Hipstamatic Announces Oggl

Hipstamatic announces Oggl

Hipstamatic Announces Oggl,
a Community For Creative People to Capture and Curate Their Lives Through Photography

Oggl Connects the Hipstamatic Community Like Never Before; Is a Brand New
Place to Showcase Your Best Photos

Oggl by HipstamaticHipstamatic announces Oggl, a community for creative people to capture and curate their lives through photography. Oggl offers a brand new way to experience Hipstamatic’s beautifully crafted filters, and for the first time ever, directly connects the Hipstamatic community and like-minded creatives from around the world.

“From the editorial spreads of Harper’s Bazaar to the cover of TIME magazine to the pages of pages of The New York Times, Hipstamatic photographers have had their work showcased on a global stage, and are ushering in a new era in photography,” said
Lucas Buick, CEO and co-founder, Hipstamatic. “It’s time we created a place designed just for them—to connect, to be inspired, to create—and to continue to define what it means to be a photographer for this generation. This is our vision for Oggl, and we’re just getting started.”

Key Features

Oggl, which will first be available for iPhone owners, is designed around two key features: Capturing and curating photos.

Capture: Oggl is a “capture-first” shooting experience using Hipstamatic’s beautiful lenses and films, and comes with 5 “Favorites” pre-loaded for situational shooting: Landscape, Food, Portrait, Nightlife and Sunset. For the first time ever, edit a photo after it’s taken to experiment with different looks, and “tap to preview” effects before shooting.

Curate: Share your best photos to your Oggl profile to curate your personal story, and the browse the Curated Editorial Feeds, curated by the Hipstamatic team and talented photographers from around the world. With “My Collection,” see your photos showcased next to photos you’ve curated from around the community.

Additional features on Oggl include: Share to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare, Tumblr and Flickr, set additional “Favorites” for situational shooting, tag location, and tag other Oggl community members in photos.

Support the Community & Get More Gear

Oggl is an experience designed for capturing and curating beautiful photos, not for showcasing advertising. To support this vision for the community, Oggl is available via two subscription options: Monthly for $0.99 and yearly for $9.99. Each subscription comes with access to Hipstamatic’s entire catalog of current lens and film gear, and guarantees new gear each month.

In order to make sure Oggl is the most awesome place for our community, invitations will be issued as we build the experience. To request an invitation, visit the Oggl website.

Requirements: Oggl is currently for iPhone owners running iOS 6 and above.


What’s your take on Hipstamatic’s latest offering? Is the price of the service worth the access to Hipstamatic’s past and future filters? Sound off in the comments below.


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  • Is this the next “big” thing in photo sharing? Paid to look at other’s pictures? Mmm…no, thanks. Or am I misunderstanding?

    • wordsworth

      its a free app, u get 5 effects and can share for free to oggl. But if u want all the effects u have to suscribe yearly or can import effects from old hipstamatic

  • IverTHPS

    This sounds like an even worse idea than Hipstamatic D-Series.

    • D. Andrew Boss

      Ha! That was my first thought too.

  • zerozero31

    I’m confused. I already own Hipstamatic. I also own every lens, film, flash and case they’ve ever made. What does my $9.99 per year give me? Access to a curated (read: snobby) gallery? That’s it?

    I’d be happier if they sorted out the atrocious battery drain with the Loftus and Tinto lens/film combinations. That way I can take more than 50 photo’s on a full battery and share them for free via Instagram. And I’ll put up with the duck faces and endless streams of painted nails and save the $9.99 waiting for the Ben Lowy lens to FINALLY come out!!

  • D. Andrew Boss

    Are you able to save to your camera roll?

  • Nickb

    I am courious how this will work. I do not mind paying hipstamatic as I use hipstamatic more then another app on my phone. So I do not mind supporting the dev. As long as it is reasonable. My concern is are they working on the company exit stratagy. Get a great photo share app, have lots of people support it. And then sell to let’s say google.

  • D. Andrew Boss

    This is what many of us have wanted for a while now; the ability to import photos for a chance to play with the Hipstamatic collection. What I’m not looking for is yet another social network to share on. Networks take time and effort to build relationships on. Also, not sure what I think about a recurring fee.

    • Rob

      A big enthusiastic +1.

