Version 3.3

Bottom Line: Essential!

iFlashReady by Imaging Luminary is ready for prime time.

I like the simplicity of iFlashReady when compared to many other flash apps. Three “flash” settings. It’s as quick and easy as open, click, save. I’ve tested it on a range of images. When I need to use this app, the results are often good — better than nearly all of the flash effect apps. It helps dark areas of my images without blowing out the whites as some other apps do. It doesn’t always produce great results, but definitely often enough to justify the purchase.

Nothing can save a badly underexposed pic. Don’t expect miracles from this app and you’ll probably be pleasantly surprised.

With this new update, they’ve fixed the stability issues of the previous versions — my biggest complaint. The version 3.3 update is much more stable than previous versions and crashes much less often — something I’ll live with to get the results that I get from this app.

Due to the limitations of the iPhone camera, a flash enhancement app is a necessary utility. I’m preparing a comprehensive overview/review of many of the available “camera flash” apps — both paid and free — which I’ll be posting soon. In my opinion, iFlashReady is pretty much among the best of the bunch.

iFlashReady is still $0.99 USD in the App Store.

App Store link: iFlashReady