Elaine Taylor / Billy. Dancing on the rooftops.

Robert Snache / Autumn by the big bay.

Suite116 / A Winter's Tale

Frank Schmidt / Sunset...

jo sullivan / At the Diner

0km (Kee Ming) / Light Up

Robin Pope / Untitled

Mark Dodge Medlin / Empty

Armineh Hovanesian / You are divine

Karen Axelrad / The Three Muses

Armineh Hovanesian / Trust

Candice (CLAY) Railton / The red dress

BlemishedEye / Untitled

Susan Blase / Tambourine Girl

ade santora / Linien

Giancarlo Beltrame / My Lunar Eye 108 - The Tear

Lisa MacAlpine / A More Chearful Time

Karen Axelrad / Deco Me

Casey Hugelfink / Riga Stadtmauer

Charlie Shime / Travellers's Concert.

Casey Hugelfink / Laipu iela

Casey Hugelfink / Laipu iela

Debout Clarisse / Untitled

Waldemar Błażej Nowak / Untitled

Chad (Oxy) (Chad Walls) / Monterey, USA

Scott Woodward / Extra-Oar-Dinary Day.

Scott Williams / fade to white

Jiri Dvorak / ip_20151012_3253.jpg

Scott Janssen / 5150

Kat & Dog / Lovely Lucy.

Kat & Dog / You looking at me?


It’s been a while since we published a gallery of awesome iPhoneography and my apologies for not sharing these as often as we should. Actually, if you follow our Flipboard Magazine (and you should…), we regularly share iPhone photos selected from our Flickr Group.

One of the great things about iPhoneography galleries is that are great sources of inspiration and good ideas on how others are shooting. Maybe you’ll see an app or a technique that you’d like to try, a photo that inspires you to try similar lighting or a crop you might now have thought of. Maybe you’ll see something in a photo someone else shot that you would have missed otherwise and think to yourself “I’d like to try that.” And sometimes you just have to go, “That’s pretty cool….”

Life In LoFi’s iPhoneography showcases have always been about what the iPhone camera can do with appropriate light (and many times appropriate shadow) and some creativity. One of the freedoms that the iPhone camera gives us is the ability to shoot often and experiment on the spot. Sometimes, there’s magic as you capture and create the moment that your eye sees or your creativity imagines.

With a nod to Edi Caves’ old iPhoneOgenic’s Monthly Showcases, here are 30 images submitted to LoFi’s Flickr group recently. In this gallery are some stunning seascapes, moody portraits, found moments, exceptional iPhone art abstracts, a bit of whimsy, and even a couple of portraits that show us that the most photogenic subjects are not always people.

Big thank yous go to these iPhoneographers and artists who created and shared their works in LoFi’s Flickr group so they could be considered for this showcase:

  • Elaine Taylor
  • ade santora
  • Robin Pope
  • Armineh Hovanesian
  • Scott Woodward
  • Susan Blase
  • jo sullivan
  • Giancarlo Beltrame
  • Karen Axelrad
  • BlemishedEye
  • Robert Snache
  • Mark Dodge Medlin
  • Lisa MacAlpine
  • Suite116
  • Frank Schmidt
  • Kee Ming
  • Candice (CLAY) Railton
  • Casey Hugelfink
  • Charlie Shime
  • Debout Clarisse
  • Waldemar Blazej Nowak
  • Chad Walls
  • Scott Williams
  • Jiri Dvorak
  • Scott Jansse
  • and special treats plus a pat on the head for Kat & Dog

All links go back to the artist’s Flickr page, so you can explore more of their work. I encourage you to do so. Of the thousands of images submitted, it’s tough to narrow them down to less than three dozen.

This is the state of iPhoneography for October 18 2015. Hand-picked for your enjoyment. Be inspired.


Want Your Photos to be Considered for a Future Showcase or Article? Submit Your iPhone Photos to Life In LoFi’s Flickr Group

Submissions are welcome for any photos shot and processed with iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad only. No other cameras or desktop or Android processed images, please. To have your works considered, just upload, post or share your images to Life In LoFi’s Flickr group. We look at all of ’em. Your photos may be featured in a future gallery.

When you upload, please be sure your sharing settings are set so that images can be embedded using HTML.

FlickStackr is a good app for sharing to Flickr. We’ve been using it for years. You can also use the official Flickr app straight from your device.