#instameetdallas, 03/24/11


Last social photo post of the day….

Instagram were so impressed by the turnout for the first Worldwide InstaMeet that they wanted to get another one together as soon as they could. The next meetup will be on Saturday, 7 May,2011.

I was part of the Dallas, Texas InstaMeet. Not only did I have a great time meeting other area iPhoneographers, but it was great watching everyone as they shot. We meandered through Dallas’ historic Deep Ellum. It was cool to see what everyone “saw” when we were shooting the same subject. It was really fun to see the shots being taken and watching them show up in Instagram seconds later. We all made some great new friends that day. I encourage all Instagrammers to get together with others in their hometown for a photowalk.

How’s It Work?

It’s easy: just go to meetup.com/instagram to join your city’s meetup group and let other Instagrammers in your city know you’ want to attend the photowalk. You can even help choose a place to meet up and discuss the details of your city’s walk. If you need ideas, take a look at what other cities are doing: New York City Instagrammers are organizing a scavenger hunt, and in San Francisco we’ll be meeting up in a neighborhood park and taking off for photowalks from there. You can also check out the #instameet hashtag to see photos from past meetups.

Spread the Word

Help spread the word about your hometown’s meetup. @grether, who organizes the Portland InstaMeets, shares some tips for how he gets Instagrammers in his city to meet face to face:

  • Don’t be afraid to start small: two or three people is still a meet-up!
  • When you add a location tag in instagram to your pictures, you can click on that location to see other images posted there. Talk to the people who’ve posted at the same spots as you!
  • Search the hashtags to see if places near you are mentioned. If so, talk to the people who’ve posted there.
  • Post a note to Instagram that you want to start a meet up in your town and “@” those new friends you have made. Some won’t want to meet, but others will!

There’s a lot more info on Instagram’s blog.