PhotoForge by GhostBird Software is on sale right now and for a limited time, the price has been reduced to just $0.99 USD — the lowest price I’ve seen it in a while.

Several apps have tried to wear the namesake of “Photoshop for the iPhone” including Photogene and PerfectPhoto. PhotoForge truly is the image editing powerhouse for iPhone. I use both this and Photogene regularly to process my images. If you’re only using Photogene, you are missing out on so much that your iPhone is capable of.

Click here to read our recent review of PhotoForge. Recently, PhotoForge was selling for $2.99 USD. It’s a great app at three bucks and one that I use often. For $0.99, PhotoForge is an essential purchase if you don’t have it already. I’m not sure how long this sale will last, so grab it now before the price goes back up.

App Store link: PhotoForge