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Bottom line: Recommend!

With the name LOFI, I couldn’t pass this app by.

LOFI by Christopher Comair is “a celebration of imperfection.” It’s a digital lomo app. Cross processing results in unnatural color shifts. Lomography tends to be oversaturated and blurry. LOFI wraps your image in both and then turns it up to 11, kicks it around, amps it up and leaves it exhausted and sweaty on a blanket on the sofa. This is probably one of the best free photo apps in the App Store.

Lomo and x-xpo filter settings in LOFI app

Filter options in LOFI

LOFI is more than just a color throttling filter, although supercolor is a large part of what it does. You can shoot an image with the app’s basic camera or select one from your iPhone’s camera library. You can then choose from one of 12 color adjustment settings ranging from monochrome to Original (the more traditional lomo setting) to various degrees of super color saturation. LOFI supports 3GS files sizes and you can set the preferences to save your images at their original resolution.

LOFI produces color results that are not found in any other app I’ve come across. The color is even more saturated and vivid than the Lolo filter in CameraBag. These 12 filters alone produce great, often stunning results.

LOFI also lets you create multiple image photographs within the app. There are built-in templates for 2-image diptychs, 4-image quadtychs and 9-image frames.. Each frame of the image can have a different filter or image applied to it. Applying different filters and images allow you create some interesting visual and color contrasts. While I really liked the color intensifying the app does, I think the multi-image feature is an excellent compliment. The two components together have the potential to allow you to produce some very powerful images.

4-image quadtych created in LOFI

4-image quadtych created in LOFI

The interface is pretty straightforward. Undos are tricky and you may find yourself simply starting over on an image. This wasn’t a big issue for me as the the app is so simple that you really don’t lose much time.

LOFI is an app for experimentation and juxaposition. I was consistently pleased with what I was able to produce.

It’s very rare that a developer offers an app this unique and this well-coded for free. I’ve paid for many apps that aren’t this good. For many reasons, this excellent app is a keeper.

App Store link: LOFI