Today, I’m in Seattle taking ProCamera by for a test. My default camera app has been Camera Genius, despite its lack of a quality zoom. My default digital zoom lens app is the excellent Zoom Lens by BitWink and to me is the standard that must be met with any digital zoom lens app.

What I like about Camera Genius is its excellent anti-shake feature and its rule of thirds gridlines. Features I find compelling in ProCamera are an anti-shake feature and its onscreen tiltometer. ProCamera has gridlines, but they don’t use the rule of thirds. This isn’t really a problem for me as I mostly use gridlines to straighten, not compose, my shot. In this case, ProCamera offers two features to help me do so.

One thing I noticed in testing last night was that ProCamera’s anti-shake feature isn’t as sensitive as Camera Genius’, even at the highest sensitivity setting. This means your shutter snaps quicker. I’ll run some side-by-side comparisons today to see how this effects image sharpness, if at all.