      Synthetic would rake in cash if they sold an add-on to import images into Hipstamatic. They could charge $10 and many would buy it. But a monthly fee also creating another social network? PASS.

  • D. Andrew Boss

    Oh, this is interesting:

    “For those using the Hipstamatic app, if lenses were purchased in the past, they will be transferred over to Oggl. Through the use of a single log-in, lenses and film gear can be brought over with no complications.”

    The article that’s from made it a little unclear if that circumvents the subscription fee.

    • =M=

      I have a beta version of Oggl. So far, I have not found a way to transfer my films and lenses from Hipstamatic to Oggl. I have the complete set.


  • Pat

    I love the idea of being able to play around with films & filters, similar to Hipstamatch. But or those of us who already own every lens & filters & more it feels a little harsh & unfair to ffer to service to everyone for the price. Cheap for those who don’t own anything, expensive for those of us who do own everything. I’d be curious to try it out for a month but doubt I would sign up for a year. Doubt that the sharing service alone would justify this as there are plenty of big, free & popular players already out there.
    I’m cautiously curious on this one & hope I won’t feel hard done by if people get all lenses&filters + ability to add effects after for less money than I already paid for all the gear.

  • James

    I’d be happy if the original app would just work for me. That last update screwed me.

    • =M=

      My hope is that this does not divert development away from Hipstamatic itself, which is the real gem in this company’s app portfolio.


      • Rob

        How could it NOT? Time is a limited resource. Any time they spend on their scams is time they’re NOT spending on Hipstamatic.

        • Patro85

          I honestly don’t think this will detract from the Hipstamatic experience. They stated that there will be new content. “Each subscription comes with access to Hipstamatic’s entire catalog of current lens and film gear, and guarantees new gear each month.”

          If they are going to the trouble of making new gear that will be rolled out each month for Oggl, then why would they not also make that gear available for a price to those who are only interested in Hipstamatic by itself? There may be some gear releases that are Oggl exclusives to drive demand for the app and service, but the attention being placed on Oggl will probably not detract from the Hipstamatic experience. If anything, it will enhance it and expand the community.

          People said that Snap! would also detract from the Hipstamatic experience. I can honestly say that I feel that too has enhanced the Hipstamatic app and community experience. Time will tell though.

  • Chapelheel66

    This really takes away the uniqueness of Hipstamatic. What made it different is that you chose lens/film combinations in advance, so you had to do some planning/ thinking (or a lot of shooting). Not much challenge if you can just shoot and choose a filter. That’s just Instagram. So now everyone will be able to do what Hipstamatic photographers have been doing, but without any thought. And really, is there any shortage of good filters out there if you want to pretend like you had a vision after the fact? Of course, this latter group is where the money is, because there are so many more of them.

    • D. Andrew Boss

      Unfortunately, the uniqueness keeps them from growing the business. They want to engage the billion users of Instagram with a product that is easy to use and doesn’t take any forethought or planning.

  • Amado

    “Guarantees new gear each month”, hopefully Hipstamatic, Swankolab, and Incredibooth will be updated each month as well. At the very least it would be nice to see Hipstamatic get monthly updates. Maybe even add in the gear from the D Series and make it a freepak to everyone who had the D Series.

  • Rob

    What is with these guys? Why are they trying to come up with clever ways to scam instead of just releasing packs for Hipstamatic?

    Subscription services, expiring in app purchases… these guys leave me speechless. For their next act, maybe they’ll try to sell an app that doesn’t exist. Sheesh.

  • Gary

    This sounds such a bad idea and I am struggling to fully comprehend what Oggl is exactly.

    I like the idea of being able to edit photos after taking them yet understand why this breaks the concept of Hipstamatic.

    Why you should have to pay for this pseudo elitist club is just nuts and will fail.

    The brains at Hipstamatic are chasing a business model route to riches that has passed them by. What they have today is a great thing that badly needs updating. Going down the Oggle route will be the death of Hipstamatic. Shame.

  • Tom

    I’m really looking forward to oggl and i think there is room for it along side the current photo sharing apps. There is some good photography on instagram, but it often feels like you have to wade through a sea of chav snaps to find it. The spamming is also getting unbearable. I don’t think it’s snobby to want an app dedicated to fine art photography, but i’m sure it will be much more than that.

