For those of you who follow both Glyn Evans’ iPhoneography blog and Life in LoFi, you may have noticed we have begun to cross post some of our articles. Glyn contacted me a few weeks ago asking if he could post some of my reviews, and I gladly agreed.

It was suggested that we share information and reviews and I gladly accepted. Glyn and I found that many times we were reviewing the same apps and usually arriving at the same conclusions. Since we’re both one-man operations, the sharing of resources benefits both blogs, also allowing us both to more easily share our thoughts about any given app. The end result is that both websites will benefit from a greater number of full app reviews.

In addition to daily notifications on new iPhone apps, regularly showcases a lot of great iPhoneographers — something we don’t do here. In addition to reviews, Life In LoFi features articles on technique and my random musings, as well as cool links that I run across when avoiding work at the day job….

We’re both serving a great community of serious and casual iPhoneographers. From time to time, you’ll be seeing posts from both Glyn and myself. We feel — and hopefully you will, too — that this will benefit the readers of both sites, allowing Glyn and I the ability to free up time and resources to pursue additional stories, as well as the ability to offer more insightful commentary.

As always, thank you for stopping by!