hipstamatic oggl brighton hipstapak, doris lens, sussex film

I love Hipstamatic. It’s been one of my go-to photo apps since it was released. The new Brighton HipstaPak was released today. In a move that could signal the classic app’s priority in the HipstaSphere, the new Doris lens and Sussex film were made available to Hipstamatic Oggl subscribers first. The pak is not yet available in Hipstamatic Classic, but should be later today.

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hipstamatic, oggl, brighton hipstapak, doris lens, sussex film

The new Brighton HipstaPak is a good summer pak. The new Doris lens is warm, “sandy,” and contrasty. The lens adds a lot of green to your image. It also adds subtle, random light leaks.

The new Sussex film has slightly burned edges. It adds just a little bit of grit, dust and noise to the image. When comparing the same image using Blanko film, I’m seeing that it adds just a little more green to your photo.

Overall, I think it’s a nice pak. I like the light leaks and aberrations which aren’t available in other lenses with similar tonal qualities. The film has a nice, gritty analog edge to it.

The Brighton HipstaPak is currently only available to Oggl subscribers. According to the developer, the Brighton pak for Hipstamatic Classic will be available today, Friday, July 5, and will be a $0.99 in-app purchase.

UPDATE 01: Sunday, July 7, 2013. Sorry, Hipstamatic users, still no Brighton HipstaPak available yet. =M=

Oggl is a free download in the App Store. A 3 month subscription gets you all the goodies and will run you $2.99. A 12 month subscription runs $9.99.


hipstamatic, oggl, brighton hipstapak, doris lens, sussex film

hipstmatic oggl, doris lens, blanko film

from the new Brighton Film pak, Doris Lens using the classic Blanko film