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perspective correct

New photo app Perspective Correct helps solve the long-standing photographer’s dilemma — the perspective distortion caused by not being as tall as that building over there.

There are several other perspective correction apps available. Keep reading to find out how this new one stacks up. >>>

perspective correct for iPhonePerspective Correct was created by iPhoneographer Misho Baranovic. You can also check out his excellent eBook, “iPhone Photography: How to Shoot, Edit and Share Great Photos” here.

Perspective Correct is an easy to use, gesture-based app that lets you fix as much or as little of the perspective distortion as you want. Simply load or shoot an image, swipe horizontally or vertically to correct distortion, crop. Save. It’s that easy. Perspective Correction lets see your adjustments right away, helping you focus on getting the right framing and composition.

Misho Baranovic, the app’s co-developer, says that “after struggling with a few other correction programs I realised that there had to be an easier way to fix perspective in photos.   It’s incredible (and fun) to see buildings snap back into place, whole street scenes straighten themselves out and squashed rooms return to normal.”

The app also features adjustable grid lines and advanced JPEG compression controls.

For me, Perspective Correct is among the easiest apps I’ve used to help straighten up perspective, including FrontView, dotfunc, and Genius Scan. It’s much better and easier to use than the clunky AndifTouch. It’s fast. The app has helpful “tool tips,” but the interface is very easy to figure out on your own.

Perspective Correct supports larger than the 8 MP native resolution of the iPhone 5 and 4S. I ran a 14 MP image through it and the app didn’t break a sweat. Be aware, though, that for the app to do its magic, it will shave off pixels when the image is cropped and your final photo will most likely be smaller than the original image.

Perspective Correct is an excellent, quick and easy to use utility for fixing or adjusting the perspective lines in your photo. It’s got a permanent spot in my toolbox. I recommend it for just about any iPhoneographer.

Perspective Correct is $1.99 in the App Store. Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later.

App Store link: Perspective Correct – Neccessory





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  • Barbara Gentry

    Thank you for all the time you put into reviewing apps and other information, it is really appreciated, I follow you daily, and read your tips and advise.
    Cheers, Barbara

    • Marty Yawnick

      That is very much appreciated, Barbara. Thank you!


  • Tracy Mitchell Griggs

    Thanks Marty for your tireless efforts in scouring the globe for everything “hot” – I need the vitamins you take 🙂

    This looks like a very cool app – another site had a step by step tutorial with snaps of the demonstrated adjustments offered by the developer, Baranovic. And as you stated? Looks like a keeper…..

    Cheers and keep on truckin’!

  • Diren Kanji


    Thank You =M= for everything!

    I bought it and it is very cool!

    I use an App called GyroCropper, and despite the fact that, in my opinion, it is not very intuitive, seems a nice App.

    What do You think?

    Thank You.


    Kind Regards!!

    Diren Kanji

  • Toastist

    How does this app compare to dotfunc? Or does it do something different than that app? Thanks for putting up the reviews!

    • =M=

      It’s similar to what dotfunc does. dotfunc does its magic in camera using the iPhone’s built-in gyro. Perspective Correct performs these same corrections manually. Also, PC works with any image you have. you need to shoot an image with dotfunc to get the perspective correction.


  • Lynette Jackson

    This is a great app. I’m happy to see it in the AppStore.

    Since I shoot mostly architecture, it’s the best solution I have found so far for perspective correction.

  • Matt

    Thanks for always sharing your knowledge! Will this app help with the distortion I get when using my olloclip wide angle?

    • =M=

      Hi, Matt,

      Perspective Correct will not correct the lens barrel distortion of the OlloClip and similar wide angle lenses. An app called AndifTouch will, but it’s clunky, non-intuitive, difficult to use and doesn’t do great results. Your best bet is to wait for the app OlloClip is developing. It should be out in the near future.


      • Matt

        Thanks Marty

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