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FREE iPhone photo apps. Photo apps on sale. Here are the latest and best deals as found by the staff of Life In LoFi.

Life In LoFi strives to stay on top of the best photo app sales, discounts, and freebies, both here on the blog and even more so on our Facebook page. Here is our list of many of the better photo apps currently on sale.

The list features the app’s name, the sale price, its regular price, and the start dates of the discount if available. These are not the free “Lite” feature-limited versions. These are the regular paid versions of these apps.

Many times apps are on sale for only a few hours. Grab these as soon as you can. Life In LoFi does not set these prices and we are not responsible if the actual price does not match the discounted price here. These discounts can end at any time. We’ll do all we can to keep this list current.

Photo AppSale PriceReg. PriceSale StartApp Store Link


(Having problems seeing the entire list on your iPhone? Viewing this page in landscape mode may help.)

It’s difficult to stay on top of which apps are worth your time and money. While there are often many app discounts, many times, a photo app can be a clunker — a “crap app” not worth your download time. All of the photo apps on this list have been personally tested by Life In LoFi’s Publisher Marty Yawnick or our Facebook App Guru Steven Thomas. None of these apps are buggy, low-res scam apps.

If you see an app on sale that isn’t in this list, contact us. This page is updated regularly.




  • =M=

    Atramentous is a pretty cool video app. I wouldn’t have discovered it if it were not on sale.


  • Suzé

    Momentsia and TimeLapse are also free right now.

    • =M=

      Thanks, Suzé!


  • Paul

    I downloaded My Photo Planets and there’s no ability to take a photo, I can only view. A gimmick to get me to purchase the app when It’s being offered for free?

    • =M=

      Hi, Paul,

      Right now, there are some problems with app’s interface. Try using the app with your phone in Landscape mode. I hope this is fixed in an update soon.


  • Suzé

    Hueless just went to .99 so I grabbed it. I really like other B&W apps so I’m curious how this will compare to them.

    • =M=

      I love Hueless, Suzé. When I’m in a mood to shoot black & white, that’s my app. Let me know what you think!


      • Sam

        Simple Black and White is good one too.

  • Jasmine

    It says that nightcap is free right now here but in the AppStore it’s not. Help!

    • =M=

      Hi, Jasmine. NightCap went back up when I was away from the computer. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter. If it goes on sale again, we’ll push it out there as well as add it here. Thanks, Jasmine.


  • I have a suggestion. Would it be possible for you to link each app with your latest review withi your chart? It would be helpful for fans of your blog to gain quick access to your reviews of the apps to help us decide on whether to purchase. Just a thought.

  • Always nice to see a tested or reviewed list of worthwhile apps. Thanks for the effort to put this together. Totally aside from these – do you know of an iPhone/iPad app that allows for resizing in the iDevice? …not cropping but resizing for posting to various social media? Have close to 90 photo related apps but no stand-alone that allows for any/all photo resizing. Any ideas? Thank you!

  • Bridget

    Blux Camera for iPad is back to the $2.99 price. Thank you though, I like the Autopainter app, and would probably never have noticed it without your recomendation. =)

  • Color Thief and Pointillist are not free in the AU appstore. Why do developers do this?

  • paul klosterman

    I love having this section and had made it a button on my homescreen that I viewed dialy. It is no longer updated and I’m wondering if you are discontinuing this GREAT section your site or just taking a break?

    Best Regards.


    • Hi, Paul,

      Just took a break. I’m back. Your bookmark should still work!


  • John

    PhotoViva is no longer free now!

  • JSB

    Downloaded Reversal and it keeps crashing when I try to load a pic. Finally got one loaded and the effect sliders are extremely subtle. Not a strong app.

    Thanks for keeping this list going, it’s a great resource!

    • Yeah, I was on the fence about sharing Reversal or not. I agree that the sliders are not very strong, but I suspect that this app is less about overall image correction and more about fine-tuning its one effect. Sweet vignette, though! This is one where I thought I’d put it out there to see what y’all think. At least it’s free….


  • Zitr no longer free (0.99nnow)

  • Guest

    I want it!

  • Guest

    Satur8 is no longer available for download.

    • Hi, there,

      Still works for me. Just checked a minute ago, 09.17.13 @3:15 PM CT. Maybe an App Store glitch? Give it another try.


  • Kathy Salvatore

    thanks Marty, always can depend on you

  • Sourav

    Glass Camera Pro: Record your world through a glass screen!

    There are many Apps out there that offer filters, but none like this one! GlassCamera Pro is probably the first smart camera app for capturing photos and movies from special customized glass lenses.

  • queenmarylady

    BW+ is no longer free and Camera Genius is currently $2.99, and I have most of the others, but I’m going to get this new ProCamera 7, looks good and so do the reviews(which I know sometimes are biased). But for 99 cents, why not give it a try? =) Thanks for posting these!!

    • Marty Yawnick

      Thanks, Bridget! Sometimes I’m not always notified when the prices go back up.


  • david65

    Hipstamatic was on sale for .99 – anyone notice the “new” hipstapak released this past Friday (First Friday) Oct 4? I think they should be embarrassed. The new Hipstapak released this past Friday for First Friday is the Long Island Hipstapak. _ Yup -it’s the Long Island Freepak rebranded and bundled with an oh so eh lens as a new Hipstapak. You can tell a lot of effort wen into that one. 🙂

  • Sou

    InstaFusion Blender Pro – The Best Image Blender for Instagram & InstaCollage HD!!!! One of the best and unique photo Image blender apps in the store.

  • astha srivastava

    None of the app is free on app store India

    • Marty Yawnick

      Hi, Astha. My apologies. Actually, we haven’t updated this page in a long time and even removed it from our menus. =M=