Checking Out Some of the Not-So-Great Stuff in Instagram’s New Update

Instagram 3.2 bugs
A couple of Instagram 3.2 bugs

Instagram, for iPhoneYesterday, the Instagram 3.2 update was released. Looks like the new IG update may need a big bug-fix update. Keep reading to find out what’s changed in a bad way in the new Instagram 3.2. I’ll also have a way you can possible reinstall the previous version of Instagram to restore the functionality you prefer. >>>

For Instagram, version 3.2 a fairly big update. It’s heavier on new features and light on bug fixes. However, the new update changes a lot in the app and some of the changes which weren’t dealbreakers for me have been quite unpopular among other iPhoneographers.

First, my apologies for missing or minimizing these the first time around. Second, thank you for the talkbacks that have pointed these issues out.

Square Format Import

Squaready pro for iPhone
Squaready Pro, cropping app for iPhone

In the talkback on my post on the update, readers polimorfos and Orson Willis mentioned that Instagram now crops all images square. Previously, you could pinch an image in to leave it tall or wide, but you’d get a black matte around the long edges.

There’s no way to fix this in Instagram yet, but there are excellent third-party workarounds. The one I use and recommend is Squaready Pro by FANG Inc. There’s also the free, ad-supported version Squaready with all the functionality you’ll need for creating crops and mattes.

Either version of Squaready gives you more precise control over your crop and lets you add a white matte to the long edges of your imported image producing a more visually pleasing result that blends seamlessly with the background of the Instagram feed page. Squaready Pro also has a number of other great tools lacking in Instagram. With much more tools and power, you should be using one of these apps anyway to crop your images for Instagram.

“Open In…” Bug

Reader @oniontears noticed that Instagram’s shutter remains closed when you send an image to IG from a third-party app using the Open In… protocol. Yup. I was able to duplicate this, sadly, using Squaready mentioned above. For now, the workaround simply to click Next and continue on. The image will still import. Unfortunately, if you want to apply a filter, you still can but you’re flying blind and have to guess how the image will look. There’s no way to preview the filter or frame at this time.

Definitely a huge bug. Instagram is aware of the issue and will have it fixed shortly.

Only Imports from Camera Roll

Reader Bambang notes that you can now only import images from your Camera Roll. The ability to import from any of your other photo albums or Photo Stream is missing from this update. Yup. I don’t know how I missed that one. Because I use Instragram “in the moment” so to speak, anything I’d ever want to import is probably right near the top of my Camera Roll. Actually, for that reason, Instagram’s new import made sense to me.

But removing the ability to import images from other albums on your iPhone is a huge omission, especially the Photo Stream, which lets you easily access your images from all of your iOS and Mac devices.

The only workaround until this bug is fixed, is to access these images from a third party app and “Open In…” Instagram. Remember the first two tips above — they’ll come in handy.

Instagram’s New Save To “Instagram” album on your iPhone

Reader @_randomthoughts asks if there is anyway to turn off the new “save to Instagram album” feature where your Instagrams also save to a new album in your device’s photo library. Unfortunately, there is no easy option. Turning off save Original Photos in the app’s settings does not stop the app from saving to its newly-created album.

Downgrade Instagram on your iPhone

If you want to downgrade until these issues have been worked out, you may be able to recover and reinstall the last version, 3.1.2, or other previous version of Instagram to your iPhone. You’ll have better results recovering an older version of the app if you do this sooner rather than later.

Read our classic post, “How to Reinstall Older Versions of Apps on your iPhone or iPad” to help you possibly reinstall a previous version of Instagram. The filename you’re looking for is “Instagram 3.1.2.ipa”

Instagram Feedback

Instagram’s help page isn’t really much help here. There are tons of articles there, but no link to a forum where you can interact with a tech or customer support. Your best bet is to post to Twitter using the @Instagram or post to Instagram’s Facebook page. My hunch is that they won’t respond to you directly, but at least they’ll be aware of your issue. Maybe Instagram can use a few of those Facebook billions and spring for a GetSatisfaction account.

I still think the 3.2 update is a solid one. After working with it a little longer, I realize that it has a few problems. Looks like the next update will be a fairly comprehensive bug-fix update.



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  • My biggest peeve is not having the option to not create the Instagram album. I asked them via Twitter about it yesterday. No response, not that I expected one. IG is becoming less & less important to me these days. A shame…

  • EMS

    Love your site, thank you!

  • mr. timney

    I highly suggest personally emailing Kevin at Instagram with any direct issues to the latest update…

  • David Sanger

    On my iPad 1 I can open any of my albums from IG. It has no camera

  • David Sanger

    There’s also a workaround. You can resave images in any album or photo stream to your camera roll. Kludgy

  • Jey

    I’ve been having issues with using the tilt shift feature in the new update; When I apply tilt shift and process the image, the image posted on my feed comes out black.

  • disgruntled

    It keeps crashing on me. I find most of the interface annoying. Shame. I notice that my feed has slowed way down and the whole thing basically stinks. Don't these folks beta teat these things. And why I do I need their album taking up space on my phone…. geesh!!

  • Bobby

    Okay. @bobbyshot here. Which bugs do you think will be addressed and which do you think will not? If they do not fix the camera roll only bug, I'm out. Also, I can't scale and crop any photos (and I found this out by tinkering with it) but photos taken with the "instagram" camera. I've never used the instagram camera feature. I think I'm on my way to Starmatic my man…

  • My biggest disappointment is that I lost the ability to hold down a username and have it automatically appear in the comments section. This saved a lot of time when commenting

  • I can't fucking scale/crop any pictures, what gives?!?! ughhhh

  • You also can't save an edited photo without posting it to Instagram like you could previously:(

  • natchurldisaster

    It seems a small thing, but they also removed the ability to use bold text, which is disappointing.

  • Liembo

    Thanks for the tip of using Squaready to get around IG's idiot decision to limit access to just the Camera Roll. I've been using Squaready to put white backgrounds on my landscape photos instead of IG's ugly black, and I totally forgot I could use Squaready to access my non-camera roll photos and post them. I don't use IG filters on them so the missing preview isn't a big deal for now.

  • Emmi

    I can’t scale nor crop my photos either and it keeps crashing.

  • Yoni Mayeri

    The loading in the new version is S-L-O-W. ugh:(

  • Erika

    Did this update also change the border on the Walden filter? I use that filter almost exclusively and liked the thicker black border… now it’s a slightly transparent white border. Not really a problem with the update per say, just more of a personal annoyance.

  • Blair

    It does not work with my iphone 4! Why??? Especially the new camera roll feature. Ugh. Although i have the new filters and stuff it does not have the choose a photo from camera roll feature.