Cool Links: Some great photos shot with… a BlackBerry?

"The South Bank" by Andre Harry. Shot with a BlackBerry 9700.
"The South Bank" by Andre Harry. Shot with a BlackBerry 9700.

I often hang out in the Droidography groups on Flickr. Even with the limited number of photo apps, there’s some cool photography created on the OS. I was clicking around Reddit today and stumbled across two mobile phone photography sites I’d never seen. I really liked a lot of the photography that I saw. Even with minimal processing, there were some great images.

The device? BlackBerry.

Here are links to two BlackBerry photography sites I thought were really cool. The first is to photographer Andre Harry’s BlackBerry Photography: London photoblog. His profile is simple — Love London. Love Londoners. All of the images in his blog are shot with a BlackBerry 9700. The photography is full of great composition and great monochromes. You can also follow Andre Harry on Twitter @andreharry.

The second site is The BlackBerry Photog. It features a more diverse image set. All images in the blog are shot with a BlackBerry® 9800 or 8900.

Both photoblogs are great to look at and reaffirm that it isn’t the camera that takes great pictures — it’s the photographer behind it.



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