Details of Hipstamatic 210 Sneak-Peeked!


The developers of Hipstamatic just released a few details of the upcoming Hipstamtic 210 update over on their Facebook page. No photos as of yet and just enough details to tease us with.

The 210 update features:

++ Native Twitter Sharing
++ A New FREE Standard Lens, the Buckhorst Lens
++ Full Screen Viewfinder Mode
++ Redesigned Album Section
++ Push notifications (never miss another FreePak)
++ Special Endless Summer Edition HipstaPak

No details yet as to a street date. Not many details other than what they just released. We’ll keep you posted as soon as we find out more info.



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  • Shawn

    In their comment thread on Facebook, they did say the update was in Apple's hands. Just waiting for approval, apparently.

    • lifeinlofiblog

      You never can tell with Apple's review process. I'm not sure when we'll see it, but with Hipstamatic, it is never soon enough.


  • zerozero31

    Full Screen Viewfinder Mode = +1. Another lens .. pfftt … yeah … whatever. Plenty of lenses & films to choose from already.

    But what I'd really, really, really, really, really, really, really, *REALLY* like is an option to remove those bloody borders!!

    • @fastcomet

      It's easy!!!! Use the standard camera app.

      • zerozero31

        Yeah, started doing that, then using other apps to add the effects. But it's such a faff. Just let us remove the borders :-)

  • chrisD46

    Push notifications , new lens and HipstaPak are hopefully worth while . I could care a less about the other features but am curious what the full screen viewfinder mode will mean in the way of image out put : Square with a new rectangle option ?

  • jeannie

    Totally excited!

  • Bart

    It seems like a full-screen viewfinder would go against the lo-fi / toy camera spirit…

    • twenty200

      I'm not disagreeing with you, but for some of us, the only thing that matters is ease of use and, even more importantly, the final photo. Full-screen viewfinder? Sounds great to me! I can't wait to try it.

  • ashcroft54

    I'm Excited !!!

  • enzomiac

    can't wait

  • Lindsey

    So rad! I can’t wait!

  • Aaron J. Heiner

    Marty, hit me up with a PM will ya on FB. I want to compare notes with ya on something