PictureShow for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPhoneographyToday, graf released a maintenance update to their popular iPhone photo app, PictureShow. In addition to the new features found in the 2.3 update, the new 2.3.1 update fixes two bugs, including a “Smoke” effect rendering error and more importantly, the crashes that many users were experiencing after updating to version 2.3. I never experienced the crashes myself, but at first glance, I’ve had no problems with either 2.3 or the new 2.3.1 update.

If you are still having stability problems with the app after updating, the developer recommends the following:

1. Remove PictureShow from your Phone

2. Reboot your iPhone.

3. Reinstall PictureShow from the App Store app. You will not be recharged to re-download the app if you do it on your iPhone.

It should work! Kudos to graf for getting this bug fix out quickly.

PictureShow normally sells for $1.99, but is on sale for a limited time for $0.99.