Perfectly Clear 2.1 update released. Fixes crash issues on all iPhones

Athentech Perfectly Clear for iPhonePerfectly Clear 2.1 was released Tuesday. This update fixes several bugs including the previously reported crashes which effected nearly all iPhones. Also fixed were a wording error and the app now displays the proper dimensions in the settings screen for saving full resolution photos on the iPhone 4. This update has all of the new features in the 2.0 update, including the very nice user-defined preset feature, improved sharpening, and the ability to share images on Twitter and Facebook, and an in-app purchase for pretty cool automatic noise reduction.

Perfectly Clear is a Dynamic Range Correction app that quickly and easily improves the sharpness, exposure, saturation and contrast of iPhone photos. It sharpens, brightens and compensates for the gray cast and narrower tonal range sometimes found with older iPhones.

As previously reported, the Perfectly Clear 2.0 update introduced several new features, including the new noise reduction feature. The 2.0 update was also infamously unstable on any iPhone that wasn’t an iPhone 4 running the latest version of the iOS. When processing, the app created an increase in memory which is standard for image processing — and it was this spike which caused the OS then to shut down the app.

The new 2.1 now works well on both my iPhone 4 and my first generation iPhone 2G running iPhone OS 3.1.3. We’ve been trying to break it all night. We’ve been processing images all evening with the app on the older iPhone 2G and have only experienced one crash while saving — a 5 megapixel image created using 7.0 Megapixel Camera. We’ve had no problems with 2G native 2.0MP files. Your mileage may vary, but this release seems to be pretty solid.

We also found that file saves were more reliable in this version.

On a separate note, some users were reporting that the new noise reduction feature wasn’t working at all. We tested this feature on several images tonight. While it won’t produce miracles on extremely grainy, low-light images, it visibly reduced noise on every image we threw at it. Some of them processed better than others. Below is one of the sample images we processed using the add-on noise reduction.

perfectly clear iphone noise reduction
Noise reduction feature in the Perfectly Clear 2.1 update. Click to enlarge.

This test image was the best example produced and may not be typical of average performance, but it’s pretty impressive that the noise reduction is capable of producing reducing this much color noise. Again, nothing can save a badly underexposed image, but overall, I was pretty impressed with the new feature and how it performed with the older, noisy camera. The noise reduction is an additional $1.99 available through in-app purchase only. I highly recommend the purchase if you have an older iPhone 2G, 3G, and 3GS.

Perfectly Clear works on any iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad running OS 3.0 or newer.

I’ll have a full review of Perfectly Clear in the coming days. For now, it’s safe to update Perfectly Clear — on whatever device you’re using.

Perfectly Clear is $2.99 in the App Store. The Noise Removal add-on is available as an in-app purchase for $1.99.




Photo credit: Stacy Anderson

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  • I bought this app while it had the serious "save bug". I wasn`t able to save a single file on my iphone 4. I bought it because of the open letter of the developer and thought it would be right to support him. Now I am very disappointed. I bought the noise reduction plugin too, but it has no function. I can see the result (the plugin working well) in the preview, but the saved picture is very noisy (obvious without the noise reduction). Am I am doing something wrong? Tried to find infos on the FAQ page from Athentech, but there aren`t any FAQs on it. I have an iPhone 4 and version 2.1. Uninstalling an reinstalling did not help.

  • Tomba


    Default is noise reduction OFF.

    Have you checked this in the sliders?

    On my 3GS iOS4.1 noise reduction its working well even in low light situations. Just checked it with some pics from the underground. But dont expect to get the noise off pics shot in the darkness or totally underexposed pics. There is no app for that.

  • Tomba

    I really wish they could improve performance a lot.

    Example saved in v1.3 about 13 seconds. Saved in v2.1 18 seconds without and 25 seconds with noise reduction.

    If you experienced how fast Color Leap or new apps like Iris Photo Suite are saving i have to say that there must be potential for improvement.

    Significant performance improvement will earn the app my 5th star.

