Auto Adjust

Auto Adjust

One of my favorite exposure enhancement apps, AutoAdjust, has just been updated to version 2.0. The new version features mostly performance enhancements, including better preview rendering, more intuitive sliders, and an improved gamma adjustment.

Not all exposure enhancement or “flash enhancement” apps work the same on the same image. An image that still looks bad with one app may be usable when fixed with another. I keep several exposure enhancement apps on my iPhone for that reason. AutoAdjust is one of them.

AutoAdjust works great with many underexposed images, as well as adding just the right amount of punch and contrast to a decent looking image. Highly recommended!

I have several promo codes for AutoAdjust 2 in the app store. They only work in the U.S. App Store. I’ll send one promo code to each of the first several readers who request one in this post’s comments — one code per reader, please. Be sure to include an email address somewhere in your post for me to send it to. Don’t forget to leave feedback in the App Store.

App Store link: AutoAdjust 2

I’d like to thank the developer, Joe Macirowski, for giving us the promo codes.