  • David

    Definite no. I agree with most and also see this going the way of the “disposable” failure. Another photo sharing app? Paying more and more money for subscriptions to use lenses, films and flashes I’ve already paid for? Paying repeatedly to do what I alread can and do for free? Way to give everyone what they DON’T want Hipstamatic. Better idea….just keep making high quality lenses, films and flashes and I ( and I’m sure most ) will keep buying. Want to give us “new” features? Update Hipstamatic in regards to speed and stability and add new features such as “save original”. You’ve got a winner that can continue to win….as long as you don’t screw it up ( a la disposable and oggl )

    • D. Andrew Boss

      David, I kind of wonder how many active Hipstamatic users there are. I thought I read 4 million users, but I think that is more likely 4 millions downloads. I think Hipstamatic has a rabid and loyal base, but also believe they lose the casual user very quickly. We all know someone that griped about the learning curve or un-intuitive user interface and have since deleted the app from their phone. And those people are not snapping up any and all packs as they are released. And, I can’t see how developing for a few loyal customers is very profitable. Oggl seems to be an attempt win over the casual user. And, the ability for Hipstamatic users to import anything they own into Oggl seems to be a reasonable offer for all of us to take it or leave it. What I don’t get is why they’d want to attempt the social network thing.

      • David

        Without knowing the exact and honest answer regarding the size of their customer base (vs downloads) I guess we’ll never know on that one (I doubt they would divulge that customer data except to an investor looking to give them money). However, if they have 4 million downloads, at a minimum of .99 each (and some are higher) I’d say they are doing fine on the profitability front. 🙂

        Certainly they need to innovate and continue to provide quality content we all will pay for in order to remain viable – but there’s nothing innovative about oggl, at all.

        A new user who doesn’t have all the lenses, films and flashes can just as easily buy them in Hipstamatic as they can in oggl (as well as pay the cost for the Hipstamatic app itself) and existing users can just as easily buy the new “gear” within Hipstamatic, again without the need for oggl. That just leaves, effectively, another social network – which is the last thing anyone needs. 🙂

        • D. Andrew Boss

          David, I agree that Oggl isn’t innovative. But, if we are honest, Synthetic only has one product — filters marketed as films and lenses — that they simply roll out in different products: Hipstamatic, SwankoLab, Incredibooth and Disposable. But, I don’t think developing exclusively for Hipstamatic solves their problem of growing the base of users. We both love the fact that Hipstamatic acts like a camera and takes a little thought to use, but it turns out there are many more people who just want to take a picture and “play” with it later.

          • David

            I agree that many more people are out there who would love to take a picture and play around with it later (new prospects as well as current Hipstamatic users) – but the answer to that can still be solved within Hipstamatic itself – without the need for Oggl. Sorry, it’s just my opinion – but Oggl brings nothing to the table. It’s basically a subscription based Hipstamtic (which no matter how you slice it you will be paying for content you’ve already paid for) and another social network (as if the world needs another). To me Oggl screams of a product created without giving any thought to what the market actually wants – in the end, time will tell.

  • kim martino-diaz (Hipstafiend)

    I’m under the impression that we would be guaranteed new gear every month, that is, different from what we’ve already purchased (& I have them all). And, we’d be able to change the gear after the shot? If this is correct, I think it’s worth the $.99 right there.= Hipstafiend

    • David

      Unfortunately it’s not .99 – it’s .99 per month = $12 per year recurring cost, or $10 flat fee – again – recurring costs, so this is not a pay once and use indefinitely scenario – it’s a pay once, and then pay again, and again, and again, and again – in order to continue to use it. Some people may recall the same promise about free updates continuing to be released regularly for Swankolab and when that didn’t happen there were lots of unhappy people. I hope I’m wrong on this – but still. I’ll be passing. The ability to change after the fact – that should be added to Hipstamatic as an update (“save original” as well in case you love the shot, but not the effect)

      • kim martino-diaz (Hipstafiend)

        David, I know that. I didn’t feel the need to say, “per month” again.

  • Valdimar

    I’m a bit torn on this announcement from Hipstamatic, because it sounds like the exact type of thinking that led to their decline according to that series of articles on FastCompany. However, they’ve been on such a roll this winter with one quality hipstapack after another, which really invigorated my hopes for the future of the company. I didn’t really get into Hipstamatic until last summer, but I still use it for all of my iOS photography. It will surely remain one of my most used apps, but I’ll have to wait and see on this Oggl thing. I’m a bit worried it will be another goose chase.

