Best of the Best: Life In LoFi’s Top iPhoneography of 2012


Over the course of 2012, about 50,000 images were submitted to Life In LoFi’s Flickr Group. Of those, about 750 were selected for our weekly showcase. 500 of those images would be 1%. There are only 50 here. To appear in the top 0.01% of anything is quite an honor.

Here are what I feel to be the best of those images. This is our year-end Faved On Flickr Showcase — The Best of Life In LoFi for 2012.

This is the toughest showcase of the year to do. Here are the images that I feel are the top images we’ve run in our Faved showcases. These are images that made a connection to me somehow. Not all are representative of each iPhoneographer or iPhone artist’s style, but they are images that I found powerful, moving, unique, stunning, personal or often a combination of all of those.

2013 will be the third year Life In LoFi has been presenting the Faved On Flickr showcases. The quality and impact of the image is the most important criteria for me when choosing these. That’s why works from iPhoneography’s “rock stars” are often displayed alongside newer artists who may not have the recognition yet. Many of these works have appeared in other websites showcases; many haven’t. All of them represent what I feel are among the best works created this year shot and processed using only an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

These images are Life In LoFi’s Best of the Best. They go back to the first showcase of 2012. To narrow these down from the thousands submitted was not an easy task. I tried to get it down to about two dozen images like last year’s list, but didn’t want to cut any further, so my apologies for the length of the post. I’d like to thank all fo the iPhonegraphers who shared their works to our Flickr group, and a special shout out to all the artists who made this selection.

Joel Adam
Aik Beng Chia
Aylin Argun
Andy Bruce
Roger Clay
Dirk Dallas
Johnny Eckó
Reza Elghazi
Deb Evans Braun
Jaime Ferreyros
Pirmin Föllmi
Jennifer Ford
laura frantz
Donna French
Souichi Furusho
Paula Gardener
Janine Graf
Alessandro Greganti
Roger Guetta
Dixon Hamby
Mel Harrison
Edina Herold
Lynette Jackson
Robert-Paul Jansen
Sarah Jarrett
Alan Kastner
Ginger Lucero
Paul Moore
one big shoe
Vicki Oseland
Amo Passicos
Leonardo Pilara
Catherine Restivo
Emily Rose
Andy Royston
Star Rush
Millo Salgado
Greg Schmigel
Shel Serkin
brandon smith
Michael Sutton
Benamon Tame
Urban Muser

I’ve crLife In LoFi's Best iPhoneography 2012eated this graphic that you are free to use if you’d like to share this on your blog, Flickr, Facebook or Instagram.

Here are the images, in no particular order other than I think they work well together as presented. There’s no lede image for this post. They’re all ledes.

I wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year and thank you for making Life In LoFi a part of your day.

Marty Yawnick
Founder/Publisher, Life In LoFi


sail by Janine Graf


Leap of Faith
Leap of Faith by Emily Bemily / Emily Rose


I'm ready. Tell me everything.
I’m ready. Tell me everything. by Andy Royston ( The Ft Lauderdale Sun project)


Family holidays
Family holidays by Jahsharn / Paula Gardener


Orange you happy?
Orange you happy? by gardenymph (Jennifer Ford)


My Heartfelt Gift Via Dreams
My Heartfelt Gift Via Dreams by mutablend


Winter's Child
Winter’s Child by forestlady / Vicki Oseland


Untitled by xxfromneptune / Aylin Argun


The window
The window by Sarah Jarrett


The Hunger of Patience #iph100 #iphoneography #mobilephotography
The Hunger of Patience by Benamon Tame Photography


Sparkle by iCloud_9 / NyanJiroo


sagano bamboo groves in arashiyama, kyoto
sagano bamboo groves in arashiyama, kyoto by librarymook


Eve with Antlers (3)
Eve with Antlers (3) by BlemishedEye / David Booker


A Forgiving Woman Unable To Forgive
A Forgiving Woman Unable To Forgive by DraMan/ Roger Guetta


Sarah et Cloé
Sarah et Cloé by Amo Iphoneography aka melle Amo / Amo Passicos


Flamenco dancer in motion
Flamenco dancer in motion by Dixon Hamby


Retrato by Millo Salgado


Img 023
Img 023 by Leonardo Pilara


The Bird
The Bird by one big shoe


Untitled by s n a c k s / brandon smith


Camera Roll-530
Camera Roll-530 by futuresleep cc / Andy Bruce


Overexposure by jaiphoneography / Jaime Ferreyros


LA Rails
LA Rails by Dirk Dallas


hunger strike 2.0
hunger strike 2.0 by Greg Schmigel


Simples by RobinLDN


I'm Not The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Series
I’m Not The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Series by Aik Beng Chia


The lineup
The lineup by asleepundercolumnsovlight / Joel Adam


all our divergent paths : we walk together
all our divergent paths : we walk together by Deb Evans Braun


Obstacles. [edit]
Obstacles. [edit] by Robert-Paul Jansen
12/12/12 by Michael Sutton


Passing Train
Passing Train by Mooro2 / Paul Moore


let me in!
let me in! by Urban Muser


wind by ||| laura frantz |||


Country Road
Country Road by Roger B. Clay


Bergschatten by Pirmin Föllmi (


Solitude by star.rush360 / Star Rush


The viewfinder
The viewfinder by AlGrega™ / Alessandro Greganti


Untitled by cbrannen / Colin


Post Rapture
Post Rapture by Shel Serkin


Metropol Parasol
Metropol Parasol by luisonrh


The Night Watchman
The Night Watchman by tabiwallah / Alan Kastner


Don't Look Behind You
Don’t Look Behind You by Sxethang / Ginger Lucero


JUST MEANT TO BE … by Donna French


Be outstanding
Be outstanding by MahoganyTurtle / Mel Harrison


Image pic #67
Image pic #67 by Souichi Furusho


No._2034__2/3 M3 iPhone4s+SnapSeed+Retouch+iDesign+PictureShow+Phonto+AnalogColor+VSCOcam+ImageBlender+Mextures
No._2034__2/3 M3 by Page67_Lynette Jackson


