While overall the experience with the iPhone 5 is a trouble-free upgrade, users are reporting that the 5 breaks Hipstamatic 256. When opening on your new iPhone 5, the popular app now only has two resolution settings and High only saves at 1200×1200. There’s no middle position.

This appears to be an iPhone 5 issue and not an iOS 6 issue as everything works fine on my iPhone 4.

According to AllanB, Hipstamatic’s Community Support Ambassador, ‘The fix is happening as fast as possible. The team was made aware of this as soon as it was reported and they’re going to get it resolved ASAP.”

This happened with last year’s iPhone 4S launch as well and a fix was released pretty quickly. In the mean time, enjoy the genuinely retro Hipstamatic experience. It seems the iPhone 5 turns the Hipstamatic 256 into an experience similar to the original Hipstamatic 100. With a much better camera, of course….

Watch this space. We’ll keep you alerted when the new update goes live.



Big thanks to Miki Ballard for the heads up on this one.