  • Dd

    I’m sure the cost is to keep trolls and spambots out

  • Digital Artist

    I am still waiting for my “lifetime subscription from SwankoLab” to provide something other than nothing to date.

    Also maybe “importing images” into Hipstamatic would be a nice addition but many have been waiting for that to happen for a long time now. Additional filters and lenses are what works and they seem to come up with some good ones now and again.

    I can “freely” post images any place now days for FREE, Safe and Privately if I want to so why pay for something thats free?

    I just won’t be using there direction thats for sure.

    Save your hard earned money for a rainy day!!!

    • David

      “I am still waiting for my “lifetime subscription from SwankoLab” to provide something other than nothing to date”


  • Fredrik

    I am definitely not interested in a monthly or annual payment model! I will pass on Oggl.

    Hipstamatic is just great, one of my top photo apps. I wish the team would focus on it instead of diverting into other projects.

  • Wouldn’t it make sense to actually try the app before you complain about it and call it a scam? The app is nice, it’s almost an extension of Hipstamatic.

    • KIM martino-diaz (Hipstafiend)

      A-%@&*-MEN!! Thank you Michael!!

  • Pat

    Woaw – am noticing a lot of negative comments. Seems that Oggl is getting some flack even before getting out into the wild. Either the idea is truly not to peoples liking or the little we know about it isn’t getting through to people the way its meant to. Either way it will be interesting to get our hands on it and see for ourselves what this Oggl product has to offer. For sure i’m skeptical about it already, I’m not a big fan of what i’ve read but will wait to try it out (maybe just for one month) before final judgement.

    Bring it on!

  • levari alexander

    i love the hipstamatic products, but they seem to be all over the place as a company, struggling for an identity that was not them at the beginning in order to gain market share. as they’ve gone further from their origins, become more of a corporate entity, they’ve really seemed to lose a sense of themselves and what they do (create wild, interesting and high quality photographing options,) instead trying desperately to be bought out by a big company.

    because of all the turns in company direction, hipstamatic simply doesn’t make you feel safe as a consumer. while i think they should have focused on improving the interface of the hipstamatic app and added some of the in app editing tools that oggl seems to have, and also continued to develop better and better lenses and films, i’ll withhold judgement on oggl until i get to test it out. but when a company tells you they’re going to charge 9.99 for a service that the monster they’re fighting provides for free, one has to wonder how they think they can do that? what are they offering that is so special for that dollar amount? also, one wonders if this isn’t the first step in abandoning the hipstamatic model altogether. when it takes them so long to develop and release great films and lenses, how could they possibly replicate that quality each month? leaving behind hipstamatic is what it seems like they’re doing, and if true, that would be a great shame for mobile photography.

    • Tom

      All these messages are making me feel very positive! It doesn’t happen very often. I’d be happy to pay for oggl if it means no spammers, advertising and stupid faces. I predict that it’s going to be such a class act, as apps go, that everyone’s fears will disappear as soon as they try it.

      • l.a.

        i would love it. i just hope they keep the quality. that’s my fear. and they should offer the new ui of oggl to hipstamatic users in an update once they get this thing up and running. if nothing more as a show of respect for those that have been with them for the long haul and have paid for their lenses and films.

  • WB

    It is out, and is aping mailbox. Invite only!

  • Levi

    Well I’m happy to hear about new filters every month! I believe they come up with pretty aweosome filters.
    None the less, I’d think it’ll be great to have this app. Can’t wait to have it up, and not have to put up with instagrams terms of service.

    And there’s something to think about right there! (I would think) that they won’t sell your photos! 😀 so that’s always a plus!

  • LA

    If you’re a long time user of hipstamatic, oggl’s first incarnation is, in my opinion, a big fail.

    Let me put it to you this way: its not for you.

    Its interface is somehow both utterly remedial and absolutely confusing to use, turning hipstamatic into the lowest common denominator shooter. It’s a step back from everything we love about hipstamatic, the complexity and artistry and technical challenges that comes with mixing its combinations in one offs. Hipstamatic made one feel it was a real camera that took skill and precision to use. Now it feels like any five year old can use it. Essentially they’ve diluted the idea of it for mass consumption. It’s a gimmick

    The fact that they didn’t let long time users import their lenses, etc immediately is infuriating and disrespectful.