Involuntary Psychiatric Hold
Involuntary Psychiatric Hold by (rez) / Reza Elghazi


"it was you who came to my side. remarkably close for our time of life"
“it was you who came to my side. remarkably close for our time of life” by ©arlein / Carlein van der Beek


Waiting for a Sign no. 2
Waiting for a Sign no. 2 by Catherine Restivo


last trail home
last trail home by krapoz / giuseppe capozzo


Timeline by squarepixel / Johnny Eckó


Visitor #2
Visitor #2 by HeDyna / Edina Herold


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  • Digital Artist

    What a fantastic group of Creative talent…
    The images of iPhoneography touch one’s heart and mind!!!

    Kudos to the Creative’s in the world for
    Sharing how they see.

    Happy New Years…

  • Paula Gardener

    Wow! Marty I’m beyond words! To be selected for your weekly showcase is truly an honour. However to be amongst this list of extremely talented artists is so overwhelming! I’m so humbled by this, as so many of these artist I look up to and really admire. Thank you so much, for all the hard work you do within the iPhoneography community. Your blog is second to none, you’ve inspired, encouraged and introduce iPhonegraphy to the world daily. So thank you for Life In Lofi and your wonderful Flickr group. I’m so looking forward to 2013 with you all!

  • Beautiful selections!! Awesome work, all. The bar gets raised higher all the time. Happy New Year, Marty!

  • Paula has said it all, so honored to be included. Thank you for your dedication to iPhoneography.

  • Janine Graf

    Oh wow! Now this was a fun surprise to wake up to! Thank you so much Marty! It is such an honor to be included with so many incredible artists who I also consider friends. Wishing you a very happy and prosperous new year!

  • ruby falls

    Congratulations to everyone — what absolutely gorgeous work and incredible talent!

  • Catherine

    WOW!!! What an honor! The collection is truly inspiring…so wonderful to see some old favorites, along with some new images I had missed along the way. A perfect start to the New Year. Thank you so much Marty, for all your hard work and support, and wishing you many blessings in 2013!!

  • Ahhh! What a wonderful surprise! And what amazing art – I’ve been savoring each image and finding new favorites and remembering old favorites! Thank you for taking the time to put this together, it couldn’t have been easy – but it’s so great to see! Also, I love that you didn’t make the list any shorter – I enjoyed them all!

  • Jeff White

    Wow! Some of these artists just shock me. Seriously amazing stuff. Happy 2013!

  • Mel Harrison

    I certainly echo Paula, who has a much better way with words then I.
    Thank you Marty
    Mel xx

  • Millo Salgado

    Marty, thank you so much, what an honor to be included. This end of year was amazing for me concerning iphoneography. I wish you all the best! And congrats to the artists selected here. Happy new year!

  • 2012 was a fantastic year to watch the wonderful images and artists who’ve emerged in the medium of Mobile Photography.

  • Wow, to find my name on this list is quite an honor. Thanks for all you do here Marty, and here’s to a great 2013!

  • Bobbi McMurry

    Awesome! I can’t imagine how hard it was to cull through the thousands of amazing images to create this “Year-End-Best-Of” show! Great selections, and great work everyone – here’s hoping for a very happy, healthy, prosperous, AND creative 2013!

  • Great selection! Nice to see so many of my favorite artists honored! Congrats to everyone! And Happy New Year, Marty! Looking forward to meeting you at Macworld!

  • Lynette Jackson

    Congratulations to all. I’m looking forward to 2013. I love the mobile community!

  • Awesome group of photos! Happy New Year!

  • This selection clearly shows the wonderful diversity of this genre: call it what you will, but now no one can disagree that few artistic expressions have, at present, the same vitality and freedom. Congratulations to everyone involved – I’m really honored to see my name on this list – and thanks as always, Marty, for the tireless and valuable work you do for this community. I wish you all a fantastic 2013!

  • Ginger

    Thank you so very much for including my image!! These are wonderful choices, and i’m honored to be amongst so many great and talented people!! Congratulations to all!! Happy New Year, Marty!

  • David Booker (Blemished Eye)

    Humbled and thrilled to be included in this list with so many wonderful artists. Many, many thanks Marty, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed looking through this display of outstanding talent – some I recognise and already love, some I’ve discovered for the first time!

  • Vicki Oseland

    What an honor and total surprise to be included in this list. Thank you so much!

  • Jaime Ferreyros

    Happy New Year Marty. I’ve been taken by surprise, LOFI is one of the very view sites I send my work and deeply respect, so to see image included is truely an honor.
    Thanks for the hard work and putting us out there…we owe you big time.

    Un abrazo,

  • Thank you, Marty! I so appreciate you and all you do. What a year 2012 was! Wishing you all good things in 2013 and looking forward to seeing you at macworld.

    • Marty Yawnick

      Thanks, Deb! Your photography is always very calming for me. We look forward to seeing you again in a few weeks!


  • Marty,

    Thank you so very much for including my work in this wonderful showcase. While I certainly feel I’m not worthy, I am truly honored. Thank you for every thing you do for the iphoneography world. You and your website truly are an institution to the community. Best wishes my friend. Looking forward to another great year of iphoneography with LifeinLoFi!