Virtual SLR Camera for iPhoneThe camera replacement app Virtual SLR Camera is now FREE for a limited time in the App Store. It emulates many of the functions and features of a DSLR camera, including lens and exposure effects. There are in-app optics adjustments (including a nice lens barrel distortion effect), dynamic range adjustments, color adjustments and several effects filters. It has a live histogram in the viewfinder as well.

It’s a pretty ambitious app and it has a lot of features that I like. I hadn’t reviewed it on LoFi previously, though, because it runs very slowly and erratically on my iPhone 2G. It should feel just as sluggish on a 3G as well. I haven’t tested it on a 3GS. If you have, please let us know how it works for you in the comments below.

This is a good chance to try the app out and to get into the update path. I look forward to an update and running it on an iPhone with a faster CPU.

Virtual SLR Camera normally sells for $1.99 USD. This giveaway is only for a limited time and often the price goes up quickly, so grab this now!

App Store link: Virtual SLR Camera