    The social network is nothing new and, right now, has nothing to recommend.

    The only thing to recommend is the mixing and matching of filters and films after one takes their photo.

    1. They should make this available on original hipstamatic

    2. alt photo and so many other apps does this as well or better.

    In alienating core users, why would we adopt for money when we can get it for free? Also the rapidly changing pricing is confusing (so much for the .99 cents option.)

    Right now it’s one star, a base introduction that for long time users seems like nothing more than a cash grab and says hipstamatic doesn’t really care about you. Maybe it works for them, maybe they have other rabbits up there sleeves as they develop it, or maybe they trial this, see it doesnt work as a business model and get back o perfecting their original product, but oggl is not for me.

    I suspect after an initial trial run, many long time users will agree.

    • Kevin Buchanan

      It should be obvious by now that Hipstamatic will never feature post-shot editing of photos. It’s against the entire point of Hipstamatic.

    • Totally agree with what LA says overall. But especially agree w/ comment on what it takes to create a great Hipsta image. In addition, when I first heard about Oggi, I thought what a kid sounding name for something that’s supposed to be relative to Harper’s Bazaar spreads. Sounds like 8 year olds could do this game!! And, social media additions — I could care freakin’ less!!

  • Tom

    It looks great, but without the ability to upload photos from Hipstamatic I don’t think i’m going to use it. I just can’t imagine a situation when i wouldn’t chose to use the original app to take a picture. I think they’re either going to have to introduce this ability in an update, or else, with time, it will kill off Hipstamatic, which would be a real shame.

  • John Jacob Aster

    Bizarre App Name, ugly icon, confusing interface….the whole thing is beyond confusing….it reminds me of that disaster that Netflix created when they released …that other service…what was it called again?

    This app is an attempt to get rich with a subscription model..and attempt to one-up instagram…

    just sooooo dumbbbbbbbb it’s unreal

    • John Jacob Aster

      you know what really really pisses me off about this? There are films there that are unavailable for Hipstamatic…like they used they to entice/suck in/bait/extort people

      why can’t they just fix hipstamatic and stop trying their best to dick people around?

  • Tom

    I’ve just been over on the hipstamatic feedback page and it sounds very likely that you’ll be able to share pics from Hipstamatic to googl with the next round of updates, whether thats a googol or a hipstamatic update is not clear.

    Also, with the first update you’ll be able to import all your camera gear from hipstamatic. This means you’ll be getting quite a lot out of the app for free…no need to pay a subscription if you just want to use the social network or use your current hipsta gear!

  • Tom

    please forgive my auto correct which changes ‘oggl’ to ‘googol’!

  • Techno-Nut

    I’ll withold final judgement on subscribing until I see (or don’t see) the kind of “improvements” needed by me for any sort of addtional financial investment in this app. For now, there are some very serious shortcomings, foremost in my mind is the lack of image integration between Hipstamatic and Oogl. Importing all of my previously purchased lenses and films will apparently also be a future update.

    I am really disapppointed that you can not import images into the app’s album/library from the Camera Roll to “play with”. You can of course “redo” shots you take with the app and apply different lens/film combos.

    The unique feature that I found that I have NEVER seen in any other app (and I have hundreds, and have tried and deleted just as many) is this app’s ability to alter the “saved” image in the device’s Camera Roll. In fact, I have always understood that Apple does not permit any sort of manipulative access to Camera Roll images except to add them to the Roll or setup a link to a new album.

    In this app, once the image is saved to the CR, and you go back and change the lens/film combo, and hit the check mark, not only is that new version set in-app, but it also modifies the originally saved image in the CR, no matter where it is in the CR image line-up. No additional, images are created, like every other app I know. This is equivalent to deleting an image in the CR and replacing it with a new one, in exactly the same location in the roll’s line-up of images.

    As I said, I have never seen that trick before, and I bet Apple let that one slip by, or this is an exploited feature, to my knowledge that no one else has found.

    Here’s to hoping for an update.

  • LA

    After playing more I simply hate the interface of oggl compared to hipstamatic. Everything is tiny, hard to see, hard to choose. Its for 2nd graders. Forget the rest of this oggl nonsense, the user interface is a complete and total disaster, and anyone who says otherwise or tries to sell it as an improvement is totally out of their mind.

