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Firm Favourites: Getting the most out of your Hipstamatic, by Fiona Christian

Submitted by on March 20, 2013 – 11:41 pm 18 Comments


It’s no secret that Hipstamatic app has many thousands of happy users the world over. Many of them however, are a little mystified by some of its features.

The ‘Favourites’ feature is perhaps, the most useful and yet the most under-used of all. Here’s how to get the most out of it. >>>

The idea is that you can save your fave combos to enable quick and easy access. Unfortunately, what often happens is that you end up with so many favourites that it takes just as long to find what you’re looking for. This is often due to not knowing how to delete them.

Here are a few tips on how to use the feature to your best advantage:

To add a Favourite: Tap the star icon under the viewfinder. The current combo setting will appear. To add this combo as a favourite, tap the camera icon and select Save (top right). The camera icon will then go from B&W to colour and a selection of your album pics will be displayed.

To add a different combo: Tap the star icon, select the + icon (top right) then select your preferred lens, film, flash etc. then save

Once you have more than one favourite saved, you can swipe through them and tap to select.

To remove a Favourite: Press and hold the selected combo. Then tap ‘remove favourite’.
At this stage you will also have an option to re-name your combo. This is a useful feature once you know which combo’s suit which situations, naming them according to their best application.

The key to getting the most from this feature is organization. Try alternating a colour combo with a B&W combo so that you don’t have to swipe through too many of one sort to find another. Keep reviewing your chosen combos and delete any that aren’t used often. If you’re off on a photo safari, select a fresh set of combos that are best suited to the subjects and light conditions of the day… six or eight should be plenty at any one time.

Another way of selecting a previously used combo is to select an image in your Hipsta album and tap the cog icon (top left) then choose the camera/star icon (bottom center). This will give you two options: New Favourite or Match Setting. Match setting will instantly change your combo to the one used in your chosen image.

Happy snapping!


Fiona Christian

Her working career has included such diverse occupations as Photographic Assistant, Graphic Artist, Exhibition Florist, Gilder & Frame Maker and Interior Decorator. Her work has recently been selected to hang in exhibitions as far afield as Las Vegas and Atlanta and has been regularly accepted on the prestigious iPhone art website, P1xels The Art of the iPhone. Her work can be seen on her website, fionachristianiphoneography.com.

  • JC

    You guys should do like a top 10 for the best combos!

    • http://www.fionachristianiphoneography.com Fiona Christian

      I’m currently working on a few Hipsta themed articles, so will add your suggestion to the list. Thanks for your comment JC :)

    • http://aledigangi.com Ale Di Gangi

      There is a website for that!

  • Wagstaff

    The “Favourites” feature was one of he first things I discovered when playing around with the app. It can really speed things up.

    I just wish it had one more feature: a way to rearrange favourites…

    • http://FionaChristianiPhoneography.com Fiona Christian

      That certainly would be useful! :)

    • Chris

      Yes !! …A “rearrange favorites” would be a GREAT addition by Hipstamatic . I currently have 46 combination favorites and wish I had the capability to group them by Film , Lens , etc.

      • http://FionaChristianiPhoneography.com Fiona Christian

        Wow! 46?! That certainly would need a rearrange option! Lets hope the Hipstapeeps come up with something in a future update :)

  • http://clearerreflections.com David

    Great article, Fiona! I’ve been using “Favourites” since they add this feature…it’s the only way I can keep track of all the combos I like to use!

    • http://FionaChristianiPhoneography.com Fiona Christian

      Many thanks David :) Me too, I’d be lost without it!

  • Chris Dunlap

    Yes , a Hipstamatic : “Tips & Tricks” regular feature from time to time would be useful .

  • http://www.hipstography.com Eric Rozen

    Hi Chris… please check the “Manual” section of my site:

    I hope you will enjoy it.

  • http://skipology.com Skip

    Thank you Fiona. Great article and a feature I’ve only just started using. I also couldn’t figure out how to delete!

    • http://FionaChristianiPhoneography.com Fiona Christian

      Thanks Paul :) Happy it helped!

  • Tracy Mitchell Griggs

    A newbie to Hipsta – my photos are still pretty ugly :) but trial and error a good teacher. Any good black and white combos anyone wants to share is appreciated.

    • http://FionaChristianiPhoneography.com Fiona Christian

      Hi Tracy :) My fave B&W combo is Watts/Rock. You might try John S/BlacKeys B&W too for a softer look that would suit your beautiful barn scenes x

    • http://skipology.com Skip

      Hi Tracey, my own fave B&W is AO BW which I think is part of the catch up pack being released this weekend. I like it with Tinto but I love that lens with anything!

  • Maria Peters

    Great article, Fiona. I always forget about this feature. Thanks so much! Maria

    • http://FionaChristianiPhoneography.com Fiona Christian

      Thanks Maria :) Glad it helped! Once you have it laid out the way you want it, it really is an invaluable feature