Virtual SLR Camera for iPhone FREE For a Limited Time!

Virtual SLR Camera for iPhoneThe camera replacement app Virtual SLR Camera is now FREE for a limited time in the App Store. It emulates many of the functions and features of a DSLR camera, including lens and exposure effects. There are in-app optics adjustments (including a nice lens barrel distortion effect), dynamic range adjustments, color adjustments and several effects filters. It has a live histogram in the viewfinder as well.

It’s a pretty ambitious app and it has a lot of features that I like. I hadn’t reviewed it on LoFi previously, though, because it runs very slowly and erratically on my iPhone 2G. It should feel just as sluggish on a 3G as well. I haven’t tested it on a 3GS. If you have, please let us know how it works for you in the comments below.

This is a good chance to try the app out and to get into the update path. I look forward to an update and running it on an iPhone with a faster CPU.

Virtual SLR Camera normally sells for $1.99 USD. This giveaway is only for a limited time and often the price goes up quickly, so grab this now!

App Store link: Virtual SLR Camera



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  • Shawn

    It isn't too sluggish on my 3GS, but it sure does take a long time to save the photos at full res. Also, when you turn the accelerometer on and go into landscape mode, all of the screen menus look stretched and really bad. Having a real-time histogram is kind of cool though.

    Ok, in the time it took me to write all of that above, the app finished saving the 3 photos I took. All of them are bad. I can't even tell what I was taking photos of. I suspect I changed the lens distortion slider, but since the app doesn't have a settings reset button, I have no idea where on the slider the zero setting is. Same with soft focus.

    Now I can't get it back to taking crisp photos (if it can take those at all). I may have to resort to uninstalling the app and reinstalling. :(

  • Max

    Deleted after 10 minutes, maybe less. Didn't care for the UI nor the save times. Histogram was interesting touch, but do you really need it on an iPhone? Can't you accomplish a lot of those level fixes post editing?

    One mans opinion…

  • deborah d. lattimore

    I agree with everything Shawn and Max said. The only interesting thing about this app for me was the histogram. Everything else was a mess!

  • MartyNearDFW

    Thanks for the feedback, all!