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It’s almost the new year and there are some GREAT photo apps FREE or on sale in the App Store, with more to come.

Hueless, Etchings, Big Photo, Simply B&W… these are just a few of the photo apps FREE or on sale now. This is shaping up to be a great time for photo app discounts. Life In LoFi will stay on top of these (until it’s time for us to head out for our own New year’s Eve festivities). Keep reading for more info….

Recently, Life In LoFi added a new Photo Apps Sales page to the blog. It’s where we keep track of the best photo apps on sale, hopefully giving you the heads up on an app or two you’ve had your eye on, helping you to discover an app you might have otherwise overlooked, or saving you the trouble of wasting your time and money downloading scammy or low-res “crap apps.” The page is updated regularly and we’ll keep track of all the good New year’s iPhone photo app deals there.

Here are some of today’s highlights:

Hueless is the outstanding black & white camera app with a slick user interface and powerful tools to help you take great black & white photos. It’s been one of my favorites for a while. Hueless almost never goes on sale. In fact, this is the first time it’s been discounted since its introduction. If you’ve been on the fence about Hueless, this is a great chance to grab it for half price — $0.99. This discount is good only through New Year’s Day.

Etchings is a truly unique photo app which adds the look of the classic artisan etching style to your photos. It was recently updated and I took a look at the new version here. The app has even more etchings styles and now supports more than the full resolution on an iPhone 4S and 5. it’s FREE for a limited time.

Just in time for New Year’s eve, NightCap is FREE for a limited time only. It’s a camera replacement built for high performance around the clock. It’s one of very few apps available that does real slow shutter photography, not a fake software effect some other apps use. In low light it performs better than any other app thanks to its unique extended exposure range, producing brighter and more detailed images with less grain. It’s one of few apps that I recently recommended for shooting better photos of New Year’s Eve fireworks.

Big Photo is a great utility. It allows you to view pictures of any size with unlimited zoom in/out with highest quality — right down to the pixel. It’s great for viewing images on your iPhone or iPad and making sure they’re razor sharp. More importantly, it’s one of very few apps that let you upsample an image — resize it up. I’ve had a couple of looks at this great utility, most recently in this post here. It’s on sale for only $0.99 for a limited time.

TtV Photo Studio has been around a while. It’s a very good app that applies a number of authentic-looking through the viewfinder effects to your photos. It has great looking effects with dust, grain, color shifts, gridlines, frames and imperfections. They’re very similar to the gorgeous effects of their low-res TtV Camera app, except now in high resolution. It’s FREE for a limited time.

These are just some of the highlights of the apps on sale or FREE right now.

Click here for these and all of the best photo app sales and freebies here on our new Photo App Sales page, which also includes App Store links.




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Life In LoFi’s Steve Thomas and reader Jackson Mah helped us to stay on top of these specials. A big thank you! =M=