LomoLomo, LemeLeme, Leme Camera… Whatever.

Leme Camera, new Dark Forest lens and Flax frame


Leme Camera, LomoLomo, LemeLemeThe app formerly known as LomoLomo has been renamed. Again. After a brief stint as LemeLeme HD, the app is now called Leme Camera. This week, anyway.

All cameras and lenses in Leme Camera are now free, which is bound to make some users happy, but will hack others off.

LomoLomo (the Pro version) grew on me and I eventually came to like it. So did a lot of other users as well. — it’s still the third most searched for app on LoFi and that’s based on only a handful of posts. Although it had its quirks, the photo effects were pretty nice looking and well rendered. The frames were usable and attractive and had good detail. Sharing to the LomoLomo Wall was fairly popular. LomoLomo Pro was a good value — $1 bought all of the lens effects and I could choose from additional cameras as an easy in-app purchase. I did so and bought add ons. I was looking forward to updates.

The LemeLeme apps replaced LomoLomo. Things were renamed. Popular features replaced or removed. Now we have Leme Cam. It still features all the films, cameras and frames from LemeLeme. There are two new cameras, HDR and Light Leak; three new lenses or photo effects, Fantastic Leman, Frozen Blue, and Dark Forest; and two new frames, Flax and Film. Overall, the new additions are good looking effects and frames and would have made a great update to LomoLomo’s superior feature set.

That all cameras and lenses in Leme Camera are now free should please users of previous free versions of the app. However, users who bought some of the in-app purchases — especially users who bought the in-app purchases again for LemeLeme — will probably feel ripped off for having to spend a dollar for each additional camera or lens — in some cases, twice.

I think MoMo Travel Consulting, the developer of the apps, appears to be in scramble mode. I don’t think they know what to do with this app other than throw everything on the proverbial wall and see what sticks. [a lot of stuff edited here.] That’s really too bad as I think LomoLomo was a good app getting better and really finding its stride before the name and feature changes.

This is probably a good make-up gesture for users of LomoLomo Pro who got screwed in the LemeLeme update (and thank you, MoMo Travel Consulting, for the gifts), but for me, it comes off as reactive and poorly timed. Their overall approach to LomoLomo or Leme Camera has been very inconsistent, to put it mildly.

Basically, users of LomoLomo Pro paid a dollar to get the complete lens set and paid more money to unlock each additional camera. Some users paid another dollar to unlock each lens again in LemeLeme HD. And now, less than three weeks later, it’s all free.

Two more points…. Many users have been saying that this update is crashtastic — that it won’t even launch. I have not experienced this personally, but thought I would pass it along. Also, this is not an update to LomoLomo Pro. This app is a separate download. In a way, that’s good in that it allows you to keep both apps on your iPhone.

So, download Leme Camera now. Get the free stuff. Grab it while you can. It’ll probably all change in a week or two.

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch (4th generation), iPad 2 Wi-Fi, and iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

LemeLemeHD - MoMoTravel Consulting Inc.



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  • As we all know, with this developer, it’s all about the money making opportunities, and not about delivering a quality app.

    Apps from this developer should all come with a big warning sign.

    Just my opinion.

    • Hi, Glyn,

      I agree with you that apps from this developer (and any of the related, former Molinker developers) should come with a warning. In fact, I let this story sit for a few hours and eventually edited out many of the critical comments I had for this developer and their connection with one of the biggest scandals in the App Store.

      I hope this post serves its purpose — to point out the Lomo, Leme, whatever apps and the huge inconsistency and flakiness (and I have used the word "shady" in the past) that's been going on with MoMo.

      I hope you and the Mrs. have a great trip cruisin' the Nile. I'm envious. Closest we'll get this year is toobin' the Guadalupe.


  • chrisD46

    Here are my findings after loading & reviewing the new Leme Camera free app : First , on the iTunes Leme Camera page it lists a new camera called "Wax Painting" as well as a new lens called : " Kor Royal" . Neither one showed up in the app after downloading to my 3GS . Better yet , I tried to connect to the Leme Camera support site and received a 404 error code …ditto when I tried to contact the developer . I will conclude by saying the app works fine on my 3GS with no crashes – but you pretty much get what you get (minus Wax Painting & Kor Royal) with this app .

  • I want to punch this app in the face! It definitely needs instructions. I’m so glad I held off on this app until now though. It looks great, a lot of options and such but it confuses the hell out of me.

  • Rob

    Note that the obnoxious LemeLeme is still in the App Store. It's free too.

  • I wish I had a $1 for every time I've spent $1 (or more) on an app only to have it eventually show up free…. Oh well….

