It’s a huge old building in the middle of one of North Side’s old neighborhoods. It’s a block south of a main road. It sits across from a school and a church, a block away from Riscky’s Bar-B-Q (I suspect store #001). It shares a small parking lot with a sacred objects store — rosarios, hierbas.

Its clean art deco lines have been stripped of just about anything resembling a movie palace. Long closed, it’s still maintained. I hear they use it for private events. It’s painted a shade of gray now — real gray, not white that has gotten dingy. It looked much nice nicer when it was painted white.

iPhoneography: Azle Theater

The Azle

The Plaza sits by itself in Carrollton’s old downtown, surrounded by new old-looking buildings and restored genuine old buildings. A mural celebrating the theater and the town is painted on the west side facing the highway. The marquee displays “HAVE YOUR NEXT EVENT HERE” in old style slotted letters while photocopies of upcoming shows line the glass foyer doors. The box office is closed today, but a friendly scarecrow on the sidewalk out front beckons you to the gift shop.

iPhoneography: The Plaza Marquee

The Plaza Marquee

The Plaza, Carrollton, Texas