Booster!, the new live effects photo app from misskiwi, is on sale now for only $0.99 — that’s $1.00 off the regular price. This sale is for a limited time only, so if you’ve been on the fence about this photo app, here’s a good chance to grab it for half off.

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Booster! has a number of interesting features. It comes with eight filter presets — some of them with variations. You can also perform basic edits in the viewfinder. Photoshop users will be familiar with Booster!’s overall curves adjustment. You can add a nice, smooth vignette and adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation and color temperature — all live in the viewfinder before you snap the photo. The workflow takes a little getting used to, but the app is designed lean and once mastered, you can speed through edits or simply shoot a series of photos using the same settings. You can also start with one of the presets and use Booster!’s editing tools to easily tweak the effects further.

The user interface is clean and easy to figure out. I like the simplicity of the giant filter wheel. I’d like it better, though, if it wasn’t in front of the image. There’s an easy workaround. pressing the Boost! button toggles back to the viewfinder so you can easily check your color moves. In my tests, all the sliders and controls were nicely responsive.

The filters are basic and include two cross process modes, a cyanotype filter, a sepa filter. I really like the black & white filter which has three additional color filters in addition to a straight desaturation. Filtering colors — the equivalent of shooting black & white film with colored filters over the lens — makes a much better black & white than simply converting everything to gray.

The app’s built-in camera features two easy to use focus modes, as well as an exposure lock — features that aren’t found in many other photo apps. Images can easily be imported and saved with the current filter settings. There’s no way to adjust the live preview with imported images — a feature I hope we see in a future update.

Booster! supports the full 8MP resolution of the iPhone 4S. It strips out most EXIF data, including geotags.

Booster! is on sale now for a limited time only. If this is an app that you’ve been interested in, this is a great chance to try it out for half price.

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.Requires iOS 5.0 or later.

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