  • @Tomba.

    Thanks for your answers. I can see the effect working in the preview (the "after page") but the effect is gone on the saved image. I uploaded an example to my flickrpage. On the original pic there is a lot of noise on the back wall of the phone booth (eg. on the upper and lower left side). On the screenshots of the app you can see the noise remover is working pretty well. On the saved picture the noise is back again. I would even say, there is now difference between the original and the processed file.

  • Tomba


    Both pics following your flickr-link are the same. There is no noise reduction or any other processing on the second pic. I have no hint.

  • Me too. I see the "after picture" with the effect, press the save button, the app processes for 20 seconds or so, but the saved picture is without the effects.

  • I can get it to work on some images. It seems that it doesn`t work with picture in portrait mode. Can someone test it with the original file on my flickrpage?

  • It doesn`t seem to work with picture take with an other camera app than the one from apple. I give up for now.

  • Sasuke

    @Andy I have the same problem noise reduction doesn't seem to work (iphone4 / version 2.1)

    However I find it interesting by changing save size I observed the ff:

    Only noise reduction turned ON (All the way to the right)

    1 Original Size (2592×1936) = No diff

    2. 1600×1200 = noise reduced (but can see artifacts that looks like from

    sharpening – sharpening was turned off)

    3 800 x 600 – bingo! noise reduction same as in preview 🙁

  • Sasuke, what camera app to you use? It works for me with the standard iPhone camera but not with Camera+.

  • Sasuke

    I'm using standard iPhone camera app 🙁 will try to experiment further

  • Ah, dammit. There goes my theory 😉

  • Tomba

    Hey guys, i made another test for you.

    Pics shot with Camera+ in landscape and portrait worked with Perfectly Clear. The difference can be seen between with or without noise reduction. Next update ould be performance improved but every thing else is working fine on 3GS iOS4.1 now.

  • @Tomba.

    Could you please try the original picture from my flickr example? We could see if the problem lies in the picture or in the phone/installation.

  • Tomba


    May be your example is not the best. On the phone i can only see a difference between original and processed. But no difference if with or without noise reduction. On my Mac i can see a difference with noise reduction mainly on the left dark area and in the button of the green description field. Keep in mind that the difference is really "small" you can get with your example.

    As there are no configuration options you could change i guess i must be a bug for iPhone 4. I would suggest to contact the developer.

    My settings: 3GS iOS4.1 no Jailbreak. Perfectly Clear with default setting. Only changed noise reduction off (default) to on.

  • MartyNearDFW

    Hi, Andy,

    I'm not able to reproduce this on either iPhone that I have. Perfectly Clear works for me (albeit slower now) on both a 2G and an iPhone 4. Initially, I had very low expectations for the noise reduction — I'd heard that it did little or nothing. In version 2.1, I've gotten great results from both Perfectly Clear itself and the new noise reduction. We checked the saved versions, not just the previews.

    I'll be posting a lot of before and after images in the gallery of my review soon.

    Have you tried contacting Athentech?


  • I sent them a message with a link to this thread. I`ll keep you informed.

  • Got an answer and I am not sure if they even read my mail. This is the answer:

    Thank you for your email and feedback. We apologize for this crashing, and we can understand how it must be very frustrating for you. It’s been a frustrating one for us as well, and we’re working very hard to engineer a fix for it. For more information on this problem, why it occurs and some tips, please click here:

    The damn thing is not crashing, it simply does nothing to some picture. I sent another mail…

  • Update: Got an answers, they said the had problems answering earlier because they have been at photokina. The problem is known (some hires pictures are saved without the noise remover effect) and they want some more information from me. I will make some samples when I have some spare minutes and will keep you informed here. Its good to know, that athentech is aware of this problem.

  • Ok. Athentech is aware of the problem (some pictures are saved without the noise reduction effect) and is looking into it. We have to wait for an update.

  • MartyNearDFW


    I appreciate your ongoing updates. Thanks!


  • No Problem. Hope I could help a little.