In lieu of a tripod, anti-shake stabilization is great for helping you to shoot clearer pictures on your iPhone. Many apps have this feature, including Camera Genius and ProCamera. If you don’t use one of the iPhone camera apps with anti-shake stabilization, you can still get better results and clearer images.

On many iPhone apps including Apple’s Camera app, the shutter doesn’t trigger when you press the shutter button — it triggers when you release the shutter button. To help get clearer pictures, when shooting your picture press and hold the shutter button, wait for your shot (“Say cheese…”), then take your finger off the shutter button to snap your picture.

Simply pressing the shutter button can sometimes cause the phone to jiggle a little which could blur your image. Taking your shot by pulling off the shutter button helps to steady the camera as you shoot.

Other tips to try: hold your breath while you take your shot. Or try and steady yourself (and your camera) against a pretty solid object such as a wall or a tree.