Faved: iPhone Photos of the Week, 09.21.13

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Welcome to the latest edition of “Faved: iPhone Photos of the Week,” featuring some of the excellent iPhoneography and iPhone Art shared in Life In LoFi’s Flickr group. These are just a few of the thousands of works submitted to the pool this week.

(My apologies to Cindy and all of the great iPhoneographers and iPhone artists featured this week. It’s my fault that Faved is late this week. I’ve been out of town since Friday and haven’t had either time or the bandwidth to get this posted on time. =M=)

The lede image this week is “Comb-Over” by Lisa Waddell (lisamjw.) I chose this as the lead image for many reasons, not the least of which is that it made me laugh out loud! First and foremost, it is a sublime image, as are all of Lisa’s florals. Whether she’s pointing her iPhone at a flower or a weed (and who’s to say which is which?) she has an artful way of capturing its essence. Secondly, I am a firm believer in the power of a good title. A good title can add to the emotion of a photograph and to the viewer’s experience of that photograph. Lisa’s title here is pure genius! Well done, Lisa!

The next image that really caught my eye this week is “Channeling Atget” by Michelle Robinson (michmutters.) I have long admired the work of Eugene Atget, and Michelle’s photo set the tone for the first part of this week’s selections. Her inspiration for this image and her larger series (which I encourage you to take a look at) was Atget’s photographs of Old Paris in the late nineteenth century. While Parisian street scenes were his predominant focus (old houses, churches, streets, courtyards, doors, stairs, etc.) he also focused on more personal subjects such as mantelpieces and other decorative motifs inside those houses. David DeNagel’s “Waiting” is particularly striking in this regard. It was in that frame of mind that I selected his and the next four photos. “Le vieil homme et les pigeons” by Anne-Martine Parent (MartinaP.), “Modena – Corso Canalchiaro” by Alessandro Orrea, “On the Boardwalk” by Kim Martino (kmartino1), and “Domestica” by idea.good aka taya1 are all reminiscent, at least to me, of this great master of photography and I think he would be proud to see such images being produced today with an iPhone!

Other images deserving of notice this week are “A Small Story in Three Parts (2),” (I highly recommend viewing Parts 1 and 3) by Maddy McCoy (The_Real_McCoy.) Maddy’s series is a cinematic tour de force. Jesonis|Photography was experimenting with Hipstamatic and came up with a series of peppers that would make Edward Weston proud. Federica Corbelli (lubaluft_) is a master of capturing abandoned spaces, and with her “Amusements 1” she gives us an eerie glimpse into her not-so-empty world which is filled with the ghosts of lives long passed. Craig Cecil Corbin’s “The Dying Word VI” is part of a very compelling series of images that feel like sacred tableaus. Cathrine Halsor’s “Moving” conjures up memories of adventure, whether it’s a move to a new and distant city or an adventure only in our imaginations.

And then we come to my favorite “painters” of the week. Please forgive me, but this is something I feel the iPhone was invented for! Artists who find ways to use apps in imaginative ways to express how they feel about a subject are as old as the history of photography itself. Some of my favorites this week are: “Priorities” by Jaime Ferreyros, “Low Tide” by Karen Keating, “Paris Street Scene” by James Metcalf (ironartist,) “First Light” by Sarah Jarrett, “IMG_1249” by Gianluca Ricoveri, and “Into the Unknown” by Mariko.

On a more personal note, I am thoroughly enjoying the process of curating the images submitted each week to our Flickr group pool. Keep up the amazing work! And don’t forget, images selected each week are eligible for inclusion in upcoming “brick-and-mortar” exhibitions, so please continue to submit our best work and stay tuned for next week’s showcase!

Until then, happy shooting!




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Comb-over by lisamjw / Lisa Waddell

Channeling Atget via Melbourne 36/36

Channeling Atget via Melbourne 36/36 by michmutters / Michelle Robinson


Waiting by dcd.49

Le vieil homme et les pigeons

Le vieil homme et les pigeons by MartinaP.

Modena - Corso Canalchiaro - 15/9/13 -

Modena - Corso Canalchiaro - 15/9/13 - by Alessandro Orrea

On the boardwalk. NEM Black&white EE_Daily: Black And White NEM Street NEM Architecture at Beach Front Ceasers Hotel Atlantic City

On the boardwalk. by kimartino1 Hipstafiend / Kim Martino


Domestica by idea.good aka taya1

A Small Story in Three Parts [2]

A Small Story in Three Parts [2] by The_Real_McCoy / Maddy McCoy

A Hipstamatic film/lens study with peppers.              Tools used: #photojojo wide/macro lens #Sima video lamp on #joby tripod

A Hipstamatic film/lens study with peppers. by Jesonis|Photography

Amusements -1

Amusements -1 by Lubaluft_ / Federica Corbelli

The Dying Word VI

The Dying Word VI by Craig Cecil Corbin


moving by Cathrine Halsør


Priorities by Jaime Ferreyros - iphoneographer

Low tide

Low tide by karenkeatingphoto

Paris street scene with Notre Dame

Paris street scene with Notre Dame by ironartist

First Light

First Light by Sarah Jarrett


IMG_1249.JPG by GianlucaRicoveri

into the unknown

into the unknown by M a r i k o


Submitting Your Photos

We are partnering with galleries and photo exhibits around the world. Images that are selected for the Faved weekly showcase are now eligible for consideration for brick-and-mortar shows that we’ve partnered with.

Submissions are welcome for any photos shot and processed with iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad only. No desktop or Android processed images, please. To have your works considered, just post or share your images to Life In LoFi’s Flickr group. Images must be shot and processed using only an iDevice. Each week, we’ll feature a brand new showcase of more great iPhoneography.


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A professional photographer for the past decade, Cindy turned to her iPhone as a creative tool in 2010. Since then, she has exhibited her work at galleries and museums in four countries and across the United States. She has garnered numerous awards, most recently in the Mobile Photography division of the 2013 American Aperture Awards (Ax3). Her work has been published both online and in print, including Architectural Digest. Cindy has contributed to two books on iPhoneography. In addition to photographing weddings and portraits, Cindy is an iPad Instructor at Cooper University's Cancer Institute as part of their Complementary Medicine Program. She is available for talks and workshops worldwide.
  • Thank you so much for including my image Cindy and most of all for your thoughts. Most honoured and grateful!

    Congratulations as well to one of the best people I have come to know in the mobile circus: Lisa Waddell! Comb over is one of my faves of all her images!

    • cpatrickphoto

      Congratulations, Michelle! Your work is always intriguing and thought-provoking. I was happy to include you this week!

  • appqueen

    Love this photo Cindy, (((hugs)) appqueen

  • Anne-Martine Parent

    A truly beautiful and inspiring showcase! Thank you so much for including my image in it, I feel very honored.