wrong in anything but use a translator, Grazie mille.