Here’s a cool Kickstarter project that has reached its funding goal and begins production next month. It’s a nifty little device from New York company Kogeto called the Dot. It allows you to capture immersive, fully navigable, panoramic video in real-time  – and share with friends on your phone, as well as on Facebook and Twitter.

Unlike the GoPano micro 360° lens announced earlier this year, the Dot has a much sleeker form factor and a lower profile.

Check out the demo video above. While the raw video looks a lot like a tube from the Tiny Planets app, you can use Kogeto’s own software to to decode the panoramic video, enabling a more normal view that’s also interactive. Kogeto have also announced their own web platform enabling users to share videos with others, both in app and online. Imagine Instagram if they you could upload interactive 360° video.

During the Kickstarter funding, one of these beauties will set you back $99 — that’s twice as much as the GoPano kit and a bit steep for me. But when it hits production, the Kogeto Dot looks like it’ll be a small, portable, cool and fun attachment for your iPhone 4.

There’s more information on the Dot on Kogeto’s website. You can preorder the Dot from the Kickstarter project.




Big thanks to long-time friend DJ Jim Jenkins for the heads up on this one.