Here’s an interesting project from photographer Kevin Bauman. It wasn’t photographed with an iPhone, but it’s a very interesting collection of photography from a city that I became fascinated with over ten years ago. The project is called “100 Abandoned Houses” and viewed as whole, I think it’s a stunning, personal photojournal of the decline of one of the U.S.’ great cities.

Ten years ago, I flew to Detroit to catch one of the last baseball games at Tiger Stadium. My friend was a great hostess and drove me around the city, where I saw hundreds of beautiful old buildings mostly abandoned. I could imagine many of these houses were striking in their day. Restored, they’d be mansions here.

As we drove around these old, former neighborhoods, I couldn’t help but think that parts of Detroit were a city in ruins. My friend, Kelly, told me that the backlog for the city to demolish these old buildings was 20 years.

Built with auto industry money, most of these beautiful old houses are now beyond repair.

I like Kevin Bauman’s style of shooting these old houses. His framing is simple and consistent. Every shot is a full-frontal. When viewed as a whole, to me it’s an impressive piece of work.

Click here to see 100 Abandoned Houses.