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The 2 LED flash of the iPhone 5S

UPDATE: Welcome! I’m glad you found us! This is actually one of our first posts on Life In LoFi, posted back in 2009. Since then, I’ve upgraded my iPhone several times and am looking forward to upgrading again this year when the iPhone 6S devices are released. I just checked the link as of May 18, 2015 and this post is still live on MacWorld.com. It’s not only a great read on how the iPhone works, but it’s almost an interesting look back on the history of the iPhone.

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I still love my old iPhone 2G and think it’s one of the most amazing pieces of consumer technology I’ve ever owned. Even though I’ve since upgraded several times over the years, I’m now seriously considering dropping the cash for a new 6S. Really, this is a device that rivals many that we’ve seen in Star Trek.

Apple is pretty tight-lipped about how the iPhone magic works. Back in 2009 when the iPhone was still fairly new, Macworld/iPhone Central did a little detective work. Read their results in this article, How the iPhone works.

It’s a great read. It solves some of the mysteries of how the iPhone works and left me blown away by how it achieves some of its magic.