    The interface of hipstamatic, while sometimes slow, was part of its intuitive genius. I think they’ve really screwed up and while I wish no ill will on anyone, I’m hoping this service totally fails so they’ll focus solely on hipstamatic gear. It doesn’t seem like that’s what they’re going to do, and they’ll probably stubbornly ride this oggl thing into the ground, but I do hope it’s rejected out of hand and makes them focus on their core strength, and that’s the FREAKIN CAMERA.

  • Pat

    I hate it the more I use it. There’s nothing intuitive about it. I may be dumb but I find myself having to think when I’m trying to use it.
    What I don’t get is why they didn’t incorporate all this into Hipstamatic? The sharing could have easily been added into the app. Post photo editing? They have always said it goes against Hipstamatic purpose but then they go ahead and do it in Oggl. Why not again simply add it into Hipstamatic then? Even if they didn’t & simply added the sharing function, Hipstamatic would remain a killer app. Now I fear that this will take attention away for it. After all, if you want to share on Oggl you will need to shoot with Oggl…are they taking a first step towards killing Hipstamatic?
    This whole thing just confuses the hell out of lev& feels like a big let down. The idea that they were coming out with something new was awesomely exciting but this is just disappointing in my view.
    I love Hipstalatic, just update it with sharing & post shooting editing if that’s what you want but there’s no need for a separate app. Especially one that long time Hipstamatic fans can’t even import their gear into. Gear that we spent our money on & paid to them! Frankly this is just not good enough.
    Sorry, I’m not a fan, at all.

  • David

    Finally got my invite. Played with it for a little bit. Uninspired.
    Seems rushed out, missing key features that should have been implemented before its initial release…promised in future updates. Doesn’t live up to the hype and won’t be replacing anything I use now and won’t be subscribing or paying. Might reinstall and revisit in the future after updates, but for now, it’s a no, uninstalling.

  • I just published some articles about Oggl:


  • Cara Gallardo Weil

    I have been using hipstamatic since the very early days of the launch of the original app. Personally I love Oggl … I think it’s a fantastic step forward and I being able to change the lens and film if I think another combo might work better. In fact I’m discovering new combos all the time. I don’t see why it’s such an issue not being able to import your old Hipsta shots – if oggl didn’t exist you would be able to edit any Hipsta shots. What is wrong with moving forward and taking new shots and playing with those? It seems to me that a negative attitude is what is stopping you really exploring the possibilities. I think it’s well designed and easy to use and I’m sure the team will be addressing some of the issues that have come up. It’s the first release and can only develop with time. We are all entitled to our own opinions of course and mine is a positive one and I would happily pay $10 a year got Oggl.

    • Tom

      Cara! a positive comment! I really like Oggl too. Though i’m looking forward to being able to import photos i take with Hipstamatic (which by the way has been confirmed for the first update) in the mean time it’s really fun seeing what can be done just with the app alone. It’s interesting to think that all these photos have been made with just these tools, without much editing outside of the Oggl filters. Instagram photos are more of a mystery – you can even import photos taken with a DSLR on instagram!

      • Pat

        A positive comment is welcome even though I’m no Oggl fan.

        But a small question on my mind. Once you are able to import lenses & filters from Hipstamatic into Oggl why would you need Hipstamatic anymore?

        I can’t help but feel that this is the end of Hipstamatic. They could have incorporated these functions (post-shot editing, sharing) into Hipstamatic but chose instead to create a separate app.

        So again, I can’t image why I would need Hipstamatic once I can get all my lenses & filters into Oggl.

        Feeling a little bewildered.

      • Pat

        A positive comment is welcome even though I’m no Oggl fan.

        But a small question on my mind. Once you are able to import lenses & filters from Hipstamatic into Oggl why would you need Hipstamatic anymore?

        I can’t help but feel that this is the end of Hipstamatic. They could have incorporated these functions (post-shot editing, sharing) into Hipstamatic but chose instead to create a separate app.

        So again, I can’t image why I would need Hipstamatic once I can get all my lenses & filters into Oggl.