  • OK, my evaluation….
    LomoLomo – Paid app – no longer available?
    I got this a while back before they changed the name.
    I have used it a bunch with some very cool results including importing from the camera roll and applying the effects.
    I only used the Diana Lens but had all the film and border combos.
    It did crash sometimes but generally is very usable and saves in decent resolution.

    LemeLeme – it's free but seems to offer a fixed resolution of 600 x 600 pixels and there seems to be no way to change this. Although it has the same film types (and more) it does things in a different way to LomoLomo along with a different interface. Changing the borders seems impossible.

    LemeCamera – also free – I'm installing this now and suspect it has more options.

    Many apps with similar names and icons – schizophrenic?

  • The LomoLeme family just makes me sad. There's the basis for a really great app in all the pieces scattered throughout them: LemeLeme's larger viewfinder, ability to apply a filter after the fact and LemeCam's full resolution, separate exposure control, border selection and bevy of cameras, plus the beautiful filters in each, the surprisingly cool map diary.

    But they're painfully lacking in stability, speed and trustworthiness. I can't see myself ever paying them for anything given their history over the past several months. I'll still use it but only when I'm feeling masochistic.

  • Just installed LemeCamera – OK so as Marty says it's free and has all the goodies and it does 1936 x 1936 pixels (like Lomo Lomo) and allows you to do all of the combos. Cool – it's Lomo Lomo but free. I'm liking some of the additional films and cameras. The features of LemeLeme and LemeCamera could be combined (ie. the better viewfinder in Leme).

  • Tania Palmer

    Okay, I was starting to get using to the new Leme Camera and even starting to like it a bit, but now there's a Leme Camera – Easter Version in the app store that looks exactly the same as Leme Camera – with the exception of a cute little audio bunny to amuse people while you're taking their photo? And, even though they both appear to be separate in the app store, my update list has this Leme camera Easter Version in it? I'm so not updating, because I don't know if it will update Leme Camera or LomoLomo Pro (which I still have on my phone) or just install a new version of the app on my phone. This is really starting to get on my last nerve, and I'm a very easygoing person.

    • oops

      Leme Camera – Easter Version will update LomoLomo Pro.
      So Make Clearely
      LomoLomo Pro – Leme Camera-Easter Version
      LomoLomo – LemeLeme – Leme Camera

  • felsx

    I've just spent about 5 dollar three weeks ago to buy the cameras and lens in leme leme hd, now they're free??? WTH???
    I want my money back.

  • masp

    I updated the app (after buying some of those lenses that are now free…. grrrrr!) but now it crashes on opening…. anyone have any idea how I can fix this? Thanks

    P.S. After not being able to open the app I downloaded the Easter version to see if that worked… and it does…. but those rabbits annoy the crap out of me

  • jeannie

    I downloaded the Leme Camera based on your recent previous post and I actually like it. It’s no Hipstamatic but then again what is? (I am partial to Hipstamatic.) I’ve not had the pleasure to download the lomo lomo camera or other earlier versions so my perspective and experience of Leme Camera is based for the moment frustration-free.

    I liked many of the lens they offered. The frames weren’t anything outstanding. It was easy to use.

    I feel badly for those who bought the app or add-ons which are now free in this app. It’s unfortunate that the developer did what they did. I don’t understand why they would new to scramble to put out updates if it’s only going to anger or frustrate their customers. Not a good way to maintain PR or customer relations.

  • Mark

    Why is everyone complaining about this app and it's developer? So you had to pay a couple of bucks for this a while ago and now its free. So they keep changing the name. Big deal, get over it. Its very standard business for ANY company to have specials and freebies now and again and it's good promotion. Stop being a cry baby and concentrate on the END RESULT. Does it take good pictures? Yes. Does it have lots of features? Yes. Is it expensive? No. Does it offer variety? Yes. So what if it crashes now and again, the closest alternative is Hipstamatic which costs around $10 if you buy everything but LEME Cam actually offers you more options and for free. Stop being hateful, this is an excellent app full stop.

    • omeander

      You are so right!

  • Birdu2

    Hi there guys, i beeing usuig Leme for a long time, and beside the name changing, i really love this application, i would defenetley change some of the operation from it, besides that, it is a great alternative to have on your phone on the side of Hipstamatic.
    i really really like their filters and variations a lot, wich are very different then the ones on Hipsta.
    I had paid for it, and if now it's for free i dont really care, it was worth it. I just hope they keep on working on it ….. becouse it's a great application. ( im on Iphone 4 )

  • great apps! thanks!

  • They removed the HDR camera on Lemecam with the newest 'update'???? I am so dissapointed, I used that a lot with my flower pics!

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