The driSuit for iPhone: The iPhone Scuba Suit


UPDATE: Since we first wrote this post ins 2012, Photojojo discontinued selling the drisuit Underwater iPhone case. The good news is that still does. Even better, they sell the drisuit Underwater iPhone case for new iPhones as well, including the 5 and 5S (It looks like the company hasn’t released an iPhone 6 case). We’ve updated the links in this post. =M=

We love Photojojo.

Just in time for summertime tubin’, swimming and snorkeling, Photojojo’s newest iPhone product is the driSuit Case for iPhone. It’s a 100% waterproof case that’ll let you take your iPhone down to 15 feet underwater. Read past the jump for more info, photos, and a link to order one.


According to Photojojo, the case latches shut to create a liquid airtight barrier that keeps your iPhone safe underwater. Each case is factory tested to make sure it’s totally safe.

Unlike other waterproof cases that have hard screen covers that don’t work well when wet, this case has a touch-sensitive gel screen cover for better sensitivity when shooting photos underwater.

The back panel features an optical-grade lens cover to preserve the clarity and quality of your shots.

The case itself is cushioned, adding protection for your iPhone from drops and bumps. It also has a waterproof headphone jack — not very useful for listening to music underwater, but at least you won’t have to remove your iPhone from the case to listen to tunes while drying out on the beach.

If your lifestyle includes pools, beaches, snorkels or other watersports, this looks like a great case to own.

The driSuit is shipping now and is $60.00 from Photojojo about $30 or less from Currently, it’s only available for the iPhone 5S, 5, 4S and 4.

Click for more info or to order on Amazon for iPhone 5S, 5, 4S, and 4.



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  • Adrian

    I actually just ordered one of these. Photojojo is sold out so I ordered it directly from the company.

    I was going to get a lifecase since it's well known and the glass they use for the camera window is supposed to not fog up and be great for shooting. However the two piece design, instructions telling you to be gentle removing/putting it on and the little door for the port at the bottom pushed me away into looking elsewhere.

    This case however looks legit. It isn't a thin fashion design and looks made to take on adventures. I really hope the glass doesn't fog up and I can take good pics. Also otterbox has a waterproof tank of a case coming out soon and so does mophie(with a built in battery pack).

  • Rob

    I have one and construction wise it is very cheap looking. I thought the top part was going to be one solid piece but it doesn't look like it. There are shiny glue marks all over it and particles floating around in the membrane screen part.

    The packaging reads "made in china" and when you take it out of the packaging and hold it for the first time it feels "made in china". I am sure someone can make this same case and probably sell it for half the price. It does the job but it gives off "cheap" big time. For example the lens glass circle doesn't even line up properly with the iphone BUT it doesn't block the lens.

    The Otterbox Armor series looks very serious and the Catalyst Escape Capsule looks good. The Catalyst cost a little more, a successful kickstarter, but everything about it looks well designed from the case to the packaging. And Otterbox…it's a big name you can trust and just look at that case it's a monster.

    With that being said I wouldn't recommend a driSuit unless they sold for way less. If the Otterbox Armor Series ends up costing around the same price there would be no point in buying a driSuit.

    • Hi, Rob,

      Thank you for the hands-on review of the driSuit.