ProCamera 3.0.1 Update Released – Pro FX Improved

While Hipstamatic was getting all the update news cycles last week, it wasn’t the only great iPhone photo app updated last week. The ProCamera 3.0.1 update has been released and features overall performance and stability improvements, as well as improvements to the new Studio module.

In my opinion, ProCamera has been the best camera replacement app for serious iPhoneography for a long time. It has an impressive tool set which focuses on getting the best picture. You can read our recent full review of ProCamera 3.0 here.

Among the improved features are an improved Pro Cut cropping tool. The issue with the 1:1 crop not quite cropping square has been fixed and the Pro Cut tool feels more responsive.

Focus and exposure tools received a great performance boost. You can now see focus and exposure previews instantaneously in the viewfinder.

Pro FX has received several new filters. The Berry-Pop-like Fridge effect has been replaced with a more subtle sepia filter, Sepiaphine. Gold Rush has been replaced by the less gold, more toned down and vintage Historical. Invert and Candy are gone, replaced by the more usable Half C and High K (very very high contrast color). filters. Other new filters include Grayon (a higher contrast grayscale filter), Posterize, and color Boost. While still not on par with the excellent effects of Camera+, Pro FX in ProCamera are definitely improved with the new filters.

TIP: When doing a fresh install of ProCamera, be sure to check the app’s settings. Expert Mode, Auto Save, and Full-Res Zoom are all turned off by default.

Here’s all that’s new in version 3.0.1:

  • Overall performance and stability upgrade
  • New effects in the FX Studio:
  • Pro Cut Studio improvements
  • Performance upgrade FX Studio
  • Performance upgrade Pro Lab Studio
  • Improved Expert Mode: Drag the focus/exposure squares around and see instant reaction
  • More zoom: Now with 6x Digital Full Resolution Zoom
  • Bugfixes


Although stability improvements are mentioned, I did experience a crash after updating where the camera would not initialize. Rebooting my iPhone helped and the problem went away.

Again, unless all you do with your iPhone is point-and-shoot, ProCamera is powerful enough for the most demanding iPhoneographer, yet still usable and highly recommended for all. This is an iPhoneographer’s photo app — just the camera alone makes the app worth it. The new 3.0.1 update continues to feature improvements. ProCamera is the camera replacement app that I regularly shoot with.

ProCamera works on any iPhone or iPod Touch 4th Gen running iOS 4.0 or newer. The latest version of the iOS is needed to take advantage of some of the app’s advanced features. ProCamera is $2.99 in the App Store.

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  • Nelson

    Ditto, my daily use camera app as well. But as much as I love it, there's one thing that drives me CRAZY: no way to mute the timer or shutter sounds without muting my phone. Incredibly irritating. To go along with a system-wide mute control, it really needs to vibrate when the photo is taken in timer mode. So many times I'm holding the camera an not looking at the screen, and it's always an annoying guessing game as to whether or not the photo has been taken yet, since I never remember what duration the timer is set at. Fix these two things and ProCamera is without question the best camera replacement app out there. And if they want serious bonus points, they'll soon add an HDR feature like the system camera app.

  • Tomba

    If Apple would deliver API support for HDR i am sure ProCamera and others would add this feature.

    • Nelson

      I susptect you're right. But given the number of existing HDR apps, it can definitely be accomplished without using Apple's API – although I'm sure it would take a fair amount of work. A guy can wish, right?

  • Rob

    It seems that every camera app must have one fatal flaw. For ProCamera, it's the huge tap to focus and tap for exposure boxes that flash and change sizes, calling attention to themselves when I'm trying to frame a shot. SHEESH! Any time the focus point comes close to the center of the screen, the box quadruples in size and starts flashing. It's a shame when developers screw up the UI because in so many other ways, this is the ultimate app to shoot with.

  • Slawek_2010

    I emailed the developer and they are implementing HDR soon:

    Hello and thank you for your feedback!
    We are already working on an HDR feature to implement in ProCamera. As Apple doesn't provide any tools for this, and our quality standard are very high, this may take a few weeks.

    • Nelson

      Good to hear, thanks for posting

  • Charles Maclauchlan

    I'm confused by camera replacement apps. I don't really understand their purpose. I will purchase an App if it gives me just 1 thing I use but I'm speaking normally about post processing Apps. I have Camera+ (original version) and use it only for the volume switch shutter release. To use it as a day to day camera replacement App makes no sense as it adds another button to press and adds to processing time.

    I can see that you (and others) really like Pro camera so I am wondering what it brings to the table. What new capability does it have? Does it interfere at all with the picture taking process?


    • @macounette

      The good thing about Pro Camera is that it gives you many more possibilities regarding exposure control for example. This is good if you are trying to achieve a good quality from the moment you take your pic (and not when you start post-processing it). Since I've been using Pro Camera, my shots are better because I can control many parameters such as exposure and focus, like mentioned below by sasuke, but also white balance, etc. So if you're used to controlling such things with a "classic" camera, you're happy to find them again in apps such as Pro Camera.

  • sasuke

    What I like about Pro Camera is the exposure and focus lock. Once i set those two (specially the exposure) i can move around and shoot unlike in Camera+ if you move (change framing) the exposure will change and you have to set it again (is there a way to lock exposure in Camera+?)

  • @macounette

    Thanks for the info, Marty. I discovered Pro Camera thanks to your blog and it has been my favorite camera replacement app since. If there's only one thing I don't like about it it's the long startup time, if the app was closed before. But that can be solved by leaving it "always open" :)

  • Norm

    Is there a printable version of the manual somewhere? It would be nice to have to facilitate working through the many options without having to go back to the built-in manual.