        • Techno-Nut

          There are three “differentiators” assuming that all your hipstamatic lenses and films will import someday, 1) social networking interface, 2) post-shot processing, 3) no flash feature. Presumably the last one may be added someday. There would be a fourth differentiator if you have not invested heavily in the Hipstamatic gear already, that being access to ALL lens & film gear that you don’t already have for a monthly or yearly subscription fee.

          Regarding the post-shot processing debate, You need to remember that this is a seperate app that no one is forcing you to use. If one wants to continue to shoot from the “hip” using Hipstamatic, no one is stopping you. And presumably, as new gear is delivered to Oogl subscribers monthly, You would think that same gear would be made available to Hipstamaticers at the same time for an IAP like always.

          I completely understand their motives in creating a new app (like has been done before) so they can launch new features without disenfranchising much of the current Hipstamatic user base. Where I think they missed an opportunity is to allow Oggl to access (load from) the Camera Roll, and process existing images using the filters. That would really make this different from Hipstamatic, at least so far as workflow is concerned. A much better Swankolab. Let’s make this a real post-processing and social networokng platform, and leave Hipstamatic well enough alone.

          • car

            I think the development of Oggl is brilliant. Every app has to begin at 1.0 and then develop from there. I think it’s well worth the subscription fee. I am also enjoying learning how to use the different lens and films…the community has been great so far and QUICK to Love your photos. BOTH apps are great, Oggl is an expansion…a new level.

    • LA

      A negative attitude comes when the quality of the product is lower than already exists and seems to be the new replacement of that higher quality product. Even the shooting ratios if oggl are off, as documented at hipstography. How is anyone supposed to he happy about that or think that’s somehow better. The problem is that OG is being positioned to phase out the original and it’s just not as good.

  • LA

    Basically the fear is that this low grade quality interface is the first step in phasing out a very high quality product, all for market share. Sort of like chipotle taking over your amazing neighborhood Mexican restaurant. The fear is they simply stop developing for their loyal fan base who supported them in developing an amazing camera. Given the company’s reputation, these fears are well founded. Only so many resources to go around. As they try to move the crowd to oggl, watch how they stop developing gear exclusively for it. I’m sure they have a goal of having all hipstamatic users on OG in 12-18 months, and hipstamatic history.

    • Techno-Nut

      I just don’t see the logic in the developer killing off a cash cow, even if there is a bigger, fatter cow in the barn. Somewhere I read there are 4million Hipstamatic users, and many have purchased “gear” so if that is correct, Hipstamatic has sold upwards of $10m or more in apps and IAP, and everytime they bring out a new lens pack, whamo, a million users D/L it. Cha-ching, cha-ching…

      Now comes Oogl, with a new bent, social media clearly is the takeaway here. Post-shot processing is a freebee thrown in to test the waters. If this trial balloon flies high, and enogh of the user base switches, then now say 2million users are paying a buck a month to feed the need, and the remaining users left behind holding on to Hipstamatic are continuing to D/L the ubiqutous Snap Paks each month. Trust me, the developer is not going to let those $1.99 Snap Packs go unsold.

      If the trial balloon crashes, so be it, nothing ventured, nothng gained, and the developer goes back to feeding the needs of 4million happy customers.

      Another alternative is the trial ballon flies high, showing marked success, and the developer incorporates the code into the aging Hipstamatic camera body, consolidates into a single app, and forces everyone to sign on to the cloud-based subscription model, ala Adobe and CS6 becoming CC.

      So many alternatives, so little time.

      • David

        “Another alternative is the trial ballon flies high, showing marked success, and the developer incorporates the code into the aging Hipstamatic camera body, consolidates into a single app, and forces everyone to sign on to the cloud-based subscription model, ala Adobe and CS6 becoming CC.”

        I really hope not. CC is becoming a disaster. Adobe is losing tons of Photoshop customers over it (sure they may keep a lot of pros and shops paying on corporate budgets, but they are losing tons of freelancers, semi-pro’s and amateurs who used to upgrade maybe every other version etc. Adobe unquestioningly just bit the proverbial hand that feeds them…hopefully the powers that be at Hipstamatic don’t make that same mistake.

  • LA

    4 million have bought, about 1/3 are active users(?.) That’s why they dumbed down the UI for OG, to try to bring those people who dropped back into the fold. Hipstamatic, strange (and absurd) to say years on, is “too complicated” for most. It takes a bit of thought, skill and even talent to get consistent results. Of course for the 1/3 of us that stuck around, that’s kind of the joy. But to each their own.

