T20 mobile phone telephoto lens

Edgar Cuevas, who publishes the iPhoneogenic blog, recently purchased a T-20 2.0x Telephoto Lens for mobile phone. The T-20 is a low-cost, magnetic mounted telephoto lens made of metal — probably aluminum — and optical glass.

The device works on iPhones as well and Edgar took his new toy for a test drive. His complete review of the device appears on his other blog, Edgar’s iPhone Film Lab.

After successfully purchasing a .67X macro/wide lens and 6.0X telescope for my 3GS, I decided to buy the 2X telephoto because it’s a happy medium between the others just mentioned. After the initial mount to my 3GS I was disappointed. I immediately notice a hard circular vignetting around the lens.

My own thoughts on this particular device…. It’s definitely not a high-quality telephoto lens, but once you finally it the device to mount, it produces some interesting lo-fi color shifts, vignetting and lens barrel distortions. Not exactly what you want in an external telephoto lens, though, where the purpose of such a device is to get higher quality photographs than using the iPhone’s digital zoom.

You can read all of Edgar Cuevas’ review here on Edgar’s iPhone Film Lab.

Here is the manufacturer’s description of the device:

  • 2.0X Magnetic Telephoto Conversion Lens for digital cameras, mobile phones and PDAs.
  • Magnetic Telephoto Lens are suitable to take photo of natural aspect of object from far distant
  • You can install Tele Converter Lens onto the back of your Cellphone or Digital Camera easily
  • The Magnet Mount Tele Lens is made of metal and has optical glass
  • It features the 2.0x Telephoto Lens for Cellphones and Digital Cameras with Magnet Mount
  • You can hang the hand Strap Component on mobile phone if you often use the 2.0x Telephoto Lens
  • Color: Silvery
  • Size of this 2.0x Telephoto Lens: 2 (front Diameter)x 1.5(rear Diameter) x 1.95(height)cm
  • Weight: 40g


The T-20 is available online from SourcingMap.com for $12.99. You can also find it on eBay.