Fix for Hipstamatic and iPhone 5 is coming soon

While overall the experience with the iPhone 5 is a trouble-free upgrade, users are reporting that the 5 breaks Hipstamatic 256. When opening on your new iPhone 5, the popular app now only has two resolution settings and High only saves at 1200×1200. There’s no middle position.

This appears to be an iPhone 5 issue and not an iOS 6 issue as everything works fine on my iPhone 4.

According to AllanB, Hipstamatic’s Community Support Ambassador, ‘The fix is happening as fast as possible. The team was made aware of this as soon as it was reported and they’re going to get it resolved ASAP.”

This happened with last year’s iPhone 4S launch as well and a fix was released pretty quickly. In the mean time, enjoy the genuinely retro Hipstamatic experience. It seems the iPhone 5 turns the Hipstamatic 256 into an experience similar to the original Hipstamatic 100. With a much better camera, of course….

Watch this space. We’ll keep you alerted when the new update goes live.



Big thanks to Miki Ballard for the heads up on this one.



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  • Amado

    Any news on a swankolab fix? When I updated my 4s to ios6 it crashed. After a delete/restart/reinstall it still crashes..

  • @oniontears

    I mean to say low resolution saves…

    • Miki

      Yes, there is a problem with VSCO Cam on the iPhone 5 and a cropping bug on iOS6. The developers submitted an update and are just waiting for to be approved, perhaps sometime late this week but probably early next.

  • Gwen Coyne

    Images don’t seem to be as high quality on the iPhone 5 as they were on the iPhone 4 (at full resolution). Is this an iPhone 5/iOS 6-Hipstamatic compatibility issue yet to be resolved, or is it due to the new lens on the iPhone 5?

    Thank you!

    • lifeinlofiblog

      Hi, Gwen,

      I haven't noticed that on my iPhone 5. Hipstamatic should already have full compatibility with the 8MP cameras of the iPhone 4S and 5. My hipstamatic images look quite sharp — even when I think some of the filters would look better less sharp.

      The only thing I can think of is that some of the digital assets in Hipstamatic haven't been updated since the 5 MP images of the 4. Not really seeing this for myself (I don't use all of Hipstamtict's filters), It's only a guess.


  • Sharon

    My hipstamatic will open, I’ll take a pic and it will shut down. And then I do it again, same thing. Over and over and over an over. It’s really annoying. So I deleted the app so I could reinstall, and it made me pay for it again!! Even though i bought it already. Wha the fudge is going on with this?! It’s really annoying and before they make an app for iPhone 5, they need to fix the crap for the people who already bought the app before the 5 came out. I hate when all they want is money, not satisfied customers!