Hipstamatic 265 Update Is Out Now! Share Films And Lenses with Oggl.

hipstamatic, oggl, import hipstapaks

It seems the best time to expect a Hipstamatic update is a Friday or when it’s generally least convenient.

Hipstamatic 265 was just released, as was Oggl version 1.1.2. No new lenses or films, but with these updates, you can now share your previously purchased Hipstamatic films and lenses with your copy of Oggl. I’ve been waiting for this! >>>

hipstamatic, oggl, import hipstapaks
Importing Hipstamatic film & lenses into Oggl

When Oggl (now called Hipstamatic Oggl) hit the App Store a few months ago, it gave Hipsta users the ability to change effects after shooting. This was one of the features we’d been clamoring for years. In Oggl, there was a hook to share access all of your previously purchased HipstaPaks, but it hasn’t worked until now. Oggl users were forced to pony up $10 a year for access to the complete gear arsenal or simply shoot with a limited selection of Oggl gear.

I like Oggl and its ability to change effects after shooting, but I still love Hipstamatic. Between the two, that’s the app I shoot with more. To me, it’s the closest recreation of the analog shooting experience available in the App Store. It gives me the choice between knowing my equipment to get a shot — “film” and “lens” qualities — and simply shaking the whole thing up for a random combination and discovering happy accidents.

This new update should please Oggl users who have a large investment in HipstaPaks.

You’ll need to update both apps on your iPhone. Hipstamatic Oggl is a free download.

Just an FYI, if you were one of the first to download the Silver Lake HipstaPak, updating to Hipstamatic 265 does not change the name of your Abbie Lens to the renamed Mabel Lens. A pleasant surprise!

What’s New in Hipstamatic Version 265

  • You can now share your photos to Oggl, Hipstamatic’s new creative community
  • This version supports exporting gear (lenses and films) to Hipstamatic Oggl (requires Oggl version 1.1.2)
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

What’s New in Hipstamatic Oggl Version 1.1.2

  • Hipstamatic Oggl is now localized in 16 languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Portugal) Dutch, Swedish, Russian, Malay, Indonesian, Korean, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), and Japanese
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements
  • This version supports importing gear from Hipstamatic Classic (requires Hipstamatic Classic version 265)

Hipstamatic 265 is available for $1.99 in the App Store. There are a bunch of in-app purchases.

Hipstamatic Oggl is a free download. Subscriptions are available for $2.99/3 months or $9.99/year.



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  • mark white

    what is useless about this update is that we still cant apply different “films” & “lenses” & save them to the camera roll. but we are FORBIDDEN. i mean how lame is that?! i like to experiment. and trying a few different looks is part of that process. surely this is not a revolutionary creative process?

    come on hipstamatic. i LOVE your app but if you love us set us free. get your coders on the case. we’re not trying to put a man on mars here!

    mark garway x

    • RJ

      What are you talking about? Hipstamatic “Classic” will clearly never have the ability to change settings after the shot was taken – they’ve stuck to their original premise all this time, and it’s obvious they aren’t going to change. It’s not the point of the app.

      Oggl fills that role.

  • Nicole Ferguson

    after updating Oggl i found a new film and lens, Doris and Sussex. unless these are old ones I don’t know about?

  • Daryl

    i thought i would love Oggl but i don’t and i think its because when i want to ‘share’ it on instagram i cant see it first .. i think the immediate post is not a good thing .. maybe the photo isnt ‘all that’ .. and i find it hard to delete from my ‘gallery’ … not every shot is a winner ..

  • Kromirko

    What a pity, the Nike pack included in Retro pack 3 doesn’t work in OGGL.

    • Jennifer G

      Worked for me but only after the following: Noticed my Hornbecker lens missing after migrating all Hipstamatic Paks into Oggl. Pulled up all my gear in Oggl and noticed that the Hornbecker lens was pictured as still in the box. Once I tapped on the box, the lens and description for the lens appeared. Tapped once more, and the lens migrated on into Oggl. Had to repeat this with both Nike films, too. Don’t know what the deal was, but it worked.

  • Jennifer G

    Has anyone else noticed orientation issues with their Hipsta photos since the update? Seems like any slight tilt left or right has resulted in pics that have ranged from a little abnormally off kilter to, at times, flipped 180 degrees, upside down.

    • N

      have same problem