    By the way, you (or hipstamatic) want a great and unsung post processor? Try altphoto. It’s brilliant. A gem. It may be the best there is. I can’t say enough about it.

    • David

      altphoto by the people at Alienskin software – definitely, they make great photo plugins / software. Good stuff.

      As for Hipstamatic being difficult or confusing to use – I just can’t see it – all the possible settings on a cheap point and shoot from Best Buy are more confusing than anything in Hipstamatic (just my opinion) never mind comparing the options and settings of a true SLR. I understand Hipstamatic is not any of that – it’s an app for a phone camera – it is what it is – but is probably the greatest camera app released for any phone. The OGGL app offers nothing new that is not already available – and most of which is available already for free, the interface is horrible (my opinion only) and the subscription model is absolute &%$##&!

      They only have so many resources to go around – especially since the company did recently layoff of a lot of staff (trimming to refocus as they say). So where are those limited resources going to to go? Stop developing for Hipstamtic to develop for the new OGGL (which screws over a loyal and rabid Hisptamtic user base) or divert those resources back to Hipstamatic to create new lenses, flash packs etc, to the detriment of the development of the new launch – their “new baby”……when was the last pack released for Hipstamatic? Been a while I think, and the last pack was just a rehash (re-release) of stuff already previously released. When was the last NEW film and lens released and the one before that? Looking back over the past 6 months to a year how many new packs have been released for Hipstamatic?

  • Frennzy

    I was invited last Saturday night and have liked it from the get-go! The only thing I would say that I would change is the fact that when you alter your lens/filter combos on an existing shot, Oggl re-saves over the original shot which must mean more jpeg compression. Not a fan of that. It would be better to just save as a separate photo in addition to the original. I do not believe that Oggl will replace Hipstamatic. The lenses are similar, but not the same. Take the Tinto lens for instance. It only has one version, not the several that alter in Hipstamatic. Same goes for the Americana lens and the Salvador Dali. What is great about Oggl is that it gives you the opportunity to experience lens filter combos so rapidly that you can use it as a test for what would be best in your particular situation- providing you have time to experiment. Then use Hipstamatic to record those great moments. Oggl is its own sharing experience, and I believe, should be viewed as that. I’ve only posted one shot because of the “French Laundry/Backstage Band” build up it was given. So it’s not something I will post to daily. But when I do post, I feel it will be viewed by an appreciative crowd- at least, I hope so. The point is, have fun with it and accept it for what it is- a shared experience.

  • LA

    What does the launch of Oggl mean for the original Hipstamatic app, which remains iPhone-only? “Hipstamatic will still be around and we’ll continue to support it,” says Buick.

    “Oggl is a new way to experience its library of lenses and films. It’s no longer about the analogy of a toy camera: Oggl is more or less what we think a point-and-shoot for mobile would be.”


    Not exactly a ringing endorsement for ol’ hipstamatic from CEO.

    If oggl succeeds hipstamatic goes extinct.

  • LA

    I’ve learned that back in the day a motivated hipstamatic tech team can develop the beta of a lens and film in about a week, that’s what Ben Watts said it took to develop Watts/Big Up under his specs. He also said that Hipstamatic was all but impossible to deal with, arrogant, the developers barely spoke to him once he put his name on the dotted line.

    Given this information, and the fact that they haven;t released anything in a while, except for the perfunctory Maybel/Silverlake very weak sauce combination, I’m worried.

    And it’s sad, because when they were talking about a Ben Lowy lens and a hipstamatic photo journalism school, although wildly ambitious, it seemed to be the right direction for a company that could not compete with instagram, that had missed the boat. Yes, become more serious, become the serious, “artistic,” professional option for those who are still interested in the nuances of photography. Keep developing software that can take cutting edge instant images.

    That’s not the way they’re going, and it’s sad. I do hope they decide to go that way, put in the work and time and stop with the dumb hipster magazine and being so uncreative. It’s just such a damn good product, I’ve been using it since January of 2010. Not strictly, but it’s been a great tool for me, I’m sure for many others. That’s the hipstamatic legacy, and I hope someone reminds them of that when they see that Oggl has failed.

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